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EMC E20-840 Exam -

Free E20-840 Sample Questions:

1. Your customer wants to add custom defined fields to the ControlCenter database for Asset tracking. How are these fields defined?
A. Via an ODBC connection to the database
B. XML import into the ControlCenter Repository
C. Directly into the console by right clicking the object
D. Use the Administration section on the StorageScope interface
Answer: B

2. A customer is using BMC Patrol Enterprise Manager as their alert notification application and they want to integrate ControlCenter into the framework. Some of the equipment in the environment supports SNMP V2, which is the customer's preference. This equipment is currently being monitored by ControlCenter, but alerts are being forwarded by direct SNMP traps. What would cause you to continue to send direct SNMP traps to BMC PEM for this equipment?
A. Not all ControlCenter alerts can be forwarded by the Gateway Agent
B. Gateway Agent can only be installed on a Windows server
C. ControlCenter Integration Gateway Agent supports only SNMP V1 traps
D. Firewall between the ControlCenter managed objects and the ControlCenter server
Answer: C

3. While considering the type and protection of the storage for the ControlCenter database, your customer is looking for a recommendation. Which option is the recommended best practice for database storage?
A. Use RAID-1 for the ControlCenter database
B. Use RAID-5 for the ControlCenter database
C. Use software based mirroring for the ControlCenter database
D. Due to the daily database exports unprotected disk is recommended
Answer: A

4. The customer has an environment consisting of:
10 Symmetrix Arrays
20 CLARiiON Arrays
4 Cisco Switches
125 Open systems Hosts
ControlCenter Master and Host Agents are deployed to all 125 open system hosts.
ControlCenter StorageScope File Level Reporter (FLR) Agents are deployed to all 125 open systems hosts.
Which tools should be used to generate a report showing the correlation of disk utilization to directory
A. Custom StorageScope Layout with filtering
B. Excel spreadsheet with the StorageScope FLR API
C. Custom report program using the StorageScope API and the StorageScope FLR API
D. Basic StorageScope Layout with the StorageScope API and the StorageScope FLR API
Answer: C

5. A customer has Cisco MDS series switches, and is using ControlCenter in their environment. To facilitate support, he would like the switches to dial-home to EMC in the event of an error. What is mandatory to ensure that this feature works properly?
A. Dedicated 56Kb modem, externally connected to each MDS switch
B. Dedicated phone connected to the telephone port of the service processor
C. OnAlert/ConnectEMC configured to enable dial-home capabilities via ControlCenter
D. Cisco MDS do not have dial-home capabilities. These switches only support email home notification
Answer: C

6. You are editing a StorageScope Layout Report for information and need to organize the information by the customer's business units and projects. Each business unit has measurable projects. The customer's business units have exclusive access to their respective arrays. Projects have exclusive use of servers.
Which approach will allow the StorageScope layouts to produce reporting on storage utilization by business units and projects?
A. Modify the Arrays Basic Layout to include filtering on the Groups field
B. Create Groups via the Console that represent the Projects and then copy and paste the appropriate arrays to each group
C. Create Groups via the Console that represent the Business Units and then copy and paste the appropriate arrays to each group
D. Create Hierarchical Groups via the Console that represent the Business Units and Projects and then copy and paste the appropriate hosts to each group
Answer: D

7. A Customer wants ControlCenter to monitor the percent of free space on all the Logical Volumes on his Windows servers. The monitoring frequency should be 15 min. A Critical alert should trigger only if the drive has been at 70% full for at least one hour. A Fatal alert should trigger at 90% full as soon as possible. What solution would you suggest?
A. One alert definition with two Management Policies
B. One alert definition with appropriate evaluation conditions
C. One alert definition with a Management Policy that will meet the customer requirement
D. Two alert definitions: One monitoring for the Critical condition and the other for the Fatal Condition
Answer: B

8. All the Celerras in a Data Center are currently monitored via ControlCenter. The customer has expressed a concern that some Celerra events seen in Celerra Manager are displayed in ControlCenter while some are not displayed in ControlCenter even though all the ControlCenter Celerra Alerts are enabled.
Which solution would you recommend after you have identified the specific events which do not appear in ControlCenter?
A. Setup the Control Station and the ControlCenter Server as SNMP Trap destinations
B. Configure the Celerra Control Station to generate an SNMP trap when the events occur
C. Modify the Celerra MIB to include the trap definitions for these events and compile it on the
ControlCenter Server and the Control Station
D. Modify the Celerra MIB to include the trap definitions for these events on the Control Station and setup the Control Station as an SNMP trap destination
Answer: B

9. A customer is managing 50 CLARiiON CX600s and 10 DMX1000Ps via ControlCenter. They would like to be alerted when any Customer Replaceable Unit on the CX600s fail. The alert must be received in ControlCenter. Which solution would you recommend?
A. Setup the CLARiiON Agent host as an SNMP trap designation on all the CX600s
B. Ensure that the ControlCenter "Storage Array Fault" alert is enabled for the CLARiiON Agent
C. Setup Navisphere Event Monitor in a Distributed deployment to monitor all Critical Array Faults for all CX600s
D. Setup Navisphere Event Monitor in a Centralized deployment to monitor all Critical Array Faults for all CX600s
Answer: B

