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EMC E20-891 Exam -

Free E20-891 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
You have been tasked with designing a backup solution using EMC NetWorker to backup aVMware environment. The environment will be using virtual NetWorker proxies to perform imagebased backups. You will need to backup 36 virtual disks at a time in order to meet the backup window. The ESX hosts used in this environment are high-end and have a lot of processing power.
What is the recommended way to configure NetWorker proxies to meet this design?
A. Create three NetWorker proxies on one ESX server
B. Create six NetWorker proxies on one ESX server
C. Create two NetWorker proxies on two ESX servers
D. Create one NetWorker proxy on one ESX server
Answer: A

Q: 2
A client has a large ESX environment that they backup using EMC NetWorker. Their virtual machines are a mix of database and non-database servers. They currently perform guest-based backups so that their database server backups are application consistent.
They have asked you to address some performance issues they have been encountering.
Specifically, network utilization is high during backups. They would like you to provide a recommendation to reduce network traffic without adding additional cost while retaining application consistency.
What is a recommended solution that addresses the customer's issues?
A. Switch the non-database servers to image-based backups and leave the database servers as is
B. Switch all guest backups to image-based backups to reduce backup traffic from the network
C. Provide additional bandwidth to the environment by installing additional network equipment
D. Provide additional bandwidth to the environment by replacing slower equipment with faster equipment
Answer: A

Q: 3
Click on the calculator icon in the upper left corner.
An EMC customer has been experiencing an Avamar performance issue on a Microsoft Windows client. Technical Support has recommended that the maximum amount of file cache and hash cache be increased from 512 MB to 896 MB and 256 MB to 448 MB respectively.
How much memory is needed to support the increase in cache size?
A. 3 GB
B. 5 GB
C. 7 GB
D. 9 GB
Answer: A

Q: 4
An existing EMC Avamar customer would like to configure their Oracle servers to their Avamar backup environment. The environment consists of two standalone Oracle servers and one twonode RAC configuration.
In addition to installing the file system client on each node, what must be done to complete the configuration?
A. rac_config must be run on each node
B. rac_config must be run on one node in the cluster
C. Both cluster nodes must be registered with the Avamar server
D. Install the Avamar Oracle client on only one node in the cluster
Answer: A

Q: 5
An EMC NetWorker customer has asked you to deploy a Microsoft Exchange 2007 backup solution using NMM. They want single mailbox recovery capability.
What needs to be performed?
A. Ensure the RSG system path and the RSG log path of the Exchange server are the same.
B. Enable IPv6 on the Exchange server and disable Windows authentication.
C. Ensure the RSG exists and take the Exchange database offline before the recovery operation.
D. Ensure the RSG exists and add Receive-As Exchange extended rights to the NMM user.
Answer: A

Q: 6
A customer has configured their existing EMC NetWorker 7.6.1 to use a Data Domain device type.
A single DD Boost device has been configured to backup two local clients. The target sessions and max sessions has been set to 6 and 10 respectively.
The customer will be adding two additional clients. They want to increase the target sessions to 12 and max sessions to 15 for the configured DD Boost device.
In order to meet the customer's objective, what must be done?
A. Upgrade the NetWorker server software
B. Modify the target sessions and max sessions
C. Upgrade the Data Domain memory
D. Add another DD Boost device
Answer: A

Q: 7
An EMC NetWorker customer wants to replicate backup data stored on their Data Domain system to a new, offsite Data Domain system. They want the benefits of replicating data in deduplicated format. However, they also want to be able to manage and report on the replicated save sets using NetWorker media database information.
To meet their requirements, which method of storing backup data on the Data Domain system and which type of replication should be used?
A. DD Boost for the backup data and clone-controlled replication
B. AFTD for the backup data and clone-controlled replication
C. DD Boost for the backup data and regular clone operation
D. AFTD for the backup data and regular clone operation
Answer: A

Q: 8
A Symantec NetBackup customer is planning to add a second data center. They would like to leverage deduplication technology to improve backup operations and disaster recovery with a minimum amount of change to their existing backup environment. The customer’s primary design goals are:
1. Improve backup performance
2. Electronic vaulting for disaster recovery
3. Maintain NetBackup as their primary tool for backup control and visibility
What should be included with a high-end Data Domain appliance?
A. NetBackup OST
B. 8 GB Fibre Channel
C. iSCSI over 10 GB Ethernet
D. CIFS protocol over 10 GB Ethernet
Answer: D

Q: 9
Which environment will yield the optimal data deduplication for backup purposes?
A. Virtualized environment where O/S images are stored in a SAN environment and backed up and retained for 3-6 months
B. Database environment where large transaction logs are backed up on a daily basis and stored for one month
C. An advertising organization where multimedia files are backed up and stored indefinitely
D. Hospital environment where compliance requires patient information (CAT scans, MRI, x-rays) to be backed up, stored, and accessible for up to 10 years
Answer: C

Q: 10
A customer is using EMC Avamar as a backup solution for MS SQL servers with different point-intime backups. The SLA prevents recovery back to the original database.
What is the recovery requirement when the SQL instance has the same name?
A. New database name in a new file path location for the database and logs
B. Same database name in the same file path location for the database and logs
C. New database name in the same file path location for the database and logs
D. Same database name in a new file path location for the database and logs
Answer: A

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