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EMC E20-500 Exam -

Free E20-500 Sample Questions:

1. When data is written to a SnapView source LUN, at what point are the data chunks saved to the Reserved LUN pool?
A. During synchronization
B. Every time data is changed on the source
C. Every time write cache is flushed
D. When source data is changed for the first time
Answer: D

2. What are the primary goals of an optimization engagement?
A. Avoid future problems, reduce complexity, enable high availability
B. Fix existing problems, avoid future problems, reduce costs
C. Fix existing problems, improve utilization, increase efficiency
D. Reduce costs, reduce complexity, increase efficiency
Answer: D

3. What does Inter-Switch Link trunking do?
A. Allows ports on the same blade to be used for ISL
B. Enables ISL between switches to reach up to 200 km distances
C. Prohibits a port from becoming an E_Port for fabric security
D. Aggregates the bandwidth of multiple ISLs
Answer: D

4. After a Data Mover failover, how is the failback operation performed?
A. Automatically
B. Data Mover failover is not supported
C. Manually
D. Recovery is not needed until another failure occurs
Answer: C

5. A customer implemented BCVs with mirrors for use with the most critical business volumes. The standard volumes were established with the BCVs at the start of the day, but later in the day the customer discovered data corruption. Which action would enable a restore from uncorrupted BCV volumes?
A. Differential Split
B. Instant Split
C. Protected Restore
D. Reverse Split
Answer: D

6. You are giving a presentation to a customer about EMC virtualization products. They specifically ask about file storage virtualization. Which EMC product enables file storage virtualization using industry-standard protocols and mechanisms in a heterogeneous environment?
A. Invista
B. Rainfinity
C. RecoverPoint
D. Vmware
Answer: B

7. An EMC ControlCenter customer is a United States Department of Defense contractor. The contractor needs to show that there is controlled user access to devices and to the modification of these devices. This will allow the contractor to provide proof of compliance and accountability. Which security feature of EMC ControlCenter should you discuss with the contractor to satisfy this requirement?
A. Data collection policy (DCP)
B. EMC Secure Remote Support (ESRS) Gateway
C. Role-based access control (RBAC)
D. Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
Answer: C

8. Your customer is experiencing write performance problems on a RAID 5 LUN used for backup-to-disk on its CX3 array. The LUN has been placed on ATA drives. The customer has determined that it would like the LUN on Fibre Channel drives instead. The customer has requested you provide the best option to alleviate this performance problem, keeping downtime to a minimum. What action would you recommend?
A. Create a new LUN on fibre drives and restore the data from tape to the new LUN.
B. Implement a newer array and use MirrorView to migrate the data.
C. Use Dynamic Virtual LUN functionality to move the LUN from ATA to fibre drives.
D. Use SnapView to make a clone of the LUN on fibre drives and assign the LUN to the appropriate storage group.
Answer: C

9. A customer has a CX3-80 for Exchange and a critical OLTP database application. Over the last month, during monthly batch processing, users complain of slow response times. Which solution will you recommend to solve this issue?
A. Access Logix
B. Performance Manager
C. Navisphere Quality of Service Manager
D. StorageScope
Answer: C

10. For reporting purposes, which source provides data for the ETL process to populate the StorageScope repository?
A. EMC ControlCenter Repository
B. Host Agents
C. Master Agents
D. Store
Answer: A

11. You are proposing a NAS solution for your customer. The final solution includes:
Celerra NS40 integrated
Twenty six (26) 146 GB disk drives
One Celerra Enterprise license
One Celerra SnapSure license
Two EMC CAVA licenses
What hardware is the customer required to provide for the above licensed solution?
A. A modem for Celerra dial-home
B. A server for CLARalert email home
C. An ESRS gateway for secure notifications
D. Two servers for antivirus scanning
Answer: D

12. Which license is required if you wish to implement Inter-VSAN Routing (IVR)?
A. Enterprise License Package
B. SAN Extension
D. Storage Service Enabler
Answer: A

13. A company has an existing DMX-3 2500 in Data Center 1 and a CX3-80 in Data Center 2. Both offices are production sites. There are two dedicated DS3 connections. The company needs to migrate a 300 GB UNIX database from Data Center 2 to Data Center 1. They are not concerned about how much time the replication will take. Which EMC solution should you discuss?
A. MirrorView/A
B. RecoverPoint/SE
C. RepliStor
D. SAN Copy
Answer: D

14. Your customer wishes to deploy a new streaming media application using large multimedia files. These files will be used to provide training to employees. The customer would like to store the media files on its CLARiiON CX3 array.
The application performance in a proof of concept has not been acceptable, and the customer has narrowed the problem down to a disk. The customer deployed the application and data files on a single RAID 5 4+1 LUN. The application data has various I/O sizes, and the media file I/O size is 1024 Kb.
The customer is confident the application will perform adequately on the CLARiiON, but is unsure what changes should be made to the configuration. The customer also wants the best balance of performance and cost.
What would you recommend the customer change in its configuration to achieve the highest performance?
A. Place the media files and application files on separate RAID 1 groups.
B. Place the media files on a RAID 3 group and the application files on a RAID 5 group.
C. Place the media files and application files on separate RAID 5 4+1 groups.
D. Place the media files on a RAID 5 group and the application files on a RAID 3 group.
Answer: B

15. DiskXtender provides multi-target migration capability to provide file retrieval from multiple targets in the event of a failure in the environment. How many targets can be used?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8
Answer: B

16. What is the main benefit of having a security policy?
A. To align with business priorities and minimize implementation costs
B. To form the basis of an ongoing Information Lifecycle Management strategy
C. To initiate legal proceedings against intruders, external or internal
D. To specify which products and vendors are needed for implementation
Answer: A

17. Which RAID levels does Avamar support?
A. RAID 1 and RAID 1/0
B. RAID 1 and RAID 5
C. RAID 3 and RAID 5
D. RAID 1/0 and RAID 5
Answer: B

18. A customer has an ERP system protected by SRDF/A and experienced a loss of link for 6 hours due to a network issue. When the network issue was fixed the links came back up and SRDF was resumed.
Prior to SRDF/A resuming cycle switching, there was a disaster at the source site, rendering the R1 array unusable. The ERP system was not startable at the DR site and the customer had to restore from tape.
What would prevent this from happening in the future?
A. Implement clones on the target side and split them prior to resuming SRDF after a network outage
B. Implement clones with TimeFinder Consistency Groups on the source side and split them prior to resuming SRDF after a network outage
C. Implement snaps on the target side and split prior to resuming SRDF after a network outage
D. Use Consistency Groups and set SRDF QoS to 0
Answer: A

19. Your customer complains that their backup environment has become unmanageable. Daily backups are not completing within normal backup windows and are running throughout the production day, impacting end-user response times. Recently the tape recovery of a corrupted production database failed resulting in lost data, productivity, and revenue for the company. Which solution will you recommend to the customer?
A. Backup Advisor
B. DiskXtender
C. EMC Disk Library
D. MediaStor
Answer: C

20. Your customer wishes to deploy SnapView in its existing CX3 environment, and has asked for assistance in designing the environment properly. The customer has the following LUNs to deploy snapshots on:
LUN 125 100 GB
LUN 060 25 GB
LUN 100 10 GB
LUN 114 82 GB
LUN 189 34 GB
According to best practices, what is the minimum size that each LUN in the reserve LUN pool should be?
A. 5 GB
B. 10 GB
C. 25 GB
D. 50 GB
Answer: A

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