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EMC E22-128 Exam -

Free E22-128 Sample Questions:

1. Which two NetWorker interfaces on a UNIX NetWorker server are used to monitor the NetWorker server status? (Choose two.)
A. nsrinfo
B. nwadmin
C. winworkr
D. nsrwatch
E. nsradmin
Answer: BD

2. You want to change your dedicated storage node to a regular storage node.
After implementing the appropriate license, which two events need to occur? (Choose two.)
A. set Jukebox Device attribute to "yes"
B. set Dedicated Storage Node attribute to "no"
C. set Dedicated Storage Node attribute to "true"
D. alter client's Storage Node attribute to reflect storage node hostname
Answer: BD

3. When executing nwrecover or recover from a Solaris server, you can browse client indexes belonging to which three operating systems? (Choose three.)
A. Solaris
B. Mac OSX
C. NetWare
D. Microsoft Windows 2000
Answer: ABD

4. A company disables autostart savegroups and uses a custom scheduler for backup. A bootstrap is saved after each savegroup is run.
What can you do so that only one bootstrap is backed up daily?
A. run a savefs -O manually for each group
B. run a savegrp -O manually for each group
C. disable manual saves in the server configuration
D. place the NetWorker server in an autostarted group by itself
Answer: D

5. Which command is used to cross check the Client File Index (CFI) with the media database?
A. nsrim -x
B. nsrck -L2
C. nsrck -L3
D. nsrck -L7
Answer: C

6. Which two statements about the Client ID attribute of the Client resource are true? (Choose two.)
A. When creating the first instance of a Client resource, the Networker server automatically assigns a new unique client ID.
B. When creating subsequent instances of a Client resource, the NetWorker server automatically assigns a new unique client ID.
C. When creating subsequent instances of a Client resource, the NetWorker server inherits the client ID value from the existing instance.
D. When creating the first instance of a client resource, you need to enter a unique client ID based on the primary IP address of that client.
Answer: AC

7. Which statement about a clone ID is true?
A. Clone IDs are specified when configuring pools, to uniquely identify the pool.
B. Clone IDs may be used as arguments to commands to recover, stage, clone, or remove a specific copy of a save set.
C. Clone IDs are generated as tracking information only and are not used by NetWorker administrators when performing tasks.
D. Clone IDs are specified when labeling clone pool volumes to enable aging clone save sets separately from the original save set.
Answer: B

8. Which statement is true when cloning a volume?
A. All save sets ending on the volume are cloned.
B. All save sets with data on the volume are cloned.
C. All save sets beginning on the volume are cloned.
D. Only save sets beginning and ending on the volume are cloned.
Answer: C

9. Which command clones the volume finance.097 and directs the clone data to the Accounting pool?
A. nsrclone -b Accounting finance.097
B. nsrclone -p Accounting finance.097
C. nsrclone -p Accounting -V finance.097
D. nsrclone -b Accounting -s finance.097
Answer: A

10. Which three statements about cloning are true? (Choose three.)
A. Clone data can only be directed to volumes in clone pools.
B. Cloning a volume may require that multiple volumes be read.
C. Cloning a volume may result in multiple volumes being written to.
D. Clone data can only be written to the same pool that it is being read from.
E. Clone data can only be written to media of the same type as the original volume.
Answer: ABC

11. What are three methods of performing cloning? (Choose three.)
A. volume cloning through the GUI
B. save set cloning through the GUI
C. configuring the Clone attribute in the Client resource
D. nsrclone command to clone volumes or save sets
E. configuring the Duplicate attribute in the Group resource
Answer: ABD

12. What is the purpose of the NetWorker Staging resource?
A. configures the disk space used on the NetWorker Server for adv_file type devices
B. repacks tape volumes containing deleted or expired save sets as well as demultiplexes the remaining save sets
C. maintains free space on file/adv_file type devices by automatically moving save sets when parameters are met
D. configures NetWorker HSM functionality to allow clients to transparently archive and stage data based on access time
Answer: C

13. What determines the pool used when a save set is automatically staged using the NetWorker Stage resource?
A. The pool used must be a backup clone pool.
B. The pool used is the same as the save set's current volume.
C. The pool used is defined as an attribute for that NetWorker Stage resource's configuration.
D. The save set is matched to a pool by NetWorker using the save set's attributes as matching criteria.
Answer: C

14. A computer running Windows 2000 with three partitions is added to a NetWorker server's daily backup schedule. This computer's Save Set Client attribute is set to All.
How many save sets are created each time this computer is backed up?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 6
Answer: D

15. A save set with SSID 12858282828 is about to end its retention period.
Which command marks this save set as retained and browsable until January 12, 2010?
A. nsrim -S 12858282828 -e 1/12/2010 -w 1/12/2010
B. nsrmm -S 12858282828 -e 1/12/2004 -w 1/12/2010
C. nsrmm -S 12858282828 -e 1/12/2010 -w 1/12/2010
D. nsrjb -S 12858282828 -e 1/12/2010 -w 1/12/2010
Answer: C

