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EMC E20-361 Exam -

Free E20-361 Sample Questions:

1. A customer's Celerra administrator wants to present several CIFS shares through one file server. The shares are stored on many different physical machines.
What can be used with the Celerra to achieve this goal?
A. Celerra Data Migration Service
B. Distributed File System
C. Nested Mount File System
D. Virtual Data Mover
Answer: B

2. The file system fs01 must be mounted and exported on /mp1 as a CIFS share so only fs01 can be seen by users. To do this, a system administrator will need to
mount fs01 to /mp1/fs01
export /mp1/fs01 as a CIFS share
What other step will the system administrator need to take to present this share so users only see fs01?
A. create the directory /mp1/fs01 from a Windows host
B. move .etc and lost+found to another directory.
C. mark .etc and lost+found as hidden.
D. unmount fs01 from /mp1
Answer: A

3. When you configure a CIFS Server on a Virtual Data Mover, which dynamic configuration information is only saved to the Virtual Data Mover?
A. Home directory information
B. NFS file system information
C. Usermapper information
D. Virus checker information
Answer: A

4. What is stored in a Virtual Data Mover's root file system?
A. CIFS security tokens
B. Home directory information
C. NAS root directory
D. Usermapper configuration
Answer: B

5. What important function does Kerberos provide in both Active Directory and NFS v4?
A. Access tokens to hold a user's SID
B. Authentication Service
C. Encryption of passwords sent to domain controllers
D. Security encryption used by authentication protocols
Answer: B

6. What is one property of the default CIFS server?
A. Can be used to access all shares on the Data Mover
B. Has a hidden CIFS name of DEFAULT
C. Uses all assigned IP interfaces on the Data Mover
D. Uses all unassigned IP interfaces on the Data Mover
Answer: D

7. What must be done in for the CIFS server to appear in Active Directory?
A. Add server to DNS
B. Add to domain using DFS
C. Join CIFS server to domain
D. Manually start the CIFS server
Answer: C

8. What is a way of mapping Windows SIDs to UIDs and GIDs?
B. NetBios
D. Usermapper
Answer: D

9. Which MMC snap-in feature makes the administration of connecting to personal shares on the Celerra simpler?
A. Group Policy
B. Home Directory
C. Shared Folders
D. User Rights Assignment
Answer: B

10. What is the tool used to determine the security event types that are logged in a Data Mover's CIFS security log?
A. audit policy snap-in
B. nas_logviewer
C. server_log
D. User Rights Assignment snap-in
Answer: A

11. Which default authentication mechanism is utilized in a Windows Native Mode environment?
A. Certificate Authentication
B. Kerberos
Answer: B

12. You are attempting to join a Celerra CIFS server to a Windows domain. You receive an error: "Failed to complete command". You are able to ping the DNS server and the domain controller from the Data Mover with no problem.
What will need verification?
A. that the DNS record for the Data Mover is correct
B. that the DNS SOA record for the host is correct
C. that the date and time are set correctly
D. that the share is exported
Answer: C

13. What is the default mount option when implementing an NFS solution?
A. AutofFS
B. Hard mount
C. Soft mount
D. Virtual mount
Answer: B

14. Which type of file locking allows NFS clients to read or write to a file locked by an NFS client?
A. All Lock options
B. No Locking option
C. Read/Write Lock option
D. Write Lock option
Answer: A

15. A Celerra administrator would like to implement NFS. The administrator would like to implement some form of security while presenting NFS shares to clients.
Which NFS version natively supports strong security?
A. NFS v1
B. NFS v2
C. NFS v3
D. NFS v4
Answer: D

16. After the Celerra file system has been exported to NFS, what should be done on the hosts in order to access the file system?
A. format the file system
B. mount the file system
C. set export to automount
D. update DNS records
Answer: B

17. Which object resolution can be provided by NIS?
A. Default gateway
C. SAMBA server
D. Username
Answer: D

18. Which component of NFS currently requests other NFS components?
A. Export
B. Mount
C. Portmapper
D. Remote Procedure Call
Answer: D

19. What is the core component of the NFS protocol?
A. Automounter
B. File Export
C. Remote Procedure Call
D. ypbind
Answer: C

20. A UNIX client mounts a file system presented by the Celerra. Which name resolution type is valid?
Answer: C

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