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EMC E20-040 Exam -

Free E20-040 Sample Questions:

1. When changes are made to a SnapView source LUN, where is the original data saved?
A.Cache memory
B.Clone Private LUN
D.Reserved LUN pool
Answer: D

2. In a CLARiiON array, which clone state would prevent a clone from being removed from a clone group?
Answer: D

3. How many bi-directional mirror relationships are allowed per CLARiiON array?
Answer: C

4. Which mechanism is used shorten the synchronization process after the link goes down between the primary and secondary mirrors?
A.Fracture log
B.Persistent Storage Manager
C.Primary arrays write cache
D.Reserved LUN pool
Answer: A

5. After Rainfinity completes a directory or share move, clients can access data through a logical view without having to remap to the new destination. What is the underlying physical location called that maps this logical view?
A.Data Mobility
B.Global Namespace
C.Proxy Service
D.VLAN Change
Answer: B

6. In a NetWorker environment, which EMC Disk Library feature is used to export virtual tapes to physical tapes, while preventing blind spots?
A.Auto Archive
B.Embedded Storage Node
C.Embedded Media Server
D.Remote Copy
Answer: B

7. In a CLARiiON array, how is I/O handled when a LUN is expanding?
A.Continues to all component LUNs
B.Continues to base LUN only
C.Halted during expansion
D.Halted to the base LUN only
Answer: B

8. In a CLARiiON array, what is a characteristic of a metaLUN?
A.Can be only expanded one time
B.Can be used with SnapView and MirrorView
C.Cannot be added to a storage group
D.Supported on FC and CX series arrays
Answer: B

9. PowerPath is connected to Storage Processor A and Storage Processor B. What action does PowerPath take when one path to Storage Processor A fails?
A.Redirects the I/O load across the remaining three paths to the array
B.Redirects the I/O through the two paths to Storage Processor B
C.Trespasses the LUN to Storage Processor B and uses the two paths through this Storage Processor
D.Uses the one remaining path through Storage Processor A
Answer: D

10. Which SAN topology requires a direct link from any switch to every other switch in the fabric?
A.Compound core-edge
B.Full mesh
C.Partial mesh
D.Simple core-edge
Answer: B

11. Which operation must an NFS client perform to access a Celerra advertised connection point?
Answer: C

12. What is a characteristic of a Content Address in Centera?
A.Administrator generated
B.File system based
C.Inherently stable
Answer: C

13. After a split operation has occurred, where is the information maintained for changes to the standard volume and BCV?
B.track tables
D.VDEV tables
Answer: B

14. Which Symmetrix implements a unified director feature?
D.Symmetrix 8000
Answer: C

15. Which DMX is optimized for the most efficient power and cooling?
B.DMX-3 950
Answer: B

16. What is the cause of the delay in a DMX-3 read miss?
A.Host missed the time to get data
B.Information is missing from the files
C.Information left cache before it was read
D.Information must be read from disk
Answer: D

17. Which are the characteristics of Symmetrix Enginuity?
A.Comprehensive Symmetrix management and data security
B.Continuous availability, data integrity, built-in security features
C.Enabled consistency and continuous availability
D.Symmetrix-based feature portability and enabled consistency
Answer: B

18. Which type of protection is only used for mainframes?
D.Parity RAID
Answer: C

19. What is a DMX-3 Direct Matrix Interconnect specification?
A.64 2 Gb/s Fibre Channel paths
B.128 direct paths from directors and memory
C.Four or eight processors per director
D.Full component-level redundancy with hot-swappable replacements
Answer: B

20. How are DMX-2 global cache director boards divided?
A.Boards are divided into four addressable memory chips
B.Boards are divided into four addressable regions comprised of one memory chip
C.Boards consist of four memory chips, each divided into eight regions
D.Boards consist of memory chips and are divided into four addressable regions
Answer: D

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