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EMC E10-110 Exam -

Free E10-110 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which statement about Composer Projects is true?
A. Composer Projects can be archived into DAR files.
B. Composer Projects have the same characteristics as Virtual Documents.
C. Composer Projects can be versioned.
D. Composer Projects can be uninstalled from the repository.
Answer: A

Q: 2
How should Aspects be named within a Composer project?
A. The Aspect type and module should be named differently.
B. Default names should be used.
C. The Aspect type and module should have the same names.
D. Aspect type and module should have the same name as the project.
Answer: C

Q: 3
What happens when a Composer Project is installed in a repository?
A. Project artifacts will be deployed.
B. Existing repository objects are overwritten.
C. Existing projects are uninstalled.
D. The repository config object is updated.
Answer: A

Q: 4
What CANNOT be included in a Composer Project?
A. Lifecycle
B. Group
C. Aspect
D. Server Config Object
Answer: D

Q: 5
What is the purpose of a Composer DAR file?
A. To package and deploy projects
B. To track and identify artifacts
C. To control source code
D. To organize projects
Answer: A

Q: 6
Which change is permitted during modification of a custom attribute in Composer?
A. Change the datatype from Numeric to String.
B. Increase the length of a String datatype.
C. Decrease the length of a String datatype.
D. Change a custom attribute’s name.
Answer: B

Q: 7
What must be done before dropping a custom type from the repository?
A. Delete all sub types and instances of the custom type, or migrate them to the custom type’s super type.
B. Delete all attributes of the custom type.
C. Delete all sub types of the custom type.
D. Migrate the type’s attributes to the super type.
Answer: A

Q: 8
What do Composer’s pre and post installation procedures determine?
A. How to install Process Templates
B. How to resolve aliases
C. How to handle existing objects in the repository
D. How to name each object
Answer: C

Q: 9
Which statement about Documentum base types is true?
A. Certain dm_sysobject types can be sub typed.
B. All Documentum base types can be sub typed.
C. Documentum base types can be modified.
D. Only type dm_document can be sub typed.
Answer: A

Q: 10
Where are Composer Projects stored?
A. Repository /System cabinet
B. Application Server
C. A .ZIP file
D. Composer workspace
Answer: D

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