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EMC E20-012 Exam -

Free E20-012 Sample Questions:

1. A company has a shared prestaged infrastructure at an alternate site. This enables the company to rebuild systems and applications in the event of a disaster. What is the term for this alternate site strategy?
A.Automated failover site
B.Cold site
C.Hot site
D.Warm site
Answer: C

2. A company has developed a Disaster Recovery plan that includes:
A). Computer Equipment List
B). List of phone numbers of key people in company
C). Failover procedure for synchronous replication
Which additional item should be included in the Disaster Recovery plan?
A.Business Impact Analysis report
B.Disaster recovery test results from the last three tests
C.Fault Tree Analysis report
D.Location of the recovery facility
Answer: D

3. An operator needs to insert a tape in a physical library. Where is the tape placed?
A.Element port
B.Mail slot
C.Pass-through port
D.Tape drive
Answer: B

4. What is a benefit of having associations between production volumes and multiple PITs within an array?
A.All PITs can be used in a consistency group for a single BC activity`
B.Production data striped across multiple target PITs
C.Reduced RTO with differential restore
D.Reduced transaction acknowledgment latency due to multipathing for PIT targets
Answer: C

5. A company is planning to deploy array-based synchronous remote replication over 200 MB/s Fibre Channel links. The workload profile of the application to be replicated is as follows:
4000 IO/s
Read/Write Ratio 60:40
Write block size 8 KB
Distance between sites = 50 km
How much bandwidth does this solution require?
A.10 MB/s
B.13 MB/s
C.20 MB/s
D.35 MB/sb
Answer: B

6. During normal operations in three-site triangle remote replication, what is the mode of replication between the synchronous and asynchronous targets?
A.Differential asynchronous
B.Full volume, asynchronous
C.Full volume, synchronous
D.No data movement
Answer: D

7. A database is using ten 4 GB devices. Continuous Data Protection (CDP) is to be deployed to provide recovery to any point in time within a 36-hour window. The estimated rate of change of data is 20% per 12 hours.
Assuming a 25% overhead due to CDP, what would be the minimum recommended size of the CDP Journal?
A.8 GB
B.24 GB
C.30 GB
D.50 GBb
Answer: C

8. In which strategic tier of the Framework for Information Availability can Backup and Replication Integrity be found?
B.Create Copies
Answer: B

9. In which strategic tier of the Framework for Information Availability can Multi-Site Integrity be found?
B.Create Copies
Answer: C

10. Which metric is a basic measurement of reliability?
A.CoRe measure
B.Cornbach's alpha
Answer: C

11. In order to determine the value of the utilized data, a customer classified the files used by frequency of access. Which term is used to describe this level of data classification?
Answer: B

12. Which element of a Time-State model represents an IT service failure?
A.Engineering time
B.Scheduled downtime
C.Standby time
D.Unscheduled downtime
Answer: D

13. One component of an IT service has stopped performing a required function. How can this incident be described?
Answer: A

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