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EMC E20-329 Exam -

Free E20-329 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
What is a key consideration when assessing a nested mount file system and an NDMP Volume Based Backup (VBB) backup strategy?
A. Multithreaded PAX format for enhanced backup performance is supported
B. Directory Diect Access Recovery (DDAR) for fast recovery is supported
C. Selectively backing up a subset of the file system is unsupported
D. Individual file recovery without the destructive restore flag is unsupported
Answer: C

Q: 2
The EMC account team has been asked to redesign a NetWorker bacup solution. The existing backup enviroment consists of one NetWorker server and one strorage node to back up approximately 80 clients. Over time, the amount of data increased, resulting in daily backups taking more than 24 hours to complete.
Analysis has determined that the tape infrastructure and the network are not the bottleneck.
What would you recommend to improve the backup performance with minimal costs?
A. Add a strage node and balance the clients across the storage nodes
B. Add an EMC NetWorker server and balance the clients across the EMC NetWorker servers
C. Configure the existing storage node as a dedicated storage node
D. Change the backup schedules so that they start as different times during the day
Answer: A

Q: 3
Which critical network elements are assessed by the Network Assessment Tool?
A. Tracert, Ping, and PacketLoss
B. Latency, Latency Jitter, and Packet Loss
C. Latency, Load, and Latency Jitter
D. Latency, Latency Jitter, and Tracert
Answer: B

Q: 4
An EMC NetWorker customer performs all backups to physical. The customer backs up file systems, application servers, VMware guests multiple 10 TB database, and a large 20 TB NetApp filer. They have a primary and disaster recovery data center with an OC-12 circuit between the two sites.
The customer’s physical tape libraies are approaching end of support life and they are looking to replace them with deduplication technology. In addition, they want to improve NDMP backup times for their 20 TB NetApp filer.
Which recommendation will address the customer’s requirements?
A. NetWorker deduplication for NDMP backups, databases, and application servers Data Domain for file systems and VMware
B. NetWorker deduplication for file systems, VMware, and NDMP Data Domain for databases and application servers
C. NetWorker deduplication for file systems, application servers, and VMware Avamar for NDMP Data Domain for databases
D. NetWorker deduplication for NDMP
Avamar for VMware
Data Domain for databases, application servers, and file systems
Answer: A

Q: 5
A customer has approached you to advise them on how their backup environment will integrate into their new iSCSI application server deployment. Which network characteristic would have the greates impact on their backup environment?
A. Dynamic DNS
B. LDAP authentication domain
C. Traffic segmentation
D. IP version levl
Answer: C

Q: 6
Click the Calculator icon in the upper left-hand corner.
A customer has a database server with 300 GB of Oracle database data.Using the default hash cache setting, what is the total amount of physical RAM required on the client?
A. 250 MB
B. 384 MB
C. 3 GB
D. 6 GB
Answer: D

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