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EMC E20-360 Exam -

Free E20-360 Sample Questions:

1. Since an NS600S has only one [1] Data Mover and does not have a Standby Data Mover, what happens when that Data Mover fails?
A. The Data Mover is issued a reboot to try and restore service
B. It is powered down and the Control Station issues a Call Home
C. The Service Processor (P) takes over and normal operation continues
D. Alerts are sent to the Celerra Web Browser and Call Home is not issued
Answer: A

2.What are the requirements for connecting an NS600G/GS to be Direct Connected to an existing CX600?
A. Two [2] free ports per SP, 5 unbound disk drives, Acess Logix
B. Two [2] free ports per SP, 5 unbound disk drives, PowerPath 3.01
C. Four [4] free Fibre Switch ports, 5 unbound disk drives, PowerPath
D. Two [2] free ports per SP, 8+1 Raid 5 Group with 6 LUNs, Acess Logix
Answer: A

3. What platform do you need to run the Init Wizard on?
B. Linux
C. Solaris
D. Windows
Answer: B

4. CLARiiON uses 520 byte sectors while other vendors use only 512 byte sectors. What are the eight [8] extra bytes used for?
A. To create alternative sectors
B. For additional data protection
C. For Disk Drive Log errors only
D. To store cache writes for a power failure
Answer: B

5. Which improvement is made when converting an NS600G direct connect to SAN connect?
A. Performance
B. Data throughput
C. Back-end redundancy
D. Front end network connectivity
Answer: C

6. Which RAID configurations can be used with the NS600?
A. RAID Level 1 and RAID Level 5
B. RAID Level 1, RAID Level 5 and RAID S.
C. RAID Level 1/0, RAID Level 5 and RAID S.
D. RAID Level 1, RAID Level 1/0 and RAID Level 5
Answer: A

7. By default, Telnet is disabled on the Control Station. Which command enables it without a reboot?
A. $/sbin/chkconfig -s telnet
B. #/sbin/chkconfig telnet on
C. $/sbin/chkconfig telnet on
D. #/sbin/chkconfig telnet -start
Answer: B

8. If Standby Power Supply (SPS) A or Standby Power Supply (SPS) B become disabled or fail, what is the consequence?
A. The up and running SPS will draw more power
B. All writes to the Data Mover file systems are halted
C. The NS600/NS600G will power down without problems
D. Write cache will be disabled and performance will be degraded
Answer: D

9. What happens when Disks 0 through 4, in the first Disk Array Enclosure [DAE2] have been swapped between themselves in your NS600?
A. There is no problem; this can be done at any time
B. The disk will be marked as faulted and a single reboot will clear the fault
C. The array will be marked as faulted and several reboots will clear the fault
D. The disk will not be recognized, will be marked as faulted and the array will not be able to boot
Answer: D

10. Which three [3] NS600 components are connected to the Internal Ethernet Switch?
A. Data Mover
B. Control Station
C. Storage Processor
D. Standby Power Supply
Answer: ABC

11. The NS600G/GS support either RAID 1 or RAID 5 Groups.Which NAS RAID Groups are they restricted to?
A. RAID;1 pairs, 4+1;RAID Group, 7+1;RAID Group and 6+1 ATA Disk Drives RAID Group
B. RAID;1 pairs, 4+1;RAID Group, 8+1;RAID Group and 6+1 ATA Disk Drives;RAID Group
C. RAID;1 pairs, 5+1;RAID Group, 8+1;RAID Group and 7+1 ATA Disk Drives;RAID Group
D. RAID;1 pairs, 4+1;RAID Group, 8+1;RAID Group and 3+1 ATA Disk Drives;RAID Group
Answer: B

12. What does the SPS (Standby Power Supply) to an NS600/NS600G allow the Celerra to do during a power failure?
A. Maintains full system availability
B. Power off the components immediately
C. Destage write cache to the vault on the first DAE2
D. Keep the components powered up until main power is restored.
Answer: C

13. How does the NS600/NS600S come preconfigured from the factory?
A. NAS Server via Fibre Switch
B. NAS Server in a heterogenous SAN
C. NAS only, back-end dedicated storage
D. NAS and SAN Open Back-end storage
Answer: C

14. What does the Disk Array Enclosure [DAE2], rack mounted enclosure, house?
A. Four [4] Disk Drives, two [2] Power Supplies and two [2] Link Controller Cards
B. Two [2] Link Controller Cards, two [2] Power Supplies and up to fifteen [15] Disk Drives
C. Up to fifteen [15] ATA Disk Drives, two [2] Link Controller Cards and two [2] Power Supplies
D. Four [4] Fibre Disk, eleven [11] ATA disk Drives, four [4] Link Controller Cards and two [2] Power Supplies
Answer: B

15. Which cable type is used to connect from a com port on the Service PC to the Com port on the front of an NS600 Control Station?
A. RJ11
B. Crossover
C. Null Modem
D. Straight-thru
Answer: C

16. Which component on a DAE2 can be hot swapped?
A. MUX board
B. SP Enclosure
C. Link Controller Cards
D. Data Mover Mother Board
Answer: C

17. What is a characteristic of Windows access control?
A. Access denied overrides all other permissions assigned to a user
B. When a folder and file have conflicting permissions, the folder permissions apply
C. When a share permission and NTFS permission conflict, the least restrictive applies
D. When a folder and file have conflicting permissions, data mover determines access rights
Answer: A

18. What is a common name resolution used by both UNIX and Windows?
Answer: B

19. Which protocol is the Common Internet File System (CIFS) based on?
D. Samba
Answer: B

20. Your customer has a Celerra which is part of a Windows NT domain. They are upgrading to Windows 2000 and you need to configure the data mover to join the new domain. After removing the NetBIOS name from the data mover, you try to add the compname.When you issue the command, you get an error that the computer name already exists. What do you do next?
A. Choose another computer name to use
B. Use another administrator account and retry
C. Stop CIFS before trying to add the compname
D. Remove the computer name from the NT domain
Answer: D

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