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EMC E20-870 Exam -

Free E20-870 Sample Questions:

1. What must be uninstalled to upgrade to ControlCenter 5.2 from an earlier version?
A. StorageScope API
B. Performance View
C. StorageScope Server
D. Integration Gateway Agent
Answer: B

2. How would an administrator define Windows user groups that correspond to functional VisualSAN roles?
A. Use the "Administration" tab
B. Edit the file
C. Use the "Settings>Role-Based Setting" menu
D. Assign roles using the Windows Management Interface
Answer: B

3. A new Cisco MDS 9000 series switch has to be discovered in ControlCenter. What are two [2] prerequisite steps that must be performed on the switch to ensure a successful discovery?
A. All HBAs and Storage Ports are cabled
B. Create an SNMP community with rw privileges
C. Create SNMPv3 users with administrative privileges
D. Set up the FCC Agent Host as an SNMPv3 trap recipient
E. Check that the SAN-OS version is supported by ControlCenter
Answer: BE

4. In order for repetitive allocation task to be successful, which prerequisite needs to be in place before provisioning?
A. Zoning pools
B. Storage pools
C. Allocation pools
D. Device group pools
Answer: B

5. Which two [2] are true about the StorageScope API?
A. Must be installed on the Repository host
B. Generates XML files for custom reporting
C. Must be installed on the StorageScope Server
D. Provides an ODBC connection to the Repository
E. Provides access to database views for custom reporting
Answer: AE

6. The Finance group wants reporting on storage utilization of its applications in StorageScope. Which two [2] steps must be performed?
A. Identify Managed Objects used by the application
B. Create user-defined groups in ControlCenter Server
C. Create user-defined groups in StorageScope Server
D. Create user-defined storage pools in ControlCenter Console
E. Move the Managed Objects used by the application into a ControlCenter Console group
Answer: AE

7. Your customer has a large two-Store distributed infrastructure which has been designed to manage their environment of 550 small hosts and 10 medium hosts. In the EMC published guidelines the customer's infrastructure is detailed as being able to discover 125 medium hosts or 13 large hosts in a single, one-hour off-peak timeslot. What is the minimum number of one-hour off-peak time slots that must be configured to discover this environment on a daily basis?
A. One
B. Three
C. Four
D. Five
Answer: A

8. ControlCenter 5.2 SP1 SAN Manager currently supports importing of aliases for which switches?
A. Cisco MDS9216
B. Brocade DS-32B
C. Brocade DS-16B
D. McData DS-140M
Answer: D

9. A customer wants to give only user access view to StorageScope reports. Which rule applies?
A. User must be added to the Administrators Group
B. User must be added to the StorageScope View Rule
C. User must be added to the StorageScope Administrator Group
D. All users, by default, have access to view StorageScope reports
Answer: D

10. In ControlCenter when the Oracle Agent is communicating through a firewall in a Windows environment. Which port needs to be open?
A. 10869
B. 10979
C. 10989
D. 10999
Answer: D

11. A customer wants to export reports from the StorageScope Web interface. Which two [2] formats can be used?
Answer: AD

12. A customer has installed SQL Server entirely on devices allocated from a Symmetrix array. Which ControlCenter agent includes alerts that will trigger when the response time of database disk I/Os becomes too high?
A. Host Agent for Windows
B. Common Mapping Agent
C. Storage Agent for Symmetrix
D. Database Agent for SQL Server
Answer: A

13. Which method do you use to install the ControlCenter Command History Export Utility?
A. Install from the ControlCenter CD1
B. Download and install from Powerlink
C. Push the utility from the ControlCenter Console
D. Install from the ControlCenter Installation wizard
Answer: B

14. A new user "smith" is created on the ControlCenter server. This user is then added as a default ControlCenter Console user by the ControlCenter administrator. User "smith" should be allowed to perform only configuration and TimeFinder operations on all discovered Symmetrix units in ControlCenter. How can this be set up?
A. Assign ECC Administrators and Symmetrix Configuration Manager rules to "smith"
B. Add "smith" to ECC Administrators and Symmetrix Data Protection Manager user groups
C. Assign Symmetrix Configuration Manager and Symmetrix Data Protection Manager rules to "smith"
D. Add "smith" to Symmetrix Configuration Manager and Symmetrix Data Protection Manager user groups
Answer: D

15. A customer wants his default SQL Server instance discovered in ControlCenter 5.2. Which action must be taken for a successful discovery?
A. Enter the SQL Server Hostname in the DB Instance field of the assisted discovery interface
B. Enter the name of the specific SQL Server database (e.g., Northwind) in the DB Instance field of the assisted discovery interface
C. Create a net service connection for the SQL Server instance on the Mapping Agent Host. Then enter the net service name in the DB Instance field of the assisted discovery interface
D. Create an ODBC Data Source Name (DSN) for the SQL Server instance on the ControlCenter Server Host. Then enter the DSN in the DB Instance field of the assisted discovery interface
Answer: A

16. After ensuring that all of the DCPs are running, the administrator needs to verify each of the reporting applications to ensure that they are correctly installed, configured, and able to create reports from the collected data. Select two [2] of the steps in StorageScope needed to verify the setup and to verify that they have run.
A. Job Details selection
B. Run reports now button
C. Report History selection
D. Report Exports selection
E. Update reports now button
Answer: BC

17. A SAN administrator is concerned that ControlCenter alerts regarding unexpected zoning changes are not being reported quickly enough.What needs to be edited to reduce the time taken to alert on this event?
A. Active Zone Sets Out of Sync Alert
B. Discovery Scan Data Collection Policy
C. Fabric Validation Data Collection Policy
D. Communication Device Status Change Alert
Answer: C

18. A ControlCenter user cannot push an Oracle Agent to Host XYZ because the Oracle Agent is NOT available in the install wizard list. Which three [3] would cause this?
A. OS type not supported
B. Not licensed in the console
C. Master agent on Host XYZ is not running
D. Existing entry in the ctg.ini file on Host XYZ
E. Remote_install directory has an existing Oracle Agent folder entry for Host XYZ
Answer: ADE

19. Click the Exhibit button.

The Storage Provisioning Service Policy for a Sun host was created with the isable host actions box unchecked.
Which file is modified when the policy is executed?
A. The /etc/hosts file is modified
B. The /etc/system file is modified
C. The /kernel/drv/sd.conf file is modified
D. The /kernel/drv/lpfc.conf file is modified
Answer: C

20. After a lightning strike, a Connectrix M series switch was replaced with an identical spare. The new switch was configured using Telnet. Now, Storage Provisioning Services (SPS) reports errors during attempts to allocate certain volumes. Why?
A. SNMP community is wrong
B. Telnet is no longer supported
C. An active zoneset is obsolete
D. Switch password was changed
Answer: C

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