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EMC E20-580 Exam -

Free E20-580 Sample Questions:

1. For which type of CLARiiON LUN must you remove special attributes before removing the LUN?
A. MetaLUN
B. Bound LUN
C. Expanded LUN
D. Clone Private LUN
Answer: D

2. Which task must you perform so that a VisualSRM Intelligent Action can locate and operate on files not accessed in 30 days?
A. Enable a threshold for the relevant folders
B. Enable trending for a minimum of 30 days
C. Ensure that the relevant folders are included in a file scan
D. Run the "File Details by Date" report, filtering out files accessed in the past 30 days
Answer: C

3. You are looking at the ControlCenter Console. In the tree on the left hand side of the Console under Hosts you see that your host has been discovered. Which four [4] communication steps have taken place between the ControlCenter tiers to allow your host to be viewed in the Console?
A. Store forwards information to the Server
B. Server retrieves information from the Store
C. Store forwards information to the Repository
D. Console requests information from the Server
E. Server retrieves information from the Repository
F. Master Agent collects data and forwards it to the Store
Answer: CDEF

4. What are two [2] statements that describe multihoming and cluster support with EMC ControlCenter?
A. Multihoming is typically used for LAN traffic management
B. Multihoming is optional if you plan to install ControlCenter with Cluster Support
C. The ControlCenter installation program requires manual input to specify the multiple interface connections
D. ControlCenter supports Adapter Teaming (Grouping network adapter ports for a connection to a single physical segment)
E. ControlCenter is supported on hosts that have multiple network interface cards (NICs) or one NIC with multiple interface connections
Answer: BE

5. From where does StorageScope extract its data?
A. StorageScope agents
B. ControlCenter Repository
C. StorageScope internal database
D. The server running the WLA Archiver
Answer: B

6. Which two [2] features of the CLARiiON are designed for data availability?
A. Storage groups
B. RAID protection
C. Global hot spare disks
D. Private Storage Management (PSM) LUN
Answer: BC

7. Which two [2] methods does Event Monitor allow CLARiiON error notifications?
A. Alarms
C. SNMP traps
D. Electronic mail (email)
Answer: CD

8. What are three [3] important performance benefits of CLARiiON cache memory?
A. Mirroring write cache
B. Absorbing bursts of writes into cache
C. Performing forced flushing of the cache
D. Satisfying user read requests from cache
E. Merging several writes to the same disk area into a single operation
Answer: BDE

9. Which CLARiiON object is a logical grouping of disks that work together to store data?
A. Disk group
B. RAID group
C. Volume group
D. Storage group
Answer: B

10. Which two [2] statements apply to a CLARiiON LUN (not a metaLUN)?
A. It is assigned to only one SP
B. It is assigned to multiple SPs
C. It is in a single RAID group that has a single RAID type
D. It is in a single RAID group that can have mixed RAID types
Answer: AC

11. Click the Exhibit button.

On the sample Enterprise Storage window shown, what does the capital "U" icon next to Host "UNIX2" indicate?
A. Undefined
B. Unavailable
C. Unmanaged
D. Unreachable
Answer: C

12. Click the Exhibit button.

On the Connectivity Status window shown, what would happen during a shutdown of the highlighted server?
A. The Checkmark icon color is green AND the Fibre column changes from Yes to No
B. The Checkmark icon changes color from green to grey AND the Fibre column is Yes
C. The Checkmark icon changes color from green to blue AND the Fibre column changes from Yes to No
D. The Checkmark icon changes color from green to grey AND the Fibre column changes from Yes to No
Answer: D

13. You want to find out if Access Logix is enabled on a CLARiiON. Which Navisphere GUI window contains this information?
A. Storage Objects
B. Enterprise Storage
C. Storage System Status
D. Storage System Properties
Answer: D

14. In the Navisphere GUI, which tab of the Storage System Properties window do you use to set the high watermark?
A. Cache
B. General
C. Memory
D. Storage Access
Answer: A

15. Click the Exhibit button.

On the Navisphere GUI Disk Summary window shown, what does "Enabled" state indicate about a CLARiiON disk?
A. Not part of a RAID group
B. Populated in the storage system
C. Part of a RAID group and has one or more LUNs bound on it
D. Part of a RAID group but has no LUNs that have been bound on it
Answer: C

16. Which Navisphere tab of Storage System Properties allows you to set SPA & SPB statistics logging?
A. Cache
B. General
C. Memory
D. Storage Access
Answer: B

17. Which section of the Navisphere GUI right-click menu allows for viewing CLARiiON faults?
A. Storage Objects
B. Event Monitor Objects
C. Storage System Status
D. Storage System Properties
Answer: C

18. You want to change the name of a Storage Group. Which tab of the Navisphere GUI Storage Group Properties window would you use?
B. Disks
C. Hosts
D. General
Answer: D

19. You want to destroy Storage Group UNIX3. Which two [2] objects must NOT be present in Storage Group UNIX3?
A. Snapshots
B. Bound LUNS
C. Connected hosts
D. SAN Copy connections
Answer: BC

20. Which statement contains the correct Navisphere CLI syntax to display storage group information?
A. navicli –h SPA –a storagegroup –gname scoop_1
B. navicli -h SPA -a storagegroup -list scoop_1
C. navicli -h SPA storagegroup -list -gname scoop_1
D. navicli -h SPA -a storagegroup -list -gname scoop_1
Answer: C

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