10. Your customer would like to integrate their Symmetrix and CLARiiON storage arrays into ControlCenter.
They want to test the functions of the Storage Management Initiative Standards. What is the recommended installation to discover the arrays?
A. Solution Enabler CIMOM Provider and the SMI-S Agent
B. Storage Agent for Symmetrix and CLARiiON on an Agent Host
C. SMI-S Agent and Solution Enabler from the Console on an Agent Host
D. Storage Agent for Symmetrix, SDM Agent and Storage Agent for CLARiiON
Answer: A

11. Your customer just purchased ControlCenter and installed Symmetrix Manager and the StorageScope licenses. They say they are missing the capability to assign devices to their hosts. What do you recommend?
A. Purchase the SAN Manager license
B. Open a Software Case, this must function
C. Purchase the Storage Management license
D. Purchase the Automated Resource Manager license
Answer: A

12. A customer wants to do provisioning as well as capacity and performance reporting in an open systems SAN environment. The customer has HDS and EMC storage. Which product sets are used to design a solution?
A. Planning and Provisioning Package
B. Symmetrix Package, Monitoring and Reporting Package
C. Symmetrix Manager, SAN Manager, Performance Manager, StorageScope
D. Symmetrix Manager, SAN Manager, HDS Manager, Performance Manager, StorageScope
Answer: C

13. Which two [2] documents are required for a ControlCenter review and validation by the Solutions Validation Center (SVC)?
A. Scope
B. Qualifier
C. Statement of Work (SOW)
D. Work Breakdown Structure
Answer: BC

14. A Customer intends to deploy StorageScope FLR in their environment. Which factor helps to determine the backend database (Oracle or SQL Server) to be used?
A. Number of Databases, Exchange Servers and Files
B. Number of Databases, Exchange Servers and Hosts
C. Number of Databases, Hosts, Storage Arrays and NAS File Servers
D. Number of Databases, Exchange Servers, Hosts and NAS File Servers
Answer: A

15. Navisphere is used in a datacenter to monitor and manage two (2) CLARiiON CX500s. The datacenter manager wants to set the security level for his storage administrator, so that she can make changes to the array configuration and allocate storage as needed. However, there are other activities, such as creating or deleting users that the manager does not want the administrator to perform. Within Navisphere, which role should be assigned to this user?
A. Monitor
B. Manager
C. Operator
D. Administrator
Answer: B

16. A customer currently has ControlCenter installed at a data center in Chicago. They want to bring another data center in Los Angeles into this infrastructure that does not have ControlCenter installed there.
You have determined that an additional Store will be needed to handle the additional hosts, arrays and switches in Los Angeles. You have tested the network and the average latency between the two sites is 27ms.
Where should the new ControlCenter Store host be placed?
A. Chicago data center on the same subnet as the existing ControlCenter Repository server
B. Chicago data center on a different subnet as the existing ControlCenter Repository server
C. Los Angeles data center on the same subnet as the existing ControlCenter Repository server
D. Los Angeles data center on a different subnet as the existing ControlCenter Repository server
Answer: A

17. ControlCenter uses all of the following criteria for agent load balancing, except?
A. Agent Version
B. Deployment Order
C. Agent Server CPU Load
D. Distance to Managed Object
Answer: B

18. ControlCenter and StorageScope FLR are deployed at a site. The customer wants to be alerted when his SQL Server Data and Log files are nearly full? Which solution would you recommend?
A. Enable the ControlCenter SQL Server Tablespace Alert
B. Enable Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Manager to generate an alert
C. Setup a threshold policy in StorageScopeFLR to monitor Database File Thresholds and generate an alert
D. Enable the ControlCenter Logical Volume Percent Free alert on all the drives on which the SQL Server instance is installed
Answer: C

19. A customer has integrated four (4) new DMX storage arrays into their ControlCenter environment for monitoring and management purposes. The total number of arrays being managed is now six (6) and the Storage Agent for Symmetrix is deployed on the ControlCenter server.
Ever since the new arrays have been under ControlCenter management, there have been large gaps in the WLA data for the arrays. They have an immediate need to analyze current DMX performance for their internal customers.
You have been tasked to review their current ControlCenter environment and recommend a solution which may resolve the issue and allow for them to perform their analysis.
What would be your initial recommendation?
A. Distribute additional Storage Agents for Symmetrix
B. Upgrade the memory on all servers attached to the DMX arrays
C. Upgrade the driver and firmware of the HBA's installed on the ControlCenter server
D. Upgrade the ControlCenter environment to the latest ControlCenter release and service pack
Answer: A

20. A customer is preparing to upgrade their version of ControlCenter to the next major release. The end of the quarter is approaching, and the account team would like to have the upgrade performed as soon as possible. What must be done to perform the upgrade in accordance with EMC Policies and Procedures?
A. Submit a new qualifier and supporting documents to the SVC for approval
B. Just submit a CCA and proceed with the implementation after gaining approval
C. Since this is only an upgrade, the activity can be performed with no additional documentation
D. The architect can update the account's PDG with the new software version information and then the installation can proceed
Answer: A

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