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EMC E20-665 Exam -

Free E20-665 Sample Questions:

1. How many Celerra/CLARiiON LUNs are created in an 8 + 1 RAID 5 configuration?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8
Answer: A

2. Which command is used on a Sun host to obtain the Ethernet address of a network adapter?
B. eth0
C. ifconfig
D. ipconfig
Answer: C

3. A customer is unable to Telnet into the Control Station of his NS600 from a Windows client. You have verified that the Telnet service is enable on the Control Station, and the customer has also proved network connectivity is working because "ssh" and ftp work fine. What would be the next step in finding out why Telnet is not working?
A. Check for any firewalls blocking port 23
B. Check for any firewalls blocking ports 20 & 21
C. Ping the Control Station to make sure it is running
D. Run traceroute to verify the path to the Control Station
Answer: A

4. You are performing a NAS code upgrade on a Celerra NS Gateway. At what point in the procedure should you run the upgrd-ckvX.bin -r 1 command?
A. After rebooting the system
B. After mounting the CD-ROM
C. Before mounting the CD-ROM
D. Before putting the passwd and group files on the Data Movers
Answer: C

5. In which storage profile does a "4 + 1 RAID 5" disk configuration belong?
A. clar_r1
B. clarata_archive
C. clar_r5_economy
D. clar_r5_performance
Answer: D

6. What is the minimum disk configuration for a Celerra/CLARiiON implementation?
A. 2 disks and 1 hot spare
B. 4 disks and 1 hot spare
C. 5 disks and 1 hot spare
D. 8 disks and 1 hot spare
Answer: C

7. A host has the following IP address and default gateway. Select the subnet mask that will allow the host to access remote networks.
IP address:
default gateway:
Answer: A

8. What is required to join a Celerra CIFS server to a Windows Active Directory domain?
C. IP interface, Share name
D. Administrator's password, NIS
Answer: A

9. Which command shows all established connections to a Data Mover?
A. server_netstat
B. server_nfsstat
C. server_sysstat
D. server_cifsstat
Answer: A

10. You are able to connect to a web server with Internet Explorer and view it's contents. However, when you try to ping the server you receive a "Request Timed Out" message. What is the cause?
A. Incorrect subnet mask
B. Incorrect default gateway
C. Firewall blocking ICMP packets
D. No route to the server's network
Answer: C

11. Which file shows services and their ports configured on a UNIX host?
A. /etc/ports
B. /etc/service
C. /etc/services
D. /etc/nsswitch
Answer: C

12. Which component of SNMP queries SNMP agents to view information, change settings, etc.?
B. Agent
C. Server
D. Manager
Answer: D

13. Which command is used from a UNIX host to display ALL hops to the destination host?
A. ping
B. tracert
C. ifconfig
D. traceroute
Answer: D

14. When performing a Celerra Health Check on a NS Series, the script upgrd_ckvX.bin is run to create NAS backup files. Which directory does it create to store those files?
A. nas/usr/nsdb_cs
B. nas/etc/nasdb_cs0
C. nas/dev/recover_cs
D. /nas/var/recover_cs0
Answer: D

15. Which script is used before a Celerra NAS code upgrade to perform health checks and backups and identify parameter changes?
A. pre_upgrd.bin
B. upgrd_ckvX.bin
C. Linux_savit.bin
D. universal_upgrd.bin
Answer: B

16. Which layers of the Open System Interconnection (OSI) does the "ping" utility test?
A. Physical and Data Link
B. Network and Transport
C. Physical, Data Link, and Network
D. Data Link, Network and Transport
Answer: C

17. Which tool is used to test network connectivity?
A. ping
B. snoop
C. netstat
D. ifconfig
Answer: A

18. When upgrading the NAS code on a Celerra NS after the Control Station is rebooted, which file system must be mounted in addition to /nas, /nas/dos, /nbsnas before proceeding?
A. /nas/bin
B. /nas/var
C. /nas/site
D. /nas/sbin
Answer: B

19. Which command is used to identify a primary Data Mover?
A. nas_server
B. server_info
C. nas_standby
D. server_standby
Answer: A

20. You are replacing a Control Station in a Celerra NS series, you have just finished verifying the EMCNAS code version to be installed, and documented the Control Station configuration.
What is the next step?
A. Boot the Control Station
B. Install the EMCNAS code
C. Save the server log to a file
D. Document the Control Station cable connections
Answer: D

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