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EMC E20-350 Exam -

Free E20-350 Sample Questions:

1. Which main sets of input are captured using SAN Architect?
A. Zoning Requirements, Storage Arrays, Topologies
B. Servers and Storage Requirements, Performance, Topologies
C. Servers and Storage Requirements, Storage Arrays, Topologies
D. Servers and Storage Requirements, Storage Arrays, Device masking
Answer: C

2. What is the purpose of Auto-Port Assignment in SAN Architect?
A. Virtual Fabric Creation
B. Auto matrix qualification
C. Reassign all fabric connections in a highly available fashion
D. Reassign only the connections that are NOT highly available
Answer: C

3. Which tool provides a visual representation of SAN and DAS designs for SAN Architect?
A. Visio
B. Word
D. PowerPoint
Answer: A

4. Which tasks are performed using SAN Architect?
A. Design, Model and Validate
B. Documentation, masking and Zoning lists
C. Statement of work, Project plan and Sales order
D. Part numbers, serial numbers and cable diagrams
Answer: A

5. What is one of EMC's recommendations for zoning in a B-series?
A. Hard zoning
B. Mixed zoning
C. Single HBA zoning
D. Aliases for zonemembers
Answer: C

6. Which event causes a fabric rebuild in a B-Series fabric?
A. cfgenable
B. Hard zoning
C. Fabric Manager
D. Switch/Director removed
Answer: D

7. What is a valid range of Domain IDs in interopmode for B-Series Switch/Directors?
A. 0-31
B. 1-239
C. 97-127
D. 128-239
Answer: C

8. What happens when Zoning Security is enabled in Fabric Manager?
A. Zoning only per serial connection
B. No zoning changes are permitted
C. Access zoning only with the primary fibre channel switch
D. Zoning is permitted from all switches with dedicated passwords
Answer: C

9. How many IP addresses are needed for installing an ED-12000B director?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8
Answer: B

10. What is the setting for creating a serial connection to a B-Series Switch/Director?
A. 2400, parity
B. 2400, no parity
C. 9600, parity
D. 9600, no parity
Answer: A

11. What is EMC's recommended maximum number of hops between two B-series Switch/Directors?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
Answer: B

12. Which fibre channel feature automatically determines routing in a multi-switch fabric?
B. Routing
C. Spanning Tree
D. ISL Aggregation
Answer: A

13.Which type of cable is needed when connecting to a B-Series Switch/Director maintenance port using a hyper-terminal?
A. Cross over cable
B. Null Modem cable
C. 10/100 Ethernet cable
D. Pass through serial cable
Answer: D

14. Which B-Series model allows non-disruptive firmware upgrades running firmware 4.1.x?
A. DS-16B
B. DS-16B2
C. DS-16B3
D. ED-12000B
Answer: D

15. How many "upstream" ISLs does the principal switch have?

A. 0
B. 1
C. 3
D. 6
Answer: A

16. What is the port setting for a long wave port for a Connectrix M-Series Switch/Director?
A. 10-100 enabled
B. Port Type to E port
C. Port Binding enabled
D. Port Speed to 2 Gb/sec
Answer: A

17.Which ISL configuration is recommended when installing Fiber 2km in length in a campus environment?
A. Single ISL using singlemode fiber and shortwave GBIC's
B. Single ISL using multimode fiber and Longwave GBIC's
C. Two ISL's using singlemode fiber and Longwave GBIC's
D. Two ISL's using multimode fiber and Longwave GBIC's
Answer: C

18. Which Domain ID will be the Principal Switch when the switches all come on-line?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Answer: D

19. What should be checked first if only the first 8 ports of a DS24M2 were functioning properly?
A. CTP card
B. Feature keys
C. Power supply
D. ASIC on the mother board
Answer: B

20. Which Connectrix Manager Service Processor log file provides zoning information?
A. Audit Log
B. Event Log
C. History Log
D. Hardware Log
Answer: A

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