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Veritas DP-023W Exam -

Free DP-023W Sample Questions:

NO: 1
Which two statements are true about upgrading an existing NetBackup installation to NetBackup 5.0? (Choose two)

A. All master and media servers must be on the same revision level.
B. All clients must be on the same revision level as their media servers.
C. The media servers' revision level may be one level higher than their respective clients'
revision level.
D. The master server's revision level may be one level higher than the media server's revision level.

Answer: A, B

NO: 2
Which two steps do you perform to set up a scratch pool? (Choose two)

A. create a volume pool.
B. add a line in bp.conf: SCRATCH_POOL = SCRATCH
C. create a file called SCRATCH_POOL and type SCRATCH in it.
D. mark the checkbox called "Scratch Pool" in the NetBackup Administration Console.

Answer: A, D

NO: 3
Which three capabilities are available in the NetBackup 5.0 calendar-based scheduler? (Choose three)

A. run a user backup job
B. run a NBU catalog backup
C. exclude a backup job on a specific date
D. run a backup job on the fourth Friday of the month
E. run a backup job on the last calendar day of the month.

Answer: C, D, E

NO: 4
A NetBackup system administrator is trying to restore the NetBackup catalogs after a hard drive crash. Which command is used to restore the NetBackup catalogs?

A. bprestore
B. bprecover
C. dbrestore
D. dbrecover
E. bpdbrecover

Answer: B

NO: 5
Which NetBackup option uses snapshot technology to perform rapid snapshot-based restores?

A. Intelligent Disaster Recovery (IDR)
B. True Image Restore with Move Detection
C. Disk Staging Storage Unit Restore
D. Instant Recovery

Answer: D

NO: 6
How do you set allow media overwrite for TAR, ANSI and MTF1 tapes?

A. Select Master Server Host Properties. Select Master. Select the media tab and check the appropriate boxes.
B. Select Master Server Host Properties. Select media. Select the media tab and check the appropriate boxes.
C. Select Master Server Host Properties. Select master and media. Select the media tab and check the appropriate boxes.
D. Select Master Server Host Properties. Select client. Select the media tab and check the appropriate boxes.

Answer: B

NO: 7
What is the default volume pool in a backup policy?

A. Full
B. Duplicate
C. DataStore
D. NetBackup
E. Incremental

Answer: D

NO: 8
Which three directories are needed to back up all NetBackup catalogs? (Choose three)

A. <install_path>\Volmgr\db
B. <install_path>\Netbackup\db
C. <install_path>\Netbackup\var
D. <install_path>\Volmgr\database
E. <install_path>\Netbackup\database

Answer: B, C, D

NO: 9
A moderately uses database server must be configured as a NetBackup client. The database application is custom built and is NOT covered by a NetBackup database agent.
The solution must conform the following conditions:
1. The server is in production around-the-clock.
2. Backups must not interrupt production.
3. Open files must be backed up.
The DB data exist on SAN attached disks through available disk space is scarce.
Which backup methods would best fit in this scenario?

A. mirror snapshot
B. copy-on-write snapshot
C. block level incremental backups
D. VERITAS Snapshot Provider enabled backup

Answer: D

NO: 10
Where in the NetBackup Administration Console do you create a disk location for backups?

A. Policy
B. Storage Units
C. Host Properties
D. Device Manager

Answer: B

NO: 11
In the NetBackup Administration Console, where do you specify user administration permissions?

A. Master Server Properties > Security
B. Media Server Properties > Permissions
C. Master Server Properties > Permissions
D. Master Server Properties > Authorization

Answer: A

NO: 12
You are performing a local UNIX NetBackup client installation.
Which two actions does the install script perform? (Choose two)

A. adds entries to the inetd configuration file.
B. tests connections to other NetBackup clients.
C. enters all media servers as SERVER entries to the vm.conf file
D. enters the master server as a SERVER entry to the bp.conf file

Answer: B, D

NO: 13
You are enabled Multiple Data Streams for a Windows 2003 client policy.
Which file list backs up all local volumes C:, D:, and E: and the system state using only three streams?

B. C:\ System_State:\ New_Stream
C:\ System_State:\ NEW_STREAM

Answer: D

NO: 14
You have a Microsoft Windows 2003 client that has the volumes C:, D:, and E:. You want to back up all local drives and the registry with the exception of drive "D:". Exclude lists are not being used. Which three file list entries are listed in the policy? (Choose three)

A. C:\
B. E:\
D. System_State:\

Answer: A, B, D

NO: 15
What is the default media multiplex level on a schedule within a backup policy?

A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 99

Answer: A

NO: 16
How do you specify an exclude list for a single policy or schedule?

A. Client properties: UNIX clients or Windows clients: Exclude List Select the policy or schedule
B. Client properties: UNIX clients or Windows clients: Exclude list area type in the name
of the policy or schedule before the exclude list
C. Client properties: UNIX clients or Windows clients: Exclude List Exceptions to the
Exclude List area
D. Client properties: UNIX clients or Windows clients: Include List Exceptions to the
Exclude List area

Answer: A

NO: 17
Your environment has one master server and six SAN media servers. The systems use Shared Storage Option (SSO) to share 10 tape drives on a single robot. Backups run at night to various media servers and you want to duplicate all backups during the day. All duplications must run on the master server to free media server resources.
What would you do to allow the master server to perform all duplications?

A. unset "Drive Duplication Enabled" in device manager for SAN media servers
B. in the Vault policy set "Server Duplicate Disaster" for SAN media servers
C. set an offsite volume pool for master server access only
D. set an "Alternate Read Server" in the Vault Policy Duplication Tab

Answer: C

NO: 18
Where in the NetBackup Administration Console is the file fragment size for backups?

A. Policies
B. Storage Units
C. Media Manager > Devices
D. Host Properties > Media Manager

Answer: B

NO: 19
You are at a disaster recovery site testing restores from your offsite duplicate tapes. To begin performing restores you must change the duplicate copies to be the primary copy.
Which two commands do this? (Choose two)

A. bprecover
B. bpchangeprimary
C. bpimage
D. bpexpdate

Answer: B, C

NO: 20
You want to force a NetBackup Windows client with multiple network interfaces to use a specific network interface. You specify the network hostname of that interface using the Host Properties > Client Properties window and which tab?

A. Bandwidth
B. Windows Client
C. Universal Settings
D. Global NetBackup Attributes

Answer: C, D

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