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EMC E20-070 Exam -

Free E20-070 Sample Questions:

1. What is PowerPath?
A. Array based software that intelligently manages I/O to the array
B. Array based software that supports active-active and active-passive arrays
C. Host based software that notifies the application when a path failure occurs
D. Host based software that provides path failover and load balancing.
Answer: D

2. Which GUI interface is used to build Symmetrix configurations or BIN files?
A. Fabric manager
B. Navisphere
C. SymmSeek
D. SymmWin
Answer: D

3. What are two valid types of zoning in a SAN?
A. Flexible Zoning and Invariant Zoning
B. Hard Zoning and Soft Zoning
C. SNIA Zoning and Vendor-Unique Zoning
D. Serial and Parallel zoning
Answer: B

4. When can PowerPath configuration, management and tuning be performed?
A. During maintenance windows
B. Offline
C. Online
D. When the system is not used for production
Answer: C

5. Which CLARiiON component is used for staging and prefetching data?
A. nv ram
C. Read cache
D. Write cache
Answer: C

6. From PowerPath's point of view, what array type is an INVISTA instance?
A. Active-active
B. Active-passive
C. Passive-active
D. Passive-passive
Answer: A

7. What is the default element size for a five disk RAID 5 group?
A. 64 bytes
B. 4KB
C. 64KB
D. 128KB
Answer: C

8. Which information does VisualSRM collect about hosts?
A. CPU and memory utilization
B. Filesystem names and utilization
C. Switch and array port to filesystem mapping
D. Volume group names and utilization
Answer: B

9. Which fabric security feature is governed by the common Fibre Channel standard?
A. LUN Binding
B. Port Binding
C. Port Masking
D. Zoning
Answer: D

10. Which RAID type uses a single drive to maintain parity?
B. RAID 1/0
Answer: C

11. When is a write to the CLARiiON considered complete with write cache enabled?
A. After five sequential writes are received by the first SP
B. After the write is cached in the receiving SPs memory
C. After the write is committed to disk
D. After the write is committed to the peer SPs cache memory
Answer: D

12. What is a feature of PowerPath?
A. Automated path failover with no path recovery
B. Manual path failover
C. Proactive path testing
D. Static load balancing
Answer: C

13. What software options exist for managing a M-Series fabric?
A. Connectrix Manager and ControlCenter
B. Connectrix Manager and WebTools
C. Device Manager and ControlCenter
D. EWS and WebTools
Answer: A

14. How is cache memory allocated in a CLARiiON CX series array?
A. Pages
B. Partition
C. Segments
D. Tracks
Answer: A

15. What components are used to daisy chain DMX-3 storage bays?
A. Disk directors
B. Disk adapters
C. Link Control Cards
D. Midplane
Answer: C

16. A fabric contains a single host HBA requiring connectivity to storage ports on several storage arrays.
Which parameter can impose a limit on this design?
A. Fan-in ratio for each storage array port
B. Fan-in ratio for the HBA
C. Fan-out ratio for each storage array port
D. Fan-out ratio for the HBA
Answer: B

17. What is a functionality of the PowerPath filter driver?
A. Notifies the application after each I/O is delivered
B. Redirects I/O to the next available path based on the load balancing policy
C. Redirects I/O to the shortest path to the logical volume
D. Uses a random path in the volume path set to service the I/O request
Answer: B

18. What is a PowerPath storage class?
A. A grouping of applications using the same channels
B. A license that is required to manage a storage array
C. A storage array that PowerPath supports
D. A tiered license for the host class that PowerPath supports
Answer: C

19. Which IT issue does VisualSRM help resolve?
A. Manual and error-prone storage provisioning adds complexity
B. Multiple products required to coordinate backup tasks on many hosts adds complexity
C. Need to identify dormant files that are no longer accessed for better storage utilization
D. Visualization of entire storage path from filesystem to array drive is required
Answer: C

20. Which additional information is provided by the VisualSAN SNIA Agent which is not provided by the Navisphere Agent?
A. Automatic Host and HBA association
B. Detailed HBA property information
C. Path visualization from Host to Storage Unit
D. Storage provisioning (host to array)
Answer: B

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