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EMC E20-060 Exam -

Free E20-060 Sample Questions:

1. In a DMX-3, which component is used for communication and environmental monitoring?
Answer: C

2. Which type of array is described by this statement? PowerPath will reassign the logical volume to the secondary interface when all paths to the logical device through the primary interface are unavailable.
A. Active-active array
B. Active-passive array
C. Passive-active array
D. Virtual storage array
Answer: B

3. When does a Vault Restore occur in a Symmetrix DMX3?
A. During Power Down
B. During Power Up
C. Following Disk Director Replacement
D. Following Disk Replacement
Answer: B

4. What does a Domain ID uniquely identify?
A. A fabric in a multi-fabric environment
B. A Fibre Channel node on a name server
C. A storage frame within a fabric
D.Aswitch within a fabric
Answer: D

5. Which Management Tool can be used to manage a TimeFinder environment?
A. EMC Control Center (ECC)
B. Navisphere Manager
C. Symmetrix Remote Data Facility
D. VisualSAN
Answer: A

6. What is PowerPath?
A. Array based software that intelligently manages I/O to the array
B. Array based software that supports active-active and active-passive arrays
C. Host based software that notifies the application when a path failure occurs
D. Host based software that provides path failover and load balancing.
Answer: D

7. What is the status of the R2 device to its host when the RDF link is in a suspended state?
A. R1 and R2 devices are both read write enabled
B. R2 device is off line to its target host
C. R2 Device is Read Write enabled
D. R2 Device is Write Disable
Answer: D

8. What components are used to daisy chain DMX-3 storage bays?
A. Disk directors
B. Disk adapters
C. Link Control Cards
D. Midplane
Answer: C

9. What is the name of the Symmetrix DMX microcode?
A. Enginuity
B. Flare
C. Navisphere
D. TimeFinder
Answer: A

10. Which fabric security feature is governed by the common Fibre Channel standard?
A. LUN Binding
B. Port Binding
C. Port Masking
D. Zoning
Answer: D

11. What is the purpose of the TimeFinder/Snap product?
A. Creates a space-saving, logical point-in-time image
B. Creates an identical mirror image of source volume to remote target volume
C. Manages disk storage allocation at the completion of Snap functions
D. Migrates TimeFinder/Snap images to remote locations
Answer: A

12. Which protocol implements access to block-level storage in a traditional IP networking environment?
Answer: D

13. What is a TimeFinder/Mirror Consistent Split?
A. A Reverse-Split to multiple device groups
B. A Split between a Standard and BCV
C. An Instant Split across a group of devices
D. An Instant Split between a primary BCV and Secondary BCV
Answer: C

14. Which TimeFinder product is used in the recovery of an Information Store or Single Mailbox Recovery?
Answer: A

15. In a Symmetrix DMX3, which type of protection is used for Vault devices?
C. Parity RAID
D. Unprotected
Answer: D

16. What is a characteristic of a TimeFinder Business Continuance Volume?
A. Emulation for the volume is different than the standard
B. Size of the volume is different than the standard
C. Must be the same size as the standard
D. When established with a standard, it does not require a mirror position
Answer: C

17. After a failover, a failback operation was started.What occurs next?
A. Resync Source to Target
B. Resync Target to Source
C. Write Disable Source
D. Write Enable Target
Answer: B

18. What describes the TimeFinder Software products?
A. A family of products that provide multiple point-in-time copies of data
B. A family of software that migrates data from third party arrays to EMC arrays
C. A software tool that will backup and restore data directly to tape media
D. Enginuity code that quickly configures EMC arrays
Answer: A

19. In a SAN, which is a valid member of a zone?
A. CLARiiON array serial number and LUN number
B. Domain ID and HBAWWPN
C. Domain ID and host IP address
D. Domain ID and Port number
Answer: D

20.With unlicensed PowerPath installed, what is the default load balancing policy for a host connected to a CLARiiON array?
A. Basic failover
B. CLARiiON Optimize
C. No redirect
D. Request
Answer: A

21. What is a business benefit of SRDF?
A. Ability to use FICON for Remote connections at high speed
B. Multiple applications concurrently running on different copies of the same data
C. Replicates data across Symmetrix arrays
D. Replicates Data between Symmetrix and CLARiiON arrays
Answer: C

22. What is the direction of data flow during a TF/Mirror Restore operation?
A. BCV to Standard
B. Local Clone of BCV to Standard
C. Standard to BCV
D. Standard to local mirror of BCV
Answer: A

23. When can PowerPath configuration, management and tuning be performed?
A. During maintenance windows
B. Offline
C. Online
D. When the system is not used for production
Answer: C

24. What block size (in bytes) is used to store data on a Symmetrix disk?
A. 510
B. 512
C. 520
D. 524
Answer: B

25. In a SRDF Single-hop configuration, what type of Symmetrix device is responsible for transferring data from the Source Site to the Target Site?
B. R1
C. R2
D. Standard
Answer: A

26. On which platforms is the PowerPath Command Line Interface (CLI) available?
A. All supported Windows and UNIX platforms
B. Solaris only
C. Supported UNIX platforms only
D. Windows only
Answer: A

27. What are two valid types of zoning in a SAN?
A. Flexible Zoning and Invariant Zoning
B. Hard Zoning and Soft Zoning
C. SNIA Zoning and Vendor-Unique Zoning
D. Serial and Parallel zoning
Answer: B

28. What PowerPath license enables the use of all load balancing policies on all platforms that PowerPath supports?
A. Base
B. Basic
C. Full
D. Multi-platform
Answer: C

29. What is a feature of PowerPath?
A. Automated path failover with no path recovery
B. Manual path failover
C. Proactive path testing
D. Static load balancing
Answer: C

30. Select the exhibit.

A server is configured with two HBAs connected to a CLARiiON array. One HBA has a path to one port on storage processor A and one port on storage processor B. The other HBA is configured similarly. A logical volume is configured to be accessible from all HBAs and assigned to storage processor A as the primary owner. What action does PowerPath take when one path to storage processor A fails?
A. Redirects the I/O load across the remaining paths to the array
B. Redirects the I/O through the paths to storage processor B
C. Trespasses the LUN to storage processor B and uses the paths through this storage processor
D. Uses the remaining paths through storage processor A
Answer: D

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