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EMC E20-381 Exam -

Free E20-381 Sample Questions:

1. What is the correct order for removing Control Center Infrastructure components?
A. Master Agent, ECC Server, Store, Repository
B. Master Agent, Store, ECC Server, Repository
C. Master Agent, Store, ECC Server, Repository
D. Master Agent, Store, Repository, ECC Server
Answer: B

2. Which four categories of information are available in the StorageScope Reporting database?
A. Capacity, Performance, Utilization and Backup Status
B. Capacity, Utilization, Infrastructure Asset and Backup Status
C. Performance, Security, Infrastructure Asset and Backup Status
D. Performance, Utilization, Security and Backup Status
Answer: B

3. If a CX700 does not have two Standby Power Supplies (SPS) installed, which feature is unavailable?
A. LUN Trespassing
B. SP A Read Cache
C. SP B Read Cache
D. Write Cache
Answer: D

4. What ControlCenter agents are supported on VMware Windows guests?
A. CLARiiON, Storage Agent for HP StorageWorks
B. Master, Host, FCC
C. Master, Host, Oracle
D. Symmetrix, Common Mapping Agent
Answer: B

5. Which Symmetrix replication features can be controlled from SMC?
A. Open Replicator, SRDF/Star, and TimeFinder/Snap
B. SRDF/A, TimeFinder/Clone, and Open Replicator
C. SRDF/STAR, TimeFinder/Clone, and TimeFinder/Snap
D. TimeFinder/Clone, SRDF/A, and SRDF/Star
Answer: B

6. Symmetrix Management Console Replication Monitor gives a dashboard overview of the SRDF/S, SRDF/A, and TimeFinder/Snap replication state of device groups. What information does Replication Monitor show about these items?
A. It displays user-configured threshold alerts, date of the last full establish, and the state of synchronization.
B. The state of synchronization and the state of devices, and displays user-configured threshold alerts.
C. The state of synchronization and the schedule for the next full replication, and displays user-configured threshold alerts.
D. The current tracks owed to the R2 and the state of all devices, and it displays user-configured threshold alerts.
Answer: B

7. Which three ControlCenter components perform automatic discovery against their managed objects?
A. Common Mapping Agent, Host Agent for AIX, and VMware Agent
B. FCC Agent, SDM Agent, Storage Agent for Symmetrix
C. SDM Agent, Storage Agent for Symmetrix, Host Agent for Solaris
D. Storage Agent for CLARiiON, Host Agent for Windows, FCC Agent
Answer: C

8. When planning the installation of VisualSRM, the customer asks for an explanation of the tiered architecture. Which tiers does the VisualSRM environment include?
A. Client, server, database
B. Management, agent, storage
C. User interface, application, database
D. User interface, management, agent
Answer: D

9. How much data in a Visual SRM environment can a SQL Express Database support?
A. 12 Gigabytes
B. 14 Gigabytes
C. 2 Gigabytes
D. 4 Gigabytes
Answer: D

10. What are the three Navisphere Manager roles that can be assigned to a user?
A. Administrator storage systems, delete storage systems, monitor storage systems
B. Monitor, Manager, Administrator
C. Read, Write, Execute
D. Read, Write, List
Answer: B

11. Which ControlCenter component is responsible for assigning a Store for Agent communication when multiple Stores are available?
A. ControlCenter Console
B. ControlCenter Server
C. Performance Manager
D. Workload Manager
Answer: B

12. Which Symmetrix business continuance features are supported within the ReplicationMonitor view of SMC?
A. SRDF/A, SRDF/S, and TimeFinder/Clone
B. SRDF/A, SRDF/S, and TimeFinder/Snap
C. TimeFinder/Clone, Open Replicator, and TimeFinder/Mirror
D. TimeFinder/Snap, Open Replicator, and TimeFinder/Mirror
Answer: B

13. A customer has an environment that contains McDATA switches. None of these switches are managed through a Connectrix service processor. Which software package can ControlCenter use to discover these switches?
A. DSM Connect
B. ESN Bridge
C. ESN Connect
D. Fibre Bridge
Answer: A

14. What are the three primary categories of alerts in ControlCenter?
A. Capacity, Performance and Health
B. Capacity, Performance and Utilization
C. Health, Utilization and Performance
D. Utilization, Health and Capacity
Answer: A

15. In addition to improving availability and reduction of manual tasks, what other important pain point does VisualSRM address?
A. Archival of historical data
B. Data encryption
C. Increased utilization
D. Report monitoring
Answer: C

16. You are implementing a clustered ControlCenter single host infrastructure. Which modification must be made to the ControlCenter Resource group in Microsoft Cluster Server?
A. Allow failover on the ControlCenter group
B. Create a descriptive name for the ControlCenter group
C. Do nothing, the ControlCenter install will set this up
D. Prevent failback on the ControlCenter group
Answer: D

17. What is the only resource available in both the VisualSRM Base and VisualSRM Enhanced software bundles?
A. Database
B. Mail
D. Server
Answer: D

18. Once an event crosses the high water mark in a VisualSRM Threshold policy what is a possible outcome?
A. Dials home to EMC support.
B. Flushes the database with all current data from agents.
C. Launches intelligent Action.
D. Suspends agent data collection.
Answer: C

19. In a ControlCenter environment where Master Agents have been deployed on all servers, which additional agent must be installed on a Windows 2000 server if the customer would like to view file systems that have been configured on the server?
A. File Sytem Agent for Windows
B. Host Agent for Windows
C. Host Configuration Agent
D. Server Agent for Windows
Answer: B

20. Which active Windows Service needs to be disabled and the Server rebooted before starting a
ControlCenter install or upgrade?
A. Distributed Transaction Coordinator
B. DNS Client
C. SymAPIServer
D. Windows Teminal service
Answer: D

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