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EMC E20-050 Exam -

Free E20-050 Sample Questions:

1. What is an advantage of ATA disk drives on a CLARiiON array?
A. Faster seek times
B. Low cost backup-to-disk solution
C. Better performance than fibre channel drives
D. Faster rotational speeds than fibre channel drives
Answer: B

2. Which method does CLARiiON use to free space in cache for I/O bursts?
A. First in first out
B. Last in last out
C. Most recently used
D. Least recently used
Answer: A

3. Which flushing method is used on the CLARiiON to create free cache space for incoming host I/Os?
A. Idle
B. Forced
C. Low watermark
D. High watermark
Answer: B

4. What is the maximum number of LUNs per CLARiiON array?
A. 128
B. 2048
C. 4096
D. 8192
Answer: B

5. Which CLARiiON Management utility can be used to baseline actual workloads and to understand efficiency of cache utilization?
A. PowerPath
B. ControlCenter
C. Navisphere Console
D. Navisphere Analyzer
Answer: D

6. In a CLARiiON storage array, what are storage groups used for?
A. LUN groups
B. LUN masking
C. LUN mirroring
D. LUN expansion
Answer: B

7. What is a characteristic of CLARiiON Access Logix?
A. LUN Masking requires the use of storage groups
B. Storage groups cannot be destroyed once created
C. Storage processors in the array do not share Access Logix?databases
D. Hosts do not need to be connected to the storage group in order to perform LUN masking
Answer: A

8. How is cache allocated in a CLARiiON array?
A. track
B. page
C. partition
D. segment
Answer: B

9. How many disk drives are in a CLARiiON SPE?
A. 0
B. 5
C. 10
D. 15
Answer: A

10. Which statement describes a read cache hit in a CLARiiON?
A. Data synchronized from disk, host request awaited
B. Data found in cache, and the request returned to host
C. Data found in cache, automatically mirrored and then flushed to disk
D. Data not found in cache, hit is checked, data synchronized from disk to cache
Answer: B

11. Which management operations can be performed by PowerPath user-interfacing tools?
A. HBAmaintenance only
B. Path monitoring and maintenance
C. Array configuration and maintenance
D. Volume and HBA monitoring and maintenance
Answer: B

12. One of the HBAs on a host with PowerPath fails when I/O is being driven through the HBA. Which sequence ensures the I/O is completed?
A. Host takes the failed path offline, drives I/O through an alternate path, and receives I/O timeout
B. PowerPath takes the failed path offline, receives I/O timeout, and drives I/O through an alternate path
C. PowerPath receives I/O timeout, takes the failed path offline, and drives I/O through an alternate path
D. PowerPath receives I/O timeout, drives I/O through an alternate path, and takes the failed path offline
Answer: C

13. Which statement describes a PowerPath storage environment?
A. Each volume has a single path
B. Applications direct I/O to HBA driver
C. Workload is not balanced between paths
D. Volumes are accessible through multiple paths
Answer: D

14. Which PowerPath load balancing policy only provides path failover?
A. Request
B. SymmOpt
C. Least I/Os
D. Round Robin
Answer: A

15. What is a benefit of PowerPath?
A. Autoconfigure HBAs
B. Reduce path overhead
C. Reduce path monitoring
D. Maximize path utilization
Answer: D

16. What is a function of PowerPath's CLI tool?
A. Volume mounting
B. Automatic failover
C. Path consolidation
D. Performance and status monitoring
Answer: D

17. What is a benefit of PowerPath on a server with multiple paths to a storage subsystem?
A. Manual failover
B. Reduced complexity
C. Reduced Path overhead
D. Dynamic path load balancing
Answer: D

18. What is a valid Fibre Channel Topology?
B. Token Ring
C. Parallel SCSI
D. Arbitrated loop
Answer: D

19. Which protocol is used by open systems hosts to access storage in Fibre Channel SANs?
Answer: A

20. What is a function or use of an ISL aggregation?
A. Allows vendors to create more E_Ports in a switch and limit their use for ISLs
B. Enables distribution of traffic over the combined bandwidth of two or more ISLs
C. Prevents unauthorized use of ISLs by combining them into a single security domain
D. Mechanism by which one or more ISLs can be reserved for special situations when extra bandwidth is needed
Answer: B

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