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EMC E22-141 Exam -

Free E22-141 Sample Questions:

1. After modifying the hosts file on a NetWorker client, nsrexecd fails to start.
What is likely to cause this error?
A. The long name for the client is missing.
B. The loopback address is missing.
C. The IP address for the NetWorker server is incorrect.
D. Two entries exist for the NetWorker server in the hosts file.
Answer: B

2. You want to verify that NetWorker has the correct information about the current autochanger slot status and the barcode of the tape in each slot.
Which NetWorker command must you run to retrieve this information directly from the autochanger?
A. nsrjb
B. scanner
C. sjirdtag
D. changers
Answer: C

3. What is the main advantage of using NetWorker Module for Exchange over Exchange backup through Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) on a Microsoft Windows 2003 server?
A. Exchange backup through VSS is very slow.
B. NetWorker Module for Exchange offers backup granularity.
C. NetWorker Module for Exchange does not require an enabler.
D. NetWorker Module for Exchange is more reliable than VSS Backup.
Answer: B

4. What are two tools that can be used to verify a connectivity problem between a NetWorker server and a client? (Choose two.)
A. arp
B. ping
C. rpcinfo
D. nslookup
Answer: BC

5. The system administrator wants to back up all shared drives on a virtual client within a Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) environment.
What should be entered in the Save Set attribute of the virtual client's Client resource?
A. All
B. All drives
Answer: A

6. Storage nodes sn-1(Solaris) and sn-2(Windows) share a tape drive in a DDS environment. A tape has been labeled and written using sn-1. When trying to read the same tape using sn-2, block size errors occur.
What is wrong?
A. Sleep timers are not correctly set.
B. The tape is labeled with the wrong block size.
C. The tape is labeled under a different NetWorker version.
D. The written block size cannot be handled by HBA/SCSI controller on sn-2.
Answer: D

7. In which two cases do you benefit most by using a raw backup instead of a file backup? (Choose two.)
A. when your filesystem stores very few small files
B. when your filesystem stores a large number of small files
C. when you run a file backup of the same partition at maximum tape speed
D. when your application uses its own method to store data on the hard disk
Answer: BD

8. You receive the following message:
RPC error: Portmapper failure
Which command should you execute to determine the port used by each NetWorker service?
A. arp -p clientname
B. rpcinfo -p clientname
C. netstat -p clientname
D. ifconfig -p clientname
Answer: B

9. What are two functions of the NetWorker server in a local NDMP configuration? (Choose two.)
A. tracks backup information
B. reads NDMP data from tape
C. produces NDMP data stream
D. initiates backup and recover requests
Answer: AD

10. In an NDMP Version 3 or 4 solution, the NetWorker server is often referred to as the _____.
A. NDMP Client
B. NDMP Data Server
C. Data Service Provider (DSP)
D. Data Management Application (DMA)
Answer: D

11. You receive the error: RPC error:RPC program or version mismatch.
Which command should you run to verify the RPC program version?
A. rpcinfo -p hostname
B. rpcinfo -h hostname
C. netstat -p hostname
D. netstat -h hostname
Answer: A

12. A tape mount on a Sun Solaris server has been pending for five hours. This is unusual for this server.
Which file is likely to contain the most information relating to the problem?
A. /nsr/logs/history
B. /var/adm/syslog.log
C. /nsr/logs/daemon.log
D. /nsr/logs/servers.history
Answer: C

13. What are two ways you can add NDMP devices to an existing autochanger? (Choose two)
A. You use jbedit.
B. You delete the autochanger setup and use jbconfig on the host controlling the robotic arm.
C. You edit the existing device resources using nwadmin on the host controlling the robotic arm.
D. You delete the autochanger setup and use jbconfig on the NAS filer controlling the robotic arm.
Answer: AB

14. Which option will influence the amount of information stored in the /nsr/logs/daemon.* files?
Answer: A

15. Why is it mandatory to set Target Sessions=1 for an NDMP device attached to NAS filer?
A. to ensure streaming
B. to optimize recovery performance
C. to support the image backup of an NDMP save set
D. to ensure sequential backups of all NDMP save sets
Answer: D

16. You have an autochanger with one tape drive connected to your NAS filer.
The client of the NAS filer is configured using NDMP with these attributes:
Save Set: /vol/vol0
Schedule: Default schedule
Client Parallelism: 2
What are two results of implementing this configuration if you run a scheduled backup on a Wednesday? (Choose two.)
A. The backup will fail.
B. The backup will be level Full.
C. During backup, the client will create two parallel save streams.
D. During backup, the client will backup two save streams sequentially.
Answer: BD

17. What is the function of the HIST=y option for NDMP backups?
A. to allow file level recoveries
B. to allow destructive recoveries
C. to allow direct access file level recoveries
D. to allow block level incremental recoveries
Answer: A

18. Which application information should you use in the client setup to speed up file level recoveries?
A. HIST=y and DIRECT=y
B. HIST=y and UPDATE=y
C. HIST=y and UPDATE=n
Answer: A

19. Which output is generated when using the scanner command for a tape containing NDMP data?
A. client file index entries only
B. media database entries only
C. media database entries and client file index entries only
D. media database entries, client file index entries, and a summary log
Answer: B

20. In NetWorker 7.1, why should you send NDMP backups to a separate pool?
A. The NDMP data cannot be multiplexed.
B. The NDMP data do not contain index backups.
C. The NDMP data should not be mixed with other data.
D. The NDMP volumes have a different format label structure.
Answer: C

21. Which two interfaces can be used to perform a file level recovery of NDMP data? (Choose two.)
A. recover
B. nsrrestore
C. winworkr.exe
D. nsrndmp_recover
Answer: AC

22. Why is it mandatory to enter user@host in the remote access attribute of a NDMP client configuration?
A. to allow the NetWorker server to request NDMP backups
B. to allow another NDMP client host to recover NDMP file level data
C. to ensure NDMP metadata is written to the correct client file index
D. to allow another non NDMP client to initiate directed recoveries of NDMP file level data
Answer: D

23. You have accidentally deleted volume information of an NDMP client named Filer.
What should you use to recover the media database entries?
A. nsrck -L7 Filer
B. recover -c Filer
C. scanner -m devicename
D. scanner -i devicename
Answer: C

24. How can you easily recognize NDMP backups?
A. They all have a specific SSID starting with N.
B. You must use mminfo and query for the NDMP pool.
C. They are specially marked in the N flag in mminfo output.
D. There is no way to identify NDMP backups before you recover them.
Answer: C

25. Click the Exhibit button.
# nslookup nwserver
Name: nwserver.
# nslookup
Name: nwserver.
# nslookup
*** can't find Non-existent host/domain
Errors occur when the NetWorker server named nwserver attempts group backups.
Given the output in the exhibit, what is the solution to this problem?
A. Aadd DNS entries for
B. Correct the DNS reverse lookup entry for nwserver.
C. Correct the DNS reverse lookup entries for every client.
D. Add the entry nwserver to every client's host file.
Answer: B

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