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EMC E20-532 Exam -

Free E20-532 Sample Questions:

1. Which Cisco tool is used to monitor, configure and manage multiple MDS switches?
A. Device Tools
B. SAN Manager
C. Fabric Manager
D. Connectrix Manager
Answer: C

2. A customer has plugged a new host into his SAN but cannot see the HBAWWNs appear in the Topology.
What are two [2] ways to resolve?
A. Reset the switch
B. Rediscover the switch
C. Enable SNMP on the switches
D. Install the Host Agent and wait for the host to be discovered
Answer: BD

3. Which database service needs to be verified if EMC VisualSAN 4.0 displays errors on program start?
A. Oracle 8i
B. Informix 9
C. Sybase 11
D. SQL Server 2000
Answer: D

4. Which two [2] management tools have SAN zoning capabilities in a McDATA environment?
A. Connectrix Manager
B. Fabric Control Watch
C. Embedded Web Server
D. Storage Virtualization Control
Answer: AC

5. From Connectrix Manager, which two [2] levels of user rights can be assigned to specific users?
A. Fabric Administrator
B. System Administrator
C. Product Administrator
D. Configuration Administrator
Answer: BC

6. Which version of HBA firmware must be used with PowerPath?
A. Current HBA firmware
B. Firmware shipped with HBA
C. Latest HBA Firmware from vendor
D. Current approved EMC HBA firmware
Answer: D

7. In the OSI 7-layer Network Model, which layer describes the cabling used to create Fibre Channel SANs?
A. Layer 1, Physical
B. Layer 2, Data Link
C. Layer 3, Network
D. Layer 6, Presentation
Answer: A

8.What is the recommended minimum amount of memory in a management station for an EMC VisualSAN 4.0 installation in a mid-sized SAN?
A. 256MB
B. 512 MB
C. 1 GB
D. 2 GB
Answer: C

9. How many buffer-to-buffer (BB) credits can be used on ports 4-23 in a DS-24M2 switch?
A. 5
B. 12
C. 24
D. 60
Answer: A

10. Which native command on a B-series switch will provide data for EMC Customer Service?
A. showtech
B. supportshow
C. supportlogs
D. switchsupport
Answer: B

11. A new HBA is added to a Sun Solaris host. After a reconfiguration reboot, the new HBA is logged into the FA port on the Symmetrix, but it cannot see any devices. Which two [2] must be verified?
A. Correct HBAWWN and FA association exists in the VCMDB
B. LUN number conversion from hexadecimal to decimal in the sd.conf file
C. LUN number conversion from decimal to hexadecimal in the sd.conf file
D. LUN number conversion from hexadecimal to decimal in HBA driver configuration file on the host
Answer: AB

12. Click the Exhibit button.

What is represented by data flow in the picture?
A. FCIP representation of remote DR
B. ISCSI representation of remote DR
C. FCIP representation of remote backup
D. ISCSI representation of remote backup
Answer: A

13. Which command is used to backup the configuration of a Brocade switch?
A. backupConfig
B. configUpload
C. configDownload
D. firmwareDownload
Answer: B

14. Which MDS-9000 director/switch is capable of supporting the emerging 10Gb bandwidth?
A. 9140
B. 9216
C. 9509
D. 9549
Answer: C

15. How many DS-32M2 switches can be mounted in a single EC-1200 cabinet?
A. 10
B. 12
C. 14
D. 16
Answer: B

16. Click the Exhibit button.

In this implementation, gateways are used to connect existing Fibre Channel devices to an IP network, and as such will include physical interfaces for which two [2] networks?
C. Sonet
D. Fibre Channel
Answer: AD

17. The PowerPath command, powermt, has reported a number of devices as dead. Which commands are used to remove the dead devices?
A. powercf check; powermt restore; powermt config
B. powermt check; powermt restore; powermt config
C. powermt restore; powermt check; powermt config
D. powercf restore; powermt restore; powermt config
Answer: C

18. How many bits does a WWN contain?
A. 16
B. 24
C. 32
D. 64
Answer: D

19. How many buffer-to-buffer (BB) credits can be allocated to a port on a Brocade DS16-B2 (Brocade 3x00) series switch?
A. 27
B. 54
C. 64
D. 108
Answer: D

20. Which statement about the MDS 9000 32-port switch module is correct?
A. Can support 16 ISLs
B. Has a non-blocking architecture
C. Shares 2Gb bandwidth among four ports
D. Has more bandwidth than the 16 port module
Answer: C

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