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EMC E20-530 Exam -

Free E20-530 Sample Questions:

1.What is the recommended minimum amount of memory in a management station for an EMC VisualSAN 4.0 installation in a mid-sized SAN?
A. 256 MB
B. 512 MB
C. 1 GB
D. 2 GB
Answer: C

2. Which describes the non-blocking architecture deployed in M-series switches?
A. Allows frames to be sent to destination ports based on the receiving ports availability
B. Switch operations which move data across the bus into CMM and finally to MPC for delivery
C. Memory based operations which fence partitions of memory into bit-buckets for data delivery
D. Allows memory segmentation across the s/bar platform permitting data re-direction based on ASIC availability
Answer: A

3. Which native command on a B-series switch will provide data for EMC Customer Service?
A. showtech
B. supportshow
C. supportlogs
D. switchsupport
Answer: B

4. Which is an EMC recommended best practice when doing fabric zoning?
A. Single FA zoning
B. Multiple FA zoning
C. Single HBA zoning
D. Multiple HBA zoning
Answer: C

5. Which option is used to prevent mirroring at the host level if the device is already mirrored at the storage level in a PowerPath Volume Manager 4.x environment?
Answer: C

6. A customer cannot discover his Brocade switches within ControlCenter. Which command must be run on the switch to resolve this?
A. snmpshow
B. configure
C. agtcfgset
D. snmpmibcapset
Answer: D

7. Which CLI command is used for Device Masking?
A. fzone
B. symcfg
C. symmask
D. symconfig
Answer: C

8. Which two [2] components are required to use SAN Manager?
A. NAS Agent
B. FCC Agent
C. SDM Agent
D. SAN Manager license
Answer: CD

9. Which Cisco tool is used to monitor, configure and manage multiple MDS switches?
A. Device Tools
B. SAN Manager
C. Fabric Manager
D. Connectrix Manager
Answer: C

10. From Connectrix Manager, which two [2] levels of user rights can be assigned to specific users?
A. Fabric Administrator
B. System Administrator
C. Product Administrator
D. Configuration Administrator
Answer: BC

11. Click the Exhibit button.

What is represented by data flow in the picture?
A. FCIP representation of remote DR
B. ISCSI representation of remote DR
C. FCIP representation of remote backup
D. ISCSI representation of remote backup
Answer: A

12. How many switching modules (line cards) can be inserted into the MDS-9509 Director?
A. 5
B. 6
C. 7
D. 8
Answer: C

13. Which two [2] management tools have SAN zoning capabilities in a McDATA environment?
A. Connectrix Manager
B. Fabric Control Watch
C. Embedded Web Server
D. Storage Virtualization Control
Answer: AC

14. In the OSI 7-layer Network Model, which layer describes the cabling used to create Fibre Channel SANs?
A. Layer 1, Physical
B. Layer 2, Data Link
C. Layer 3, Network
D. Layer 6, Presentation
Answer: A

15. Click the Exhibit button.

In this implementation, gateways are used to connect existing Fibre Channel devices to an IP network, and as such will include physical interfaces for which two [2] networks?
C. Sonet
D. Fibre Channel
Answer: AD

16. When are zoning changes made in EMC VisualSAN 4.0 saved on a DS-16B2 switch?
A. Immediately
B. When they are refreshed
C. When they are committed
D. At next 30 minute information refresh
Answer: C

17. Which two [2] UNIX utilities are used to test network connectivity?
A. ping
B. ifconfig
C. nslookup
D. traceroute
Answer: AD

18. What does the RCT_L frame field setting indicate?
A. The arbitrated frame size
B. Whether a primitive function has been requested
C. The sequence number of the frame in an ordered set
D. Whether the fame contains link control information or data
Answer: D

19. In either a UNIX or Windows environment, which command is used for PowerPath monitoring and management?
A. powermt
B. powermon
C. pp_select
D. powerdisplay
Answer: A

20. What does EMC VisualSAN 4.0 use to gather Brocade Switch information?
B. Webtools
D. Navisphere CLI
Answer: A

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