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EMC E20-080 Exam -

Free E20-080 Sample Questions:

1. What do VLANs reduce?
A. The amount of network traffic
B. The number of network segments in the network infrastructure
C. The router traffic overhead in the network infrastructure
D. The security in a network infrastructure
Answer: C

2. Which statement about NDMP2D backup is correct?
A. Both Metadata and Data passes over the network infrastructure
B. Data passes over the network infrastructure
C. Metadata passes over the network infrastructure
D. No Metadata or Data passes over the network infrastructure
Answer: C

3. What does the OSI Data Link layer provide?
A. a reliable message stream to the user interface
B. address and routing for data
C. data encapsulation
D. the media specification
Answer: C

4. Which statement about Celerra TimeFinder/FS Near Copy is correct?
A. Is a CLARiiON only solution
B. Is a Symmetrix only solution
C. Provides a pointer based view of the file system
D. Shares the same volume as the Production File System
Answer: B

5. What is a type of network topology?
A. Bus
B. Core to edge
C. Fabric
D. Link
Answer: A

6. What does SSH use?
A. a clear text message transmit
B. a less secure communications connection than Telnet
C. TCP port 22
D. TCP port 23
Answer: C

7. What business need does NAS address?
A. Application security
B. Firewall configuration
C. Heterogeneous client support
D. Print spooling
Answer: C

8. Which statement about Asynchronous transmissions is correct?
A. A frame clock timing signal is required for correct transmission
B. Multiple characters are transmitted at a time
C. Single characters are transmitted at a time
D. The sender and receiver must negotiate the transmission speed
Answer: C

9. What is a correct statement when describing NAS clients?
A. Access data irrespective of their physical locality
B. Access data via block level I/O only
C. Always support both NFS and CIFS protocols
D. Use raw data formatted storage volumes
Answer: A

10. What is an operation of the OSI Application layer?
A. Presents data to the user interface
B. Provides a reliable message stream to the user interface
C. Provides a reliable messaging system to the user interface
D. Provides the interface to the user
Answer: D

11. What kind(s) of storage do the Integrated NAS models use?
A. Both CLARiiON and Symmetrix storage
B. CLARiiON storage only
C. CLARiiON, Symmetrix and third-party storage
D. Symmetrixstorage only
Answer: B

12. What is a fundamental component of an iSCSI implementation?
A. Connectrix switch
B. Host with Fibre Channel HBAs
C. IP network infrastructure
D. Storage array with Fibre Channel ports
Answer: C

13. How many optical network ports are available on a NS500 DataMover?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. None
Answer: D

14. For what is Control Station required?
A. Data Mover failover
B. Data Mover backup
C. Network client connectivity
D. Storage Processor connectivity
Answer: A

15. Which fabric security feature is governed by the common Fibre Channel standard?
A. LUN Binding
B. Port Binding
C. Port Masking
D. Zoning
Answer: D

16. Which CLARiiON GUI based tool is used to present LUNs to hosts?
A. Fabric Manager
B. Navisphere CLI
C. Navisphere Manager
D. Web Tools
Answer: C

17. What does NAS provide?
A. a centralized storage solution to distributed clients
B. a distributed storage solution for centralized clients
C. a general purpose appliance for application distribution
D. a general purpose appliance for distributed data management
Answer: A

18. When is a write to the CLARiiON considered complete with write cache enabled?
A. After five sequential writes are received by the first SP
B. After the write is cached in the receiving SPs memory
C. After the write is committed to disk
D. After the write is committed to the peer SPs cache memory
Answer: D

19. What does a Domain ID uniquely identify?
A. A fabric in a multi-fabric environment
B. A Fibre Channel node on a name server
C. A storage frame within a fabric
D. A switch within a fabric
Answer: D

20. What is the fundamental purpose of Zoning?
A. To expose array ports and host HBAs to each other
B. To expose LUNs on a storage array to different HBAs
C. To isolate ISL traffic from host-to-storage traffic
D. To isolate switch ports into separate VSANs
Answer: A

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