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EMC E20-895 Exam -

Free E20-895 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
An EMC Avamar customer is currently using a 2 TB Avamar Virtual Edition (AVE) for their backup environment. They want to begin backing up several Oracle databases and file servers running on a new ESX server. It is determined that a separate AVE should be added to the backup environment for these new backups.
What should be done when implementing the new configuration?
A. Install the new AVE on a different ESX server from the first AVE
B. Use thin provisioning to create the new AVE
C. Run benchmark tests for acceptable TCP/IP performance
D. Use RAID 6 for the physical disk storing the new virtual disk
Answer: A

Q: 2
An EMC Avamar customer is running a backup that is being directed to a Data Domain system.
The backup has completed successfully; however, it is no longer needed. From Avamar Administrator, the customer manually deletes the backup.
When is the backup data deleted from the Data Domain system?
A. Immediately on the Data Domain system
B. Manually deleted on the Data Domain system by the administrator
C. Next time the Avamar system runs garbage collection
D. Next time the Data Domain file system cleaning operation runs
Answer: C

Q: 3
An EMC employee has been assigned to run securedelete against two clients for a total of 20 GBs on an Avamar server. During a planning discussion with the customer, they want to know what the impact on their Avamar server would be while securedelete is running.
What is the correct response to the customer?
A. GSAN will be in admin mode and the Avamar server will be read only
B. Avamar will continue to function with a limited amount of available threads
C. GSAN will be shut down during the extent of the securedelete task
D. Avamar will continue to function without any limitations
Answer: A

Q: 4
A new EMC Avamar customer wants help in setting up their backup groups and schedules. They are migrating from a traditional tape backup solution with full backups performed once a week and incrementals in between. They have a regulatory requirement to keep an annual backup for seven years but want to keep all other backups for one month. Both Microsoft Windows and Linux clients will be backed up. Based on best practices, what should be recommended?
A. Include all clients in the same group using one dataset and an advanced retention policy
B. Use a separate group for each operating system /retention combination
C. Enable the default group and use that group for all backups
D. Use one group for weekly backups and one for the other days of the week
Answer: A

Q: 5
A customer has an EMC Avamar system backing up a Celerra running DART 6.0 using a single 36 GB NDMP Accelerator Node. They are also going to back up a VNX OE 7.0 system using the same NDMP Accelerator. Each NAS device has four volumes configured on it. Backups will be configured on the Avamar system for both NAS storage devices to start at the same time.
What will occur when the NDMP backups start using default settings?
A. Both backups will start with two active streams each
B. One NAS device will start its backup with four streams, the other will queue
C. One NAS device will start its backup with one stream, the other will queue
D. Both backups will start with one stream each
Answer: B

Q: 6
A customer has an EMC Avamar integrated with a Data Domain system as a backup solution.
They would like to use encryption for the backups that are directed to the Data Domain system.
Which method(s) of encryption can be used in this environment?
A. Enable encryption-at-rest on the Data Domain system
B. Enable in-flight encryption between the client and the Data Domain system
C. Both in-flight encryption and encryption-at-rest are not supported
D. Enable both in-flight encryption and encryption-at-rest
Answer: A

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