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Dell DC0-200 Exam -

Free DC0-200 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 Which three statements are true about installing the Intel drivers and utilities that allow teaming in Windows 2000? (Choose three .)

A. You must install the ProSet Utility.
B. You must install the Intel driver using floppy diskettes.
C. Loading Windows 2000 using the DSA CD-ROM loads the drivers and ProSet Utility.
D. If you install the adapters after you have installed the OS, you can get the drivers from the Intel Network Drivers CD.
E. If you install the adapters after you have installed the OS, you can get the ProSet Utility from the Intel ProSet Utility CD.

Answer: A, C, D

Q: 2 You need to install Intel NIC teaming for Windows 2000 and you do not have
access to the Internet. From what two sources can you obtain the PROSet software? (Choose two.)

A. Intel Network Drivers CD
B. Dell Server Assistant (DSA)
C. Dell Network Applications CD
D. Windows 2000 Installation CD

Answer: A, B

Q: 3 Which statement is true about using the Save feature of BASP?

A. It is only available in Windows 2000.
B. It saves a configuration as an executable file.
C. It lets you transfer teaming configurations to other servers.
D. It is used to install and configure the Broadcom Ethernet Controller driver.

Answer: C

Q: 4 What happens when you specify a Preferred Primary Adapter in Windows 2000 for an AFT NIC team?

A. You specify which adaptor will take the entire load. The other NICs will be used only when the Preferred Primary fails.
B. You specify the desired card for all outgoing traffic for the team. The other members will still accept incoming packets.
C. You specify the desired card for all incoming traffic for the team. The other members will still transmit outgoing packets.
D. You specify which adaptor will take the load until it is saturated, then the other members will start accepting packets until the Preferred Primary is just below the saturation point.

Answer: A

Q: 5 OpenManage Server Administrator can determine the status of which two server components? (Choose two.)

A. fans
B. memory
C. disk utilization
D. processor load
E. network activity

Answer: A, B

Q: 6 You have just installed W2K on your server and you cannot get the server to see your local network. What can you do to diagnose network connectivity? (Choose three.)

A. verify that the server is configured to use DNS
B. verify that the cable plugged into your server is not a cross-over cable
C. verify that the subnet address is the same as the rest of the working devices on your LAN
D. verify that if attached to a switch and using VLANs, your port is in the proper configuration

Answer: B, C, D

Q: 7 Which benefit does Link Aggregation provide, as used by Intel NICs in PowerEdge servers?

A. provides load-balanced fault tolerance to the network
B. assures that if one adapter fails, the server remains available to the network
C. combines multiple adapters into one channel, providing greater bandwidth for network traffic
D. allows multiple adapters to share the network load, preventing one adapter from being overloaded

Answer: C

Q: 8 What is the correct NIC teaming for the Intel Proprietary Method to accomplish fault tolerance?


Answer: A

Q: 9 Which four steps are necessary for creating a team in Windows 2000 using BASP? (Choose four.)

A. set the media type for the adapters
B. create a team and assign it a name
C. select the adapters from the list to add to the team
D. select the Broadcom Advanced Server Program Driver
E. configure the IP address and subnet mask for the team
F. enter the path and filename of the configuration to be saved

Answer: B, C, D, E

Q: 10 You are configuring network teaming on a PowerEdge server. The server has Windows 2000 installed and you do not know what network adapters are in the system. Without physically opening the chassis, what are two ways to see which network adapters are installed using the operating system? (Choose two.)

A. type ifconfig -a at a command prompt; on the description line, the manufacturer and device type will be named
B. type ipconfig /all at the command prompt; on the description line, the manufacturer and device type will be named
C. right-click My Computer, select Manage, left-click Device Manager, expand Network Adapters, and view installed adapters
D. right-click Network Neighborhood, select Properties, double-click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and view protocol-bound adapters

Answer: B, C

Q: 11 What is the default path and name of the logging file if the Message Logging option is selected when running diagnostics?

A. A: RESULT.txt

Answer: A

Q: 12 You select the RAID Configuration Utility from the Utility Partition menu. This takes you to the ______.

A. system setup
D. Array Manager

Answer: B

Q: 13 You are about to begin the installation of Windows 2000 Server on your PowerEdge server . As you inspect the System Setup Utility, you notice that the Asset Tag field is blank. What are two ways you can add the correct asset tag into the BIOS? (Choose two.)

A. Flashing the ESM to the latest revision automatically updates the Asset Tag field.
B. Flashing the BIOS to the latest revision automatically updates the Asset Tag field.
C. You create the Asset Tag Utility Diskette from the DSA CD and use it to update the Asset Tag field.
D. You download the Asset Tag Utility from and use it to update the Asset Tag Field.
E. After installing Windows 2000, you use the Asset Manager application from the Dell group in control panel to update the Asset Tag field.

