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EMC E20-651 Exam -

Free E20-651 Sample Questions:

1. Which tools are used in the management of the Connectrix Switch?
A. Serial Connect, SSH, Embedded Web Server, Web Tools and Connectrix Manager.
B. Telnet, Embedded Web Server, Web Tools Serial Connect and Connectrix Manager.
C. Embedded Web Server, Parallel Connect, SSH, Web Tools and Connectrix Manager.
D. Parallel Connect, Telnet, Embedded Web Server, Web Tools and Connectrix Manager.
Answer: B

2. Which command will show the version of PowerPath being run?
A. powermt version
B. powermt show version
C. powermt display version
D. powermt check_registration
Answer: A

3. How many ports are there in a M-Series ASIC?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 8
Answer: D

4. What addressing mode is used in Windows and Sun with Fibre Channel?
A. LUN Addressing
B. Logical Addressing
C. Volume Set Addressing
D. Peripheral Device Addressing
Answer: D

5. Click the Exhibit button.

What do the lights on the WWN bezel of the Connectrix 12000B indicate?
A. power LED / status LED
B. activity LED / power LED
C. wwn LED / cabinet temperature
D. fan speed indicator / temp indicator
Answer: A

6. Which [2] of the current Connectrix MDS products support the IPS Line Module?
A. 9120
B. 9140
C. 9216
D. 9509
Answer: CD

7. Click the Exhibit button.

What command would you use to display this information?
A. show vaan
B. show zone
C. show interface
D. show fcdomain
Answer: D

8. What happens when the SAN Manager host discovers the SAN?
A. New records are added to the VCMDB.
B. Directly connected switches are rebooted.
C. Zoning information is added to FibreZone database.
D. New Production Hosts are connected to the switch.
Answer: C

9. How many Zone Sets can be Activated per Fabric using SAN Manager?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Answer: A

10. Which package must be installed on the Connectrix Service Processor so that SAN Manager can perform zoning on McData switches?
A. SAN Manager
B. Internet Explorer
C. FibreZoneBridge
D. Solutions Enabler
Answer: C

11. Which Protocol is characterized by distance, connectivity and speed?
B. Fibre
C. Escon
D. Bus & Tag
Answer: B

12. Which four [4] client host types can be used with the Java based support on Connectrix Manager?
B. Sun
C. Linux
E. TRU64
F. Windows
G. Mainframe
Answer: ABDF

13. How many Connectrix Directors/switches can be managed with a single Service Processor with Connectrix Manager?
A. 4
B. 28
C. 38
D. 48
Answer: D

14. What is the Default ip address for a DS-16b2?
A. none
Answer: C

15. Your customer is using EMC Solutions Enabler 5.1. What is the recommended volume masking to discover HBAs in this environment?
A. symmask discover hba
B. symmask discover hbas
C. symmaskd discover hba
D. symmaskdb discover hbas
Answer: A

16. Which M-Series switch also supports Arbitrated Loop logins?
A. ED64M
B. ED1032
C. DS16M2
D. DS24M2
Answer: D

17. Which two [2] tasks must be performed on the CLARiiON before configuring PowerPath?
A. Select PowerPath
B. Create Storage groups
C. Configure Volume Logix
D. Set the failover mode to 1
E. Configure Array Compath
Answer: DE

18. Which command displays the current firmware version in a B-Series device?
A. version
B. cfgshow
C. vershow
D. shoversion
Answer: A

19. Which command will reconfigure PowerPath?
A. powermt config
B. powermt set mode
C. powermt set policy
D. powermt set config
Answer: A

20. Select three [3] Connectrix MDS EXEC commands.
A. Show
B. Config
C. Cfgdisable
D. Traceroute
E. Configshow
F. Switchshow
Answer: ABD

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