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EMC E20-816 Exam -

Free E20-816 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which type of errors does the TimeFinder Integration Module for Exchange scan for prior to a backup?
A. -1010
B. -1018
C. -1019
D. -1022
Answer: C

Q: 2
A customer has the following storage configuration for a specific application:
- Symmetrix VMAX 4 engine with 128 GB cache per engine
- SRDF/A with two 1 Gbps links to remote site
- 4.2 TB of logical volumes configured for SRDF/A replication
- SMC / SPA installed for storage management
The customer is periodically experiencing high response times for the application.
How can the customer use SPA to determine the potential cause of the high response times?
A. View Directors BE % busy versus Directors FE % busy
B. View SRDF/A device write pending count versus system write pending count
C. View Ports FE throughput in Kbps versus Devices Kbps read + Devices Kpbs written
D. View RDF-Group (group number) rewrites per sec
Answer: B

Q: 3
You have been tasked with gathering performance data for a Microsoft SQL server database that will be migrated to a Symmetrix VMAX. Which Perfmon counter must you measure prior to designing a disk layout?
A. Physical Disk\Disk Writes/sec
B. Physical Disk\Avg. Disk sec/Write
C. Logical Disk\Avg. Disk Bytes/sec
D. Logical Disk\Disk Write Bytes/sec
Answer: A

Q: 4
Which Symmetrix VMAX component is involved in measuring sampled average response time?
A. Front-end ports
B. Cache
C. Back-end directors
D. Front-end directors
Answer: D

Q: 5
Your customer has security and management concerns with SRDF and Timefinder scripts that are currently running on many production hosts. Symacl will be used to reduce or limit storage management controls to two centralized management servers. How can your customer finish
migrating the scripts after symacl is enabled?
A. The legacy scripts access can be managed by using the unknown group.
B. The legacy scripts can be managed by creating a legacy access control group.
C. The legacy script must be migrated to the centralized management server before enabling symacl.
D. The legacy scripts access can be managed by creating a legacy Access Control Pool.
Answer: A

Q: 6
Which change in a Symmetrix VMAX workload will typically result in an increase in the read hit rate?
A. Increase in locality of reference
B. Increase in the percentage of read I/Os
C. Increase in the I/O size
D. Spread the workload over more devices
Answer: A

Q: 7
A new data warehouse will be hosted on an existing 4-engine VMAX array. The database server has 4 HBAs connected at 8Gb/s. Due to limited SAN switch ports only port 0 on each VMAX FA is connected - also at 8Gb/s.
The workload is expected to require at least 1700MB/s of reads @ 128KB I/O size. It must maintain performance in case of any major component failure in the host, switch or array. Assume that the existing workload on the VMAX does not exceed 350MB/s per port. Also assume that the ports can sustain up to 500MB/s without exceeding 70% utilization.
What is the best practice HBA to FA mapping to ensure the required performance of the data warehouse?
A. HBA0 -> Engine 3 FA ports HBA1 -> Engine 4 FA ports HBA2 -> Engine 5 FA ports HBA3 ->Engine 6 FA ports
B. HBA0 -> E0 FA ports HBA1 -> F0 FA ports HBA2 -> G0 FA ports HBA3 -> H0 FA ports
C. HBA0 -> E1 FA ports HBA1 -> F1 FA ports HBA2 -> G1 FA ports HBA3 -> H1 FA ports
D. HBA0 -> FA 7e0, 8e0, 9e0, 10e0 HBA1-> FA 5e0, 6e0, 11e0, 12e0 HBA0 -> FA 7h0, 8h0, 9h0,10h0 HBA1-> FA 5h0, 6h0, 11h0, 12h0
Answer: B

Q: 8
Cascaded SRDF is running in SRDF/A mode from the source (R1) site to the disk-based secondary (R21) site. Which SRDF mode is permitted between the R21 and the R2 sites?
A. Adaptive Copy Disk
B. Adaptive Copy Write Pending
C. Synchronous
D. Asynchronous
Answer: A

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