16. The retention policy for a large NetWorker client is increased from six months to one year. Backups are written to tape nightly and all tapes (except for cloned tapes) must remain in the tape library at all times. The number of files on this client that are backed up each night remains unchanged.
What are three possible impacts of this change? (Choose three.)
A. Additional tape media is needed.
B. Another NetWorker server is needed.
C. The media database increases in size.
D. The capacity of the tape library is exceeded.
E. The Client File Index (CFI) increases in size.
Answer: ACD

17. Which three statements are true about nsrd? (Choose three.)
A. It functions as the master NetWorker daemon.
B. It maintains NetWorker configuration information.
C. It runs on a storage node to start nsrmmd processes.
D. It provides an RPC-based save and recover service to NetWorker clients.
E. It pings other nsrd processes on all physical nodes to check for activity in a cluster.
Answer: ABD

18. Which NetWorker file contains information regarding warnings, error conditions, notice of lost connections, and completion data both during and after backup time on a UNIX system?
A. /nsr/logs/summary
B. /nsr/logs/messages
C. /nsr/logs/savegrp.log
D. /nsr/logs/networker.log
Answer: B

19. Which NetWorker log file contains changes made in the NetWorker Administrator GUI?
A. res.log
B. rap.log
C. messages
D. daemon.log
Answer: B

20. Client flute's system administrator requests that you provide information about its daily backups. Flute is in the Default group.
What should you do to ensure that the system administrator receives information concerning all flute's backed up save sets?
A. configure the Owner Notification field in flute's client resource
B. enable the Owner Notification attribute within the Default group
C. email a copy of the bootstrap notification output to flute's administrator each day
D. create a notification resource that sends email to flute's administrator each time flute is backed up
Answer: A

21. What is a possible cause of the following error message?
User root on host cannot request command execution
A. nsrexecd is not running on the client.
B. has an error in the servers file.
C. The NetWorker server does not have permission to back up the client.
D. A firewall is preventing the client from accepting connections from the NetWorker server.
Answer: C

22. Which three types of save sets are displayed in the Group Details window? (Choose three.)
A. open save sets
B. failed save sets
C. pending save sets
D. restarted save sets
E. completed save sets
Answer: BCE

23. Where can you monitor the number of active sessions on a device?
A. Devices window on the nwadmin GUI
B. Sessions window on the Device resource
C. Sessions section in the Device Activity Report
D. Target Sessions attribute on the Device resource
Answer: A

24. Which two UNIX interfaces are used to monitor backup device throughput? (Choose two.)
A. nsrmon
B. nwadmin
C. nsrwatch
D. nwbackup
E. nwrecover
Answer: BC

25. A NetWorker 7.1 server has three tape drives. Server parallelism is set to 20. During backup, sixteen sessions are started.
If the target sessions per drive are set to 4, which statement is correct?
A. Sixteen sessions start writing to the tape drives.
B. Twelve sessions start writing to tapes and four are aborted.
C. NetWorker aborts the backup because target sessions is low.
D. Twelve sessions start writing to tapes and four sessions wait until they finish.
Answer: A

26. A Dedicated Storage Node (DSN) has two save sets with a total of 300 GB of data and two tape drives statically configured.
Which attribute settings produce the fastest recovery time?
A. Server Parallelism = 14, Client Parallelism = 4, Target Sessions = 4
B. Server Parallelism = 24, Client Parallelism = 2, Target Sessions = 2
C. Server Parallelism = 24, Client Parallelism = 2, Target Sessions = 1
D. Server Parallelism = 14, Client Parallelism = 4, Target Sessions = 2
Answer: C

27. How is NetWorker server parallelism limited?
A. Parallelism is unlimited.
B. Parallelism is limited to 1024.
C. Parallelism is limited by the number of devices on the server and storage node.
D. Parallelism is limited by the NetWorker edition and number of enabled storage nodes.
Answer: D

28. A NetWorker server with one tape drive is used to back up one client.
What can you do to prevent multiplexing of the backed up data?
A. disable multiplexing in the Client resource
B. set parallelism to 1 in the Device resource
C. set parallelism on the NetWorker server to 1
D. set target sessions to 1 in the Tape Drive resource
Answer: C

29. After configuring a standalone device, which command should you use to verify its functionality in NetWorker?
A. nsrjb
B. sjimm
C. nsrmm
D. nsrwatch
Answer: C

30. What is a dynamic drive sharing device?
A. an advanced file type device that can read and write simultaneously
B. a tape drive that can be read by two or more hosts at the same time
C. a tape drive that can be written to by two or more hosts at the same time
D. a tape drive that can be accessed by two or more hosts, one at a time
Answer: D

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