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EMC E20-090 Exam -

Free E20-090 Sample Questions:

1. A UNIX client must perform which operation to access a NAS advertised connection point?
A. Export
B. Map
C. NFSMount
D. Share
Answer: C

2. What describes the iSCSI protocol?
A. ATA over SCSI
B. IP over SCSI
C. SCSI over ATA
D. SCSI over IP
Answer: D

3. For load balancing purposes, how many ControlCenter Store processes can be running on a particular host?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. no limit
Answer: A

4. What does a Domain ID uniquely identify?
A. A fabric in a multi-fabric environment
B. A Fibre Channel node on a name server
C. A storage frame within a fabric
D. A switch within a fabric
Answer: D

5. Which CLARiiON GUI based tool is used to present LUNs to hosts?
A. Fabric Manager
B. Navisphere CLI
C. Navisphere Manager
D. Web Tools
Answer: C

6. How would you use ControlCenter to make zoning changes?
A. Create a Temp Zone set and merge it with the Active Zone set
B. Disable the Active Zone set, edit it, and re-enable it
C. Edit a Planned Zone set and activate it
D. Edit the Active Zone set and save it
Answer: C

7. Which type of task can be performed by VisualSRM Intelligent Actions without relying on host-based scripts?
A. File system tasks such as mount, unmount
B. File tasks such as delete, compress
C. Mailbox tasks such as copy, move
D. Table tasks such as extend, re-index
Answer: B

8. What Boolean operation is used to calculate parity?
Answer: D

9. What is a fundamental component of an iSCSI implementation?
A. Connectrix switch
B. Host with Fibre Channel HBAs
C. IP network infrastructure
D. Storage array with Fibre Channel ports
Answer: C

10. Which view can always be accessed from the ControlCenter Tool Bar, regardless of the task being performed?
A. Administration
B. Data Protection
C. Relationship
D. Storage Allocation
Answer: C

11. Which statement about Celerra TimeFinder/FS Far Copy is correct?
A. Provides a pointer based view of the file system
B. Shares the same volume as the Production File System
C. Source and Target are asynchronously replicated
D. Source and Target are synchronously replicated
Answer: C

12. Which IT issue does VisualSRM help resolve?
A. Manual and error-prone storage provisioning adds complexity
B. Multiple products required to coordinate backup tasks on many hosts adds complexity
C. Need to identify dormant files that are no longer accessed for better storage utilization
D. Visualization of entire storage path from filesystem to array drive is required
Answer: C

13. Which information does VisualSRM collect about Mail Servers?
A. Mail server alert status
B. Mailbox folder names and sizes
C. Rates of transmitted and received messages
D. Total number of virus infected messages
Answer: B

14. Which VisualSAN software module provides switch alerting?
A. Configuration Manager
B. Network Manager
C. Performance Manager
D. SAN Manager
Answer: B

15. What are the thirteen predefined Performance Manager views called?
A. Critical Metrics
B. Performance Views
C. Symmetrix Overview
D. Vital Signs
Answer: D

16. What is the primary purpose of iSNS?
A. To assist with discovery of iSCSI targets
B. To implement TCP offload for better bandwidth
C. To translate EUI-format names into iQN-format names
D. To translate iQN-format names into EUI-format names
Answer: A

17. What are two valid types of zoning in a SAN?
A. Flexible Zoning and Invariant Zoning
B. Hard Zoning and Soft Zoning
C. SNIA Zoning and Vendor-Unique Zoning
D. Serial and Parallel zoning
Answer: B

18. How many Alert threshold levels does ControlCenter offer?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 7
Answer: C

19. Which CLARiiON component is used for staging and prefetching data?
A. nv ram
C. Read cache
D. Write cache
Answer: C

20. What software must be installed in order to discover both Symmetrix and CLARiiON arrays with the ControlCenter Storage Agent for SMI?
A. Common Mapping Agent
B. NaviCLI
C. Solutions Enabler
D. VisualSRM
Answer: C

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