Answer: C, D

Q: 14 What is the intended mounting location for a 0U rack mount device in a Dell rack?

A. at the top of the rack
B. on the back doors of the rack
C. in any of the 42U spaces available
D. in the mounting holes in the side walls of the rack

Answer: D

Q: 15 Which two components can be installed in the 0U space found in Dell racks? (Choose two .)

A. Dell UPS
B. Dell PDU
C. Dell flat panel monitor
D. Dell Dual-Power Grid Switch

Answer: B, D

Q: 16 How many PowerEdge 1650 servers can be installed in a Dell 42U rack that already has two PowerEdge 2650 servers, a PowerEdge 6650 server, and a 1U keyboard and monitor drawer?

A. 31
B. 32
C. 33
D. 34

Answer: C

Q: 17 Which two features are found on both 24U and 42U Dell racks? (Choose two.)

A. split rear door for cable access
B. diagnostic LCD panel on the front door
C. integrated redundant 1000 watt power supplies
D. 0U space that can be used for components other than servers and storage

Answer: A, D

Q: 18 Which tool can be used to create a Utility Partition?

A. DOS fdisk Utility
B. Dell Server Assistant CD
C. Dell OpenManage Array Manager
D. Dell OpenManage IT Assistant CD

Answer: B

Q: 19 Which two operations can be performed with the DSA CD? (Choose two.)

A. run system diagnostics on your server
B. create Windows 2000 driver/utilities diskette(s)
C. create NetWare 5.1/6.0 driver/utilities diskette(s)
D. change the Dell Service Tag via the Service Tag Utility

Answer: B, C

Q: 20 Which three hard drive partitions must be defined during the automated Linux installation process? (Choose three.)

A. root
B. logs
C. boot
D. data
E. swap

Answer: A, C, E

Q: 21 You want to install Windows 2000 Server and Dell-validated drivers for your factory-installed devices using the Dell Server Assistant CD. From which location should you launch
the Dell Server Assistant?

A. boot to the Dell Server Assistant CD after installing Windows 2000
B. autorun the CD from the Windows desktop after installing Windows 2000
C. boot to the Dell Server Assistant CD and have your Windows CD available
D. use the Dell Server Assistant to create a Utility Partition and launch the installation from the Utility Partition

Answer: C

Q: 22 Where in the Dell Server Assistant (DSA) interface can you erase all hard disks in preparation for a manual installation of a new OS?

A. Drive Utility
B. Server Setup
C. Setup Wizard
D. System Tools

Answer: D

Q: 23 In Array Manager, what is the definition of a virtual disk?

A. physical fibre storage subsystem
B. physical SCSI storage subsystem
C. one physical hard drive inside a storage subsystem
D. abstract entity made up of array disks and/or array segments

Answer: D

Q: 24 Which OpenManage component is the central repository for asset and inventory information?

A. IT Assistant
B. Server Agent
C. Array Manager
D. DRAC II Web Console

Answer: A

Q: 25 At a remote site, a server is no longer able to communicate on the network. Which tool would an administrator use to investigate the issue?

B. Server Assistant
C. Server Diagnostics
D. Remote Access Controller

Answer: D

Q: 26 In OpenManage Server Administrator, what does a red X indicate?

A. The component is about to fail.
B. The component has been removed.
C. The component has not been installed.
D. The component has a critical (failure) condition.

Answer: D

Q: 27 You have the PowerEdge server running Red Hat Linux Advanced Server
Operating System. You want to be able to accomplish the following: -- report health of all system components -- change System Reset Timer value under the Auto Recovery tab -- save Command Log under the Logs tab -- set the Beep Speaker on the Server Alert Action under Alert Management tab -- view details in About box Which two access privileges allow you to accomplish these tasks? (Choose two.)

A. root user
B. any valid user
C. administrator user
D. any valid user with root privileges

Answer: A, D

Q: 28 Which two steps are part of configuring SNMP for OpenManage products on the managed node? (Choose two.)

A. configure SNMP community names
B. configure SNMP security for all community names to READ ONLY
C. configure the contact and location in the Agent tab of the SNMP service
D. configure a trap destination on systems relying on SNMP as their communication protocol

Answer: A, D

Q: 29 You just added a new Dell PowerEdge server to the network. In order to use Dell OpenManage IT Assistant to manage it, which three steps do you need to take? (Choose three.)

A. verify the SNMP settings of the new server
B. install Dell OpenManage Remote Access Controller on the new server
C. install Dell OpenManage Managed System applications on the new server
D. install Dell OpenManage Management Station application on the new server
E. ensure that the new server's IP address is in the discovery specified for OpenManage IT Assistant

Answer: A, C, E

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