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SAP C_TSCM66_66 Exam -

Free C_TSCM66_66 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which of the following fields are used in verification control for mobile data entry? (Choose three)
A. Source storage bin
B. Transfer order number
C. Destination quantity
D. Source storage unit
E. Destination storage type
Answer: A,C,D

Q: 2
Why do we need to maintain storage-type-specific fields in the material master? (Choose two)
A. To store palletization proposals
B. To assign a fixed bin to the material
C. To set a storage-type indicator
D. To specify the minimum quantity for controlling replenishment
Answer: B,D

Q: 3
You have a requirement to move goods from the Goods Receipt area by stacker into an automatic high rack. It is not possible to pick partial quantities inside the aisle and the pallet identification number should not be changed. What is your recommendation? (Choose two)
A. Implement a two-step picking process
B. Implement storage unit management for the automatic high rack storage type
C. Implement Task and Resource Management for pick-up and drop-off points
D. Implement storage types for identification point and pick point
Answer: B,C

Q: 4
Which of the following components has a direct influence on the logistics processes? (Choose four)
A. Material Management
B. Plant Maintenance
C. Quality Management
D. Production
E. Logistics Execution
F. Sales and Distribution
Answer: A,D,E,F

Q: 5
Which of the following delivery type is “delivery for subcontract order”?
Answer: B

Q: 6
Which of the following statement correct for the putaway process? (Choose three)
A. The transfer requirement is the starting point for putaway process
B. The transfer order is the starting point for putaway process
C. At the start of the putaway process the system searches for a suitable storage bin, then storage section and lastly storage type
D. The last step during the putaway process is always the storage bin search
E. The confirmation of transfer order completes the putaway process
Answer: B,D,E

Q: 7
What are the functions of the inbound delivery monitor? (Choose three)
A. It displays all the deliveries that are still to be processed
B. It can also display the deliveries that has already been processed
C. We can perform the subsequent functions from the list displayed in the inbound delivery monitor
D. Only a and b
Answer: A,B,C

Q: 8
Which of the following report is used to display the stocks which were stored correctly as per the hazardous material storage parameters?
A. Fire department inventory list
B. Physical inventory list
C. Hazardous substance list
D. Correct storage check list
Answer: D

Q: 9
We have to create a storage bin in the system, within which the storage bin is created?
A. Warehouse number
B. Storage type
C. Storage section
D. Plant
Answer: C

Q: 10
What are the factors which determine the scheduling of a material in outbound delivery?
A. Transit time
B. Loading time
C. Pick/pack time
D. Transportation lead time
E. All the above
Answer: E

Q: 11
In sales order the shipping point is determine at a particular level. At what level the shipping point determined?
A. The shipping point is determined in the order at header level
B. The shipping point is determined in the order at item level
C. The shipping point is determined in order at both header and item level
D. None of the above
Answer: B

Q: 12
Which report do we use to view the various stocks in a warehouse or in individual storage types?
A. Response:
B. Transaction LS26
C. Transaction LS24
D. Transaction LX03
E. Transaction LX29
Answer: C

Q: 13
How does the system determine the proper storage bin during the putaway operation?
A. The first step is determination of storage bin, then the storage section and lastly the target storage type
B. The first step is determination of storage type, then the storage section and lastly the target storage bin
C. The first step is determination of storage section, then the storage type and lastly the target storage bin
D. None of the above
Answer: B

Q: 14
What are the options available for collective processing of outbound deliveries? (Choose four)
A. Automatic creation of transfer orders using report RLAUTA20
B. Group formation in the outbound delivery monitor, and subsequent transfer order creation for the group
C. Three-step picking
D. Two- step picking
E. Manual creation of single transfer orders for a single outbound delivery
F. Single-step picking
Answer: A,B,D,E

Q: 15
Your organization is planning to use Storage Unit Management. What are the features of it which makes it more useful for organization? (Choose three)
A. The storage unit is an object that is used with Warehouse and Inventory Management
B. It is a logical composition of one or more material quantities that can be managed as a unit in the warehouse
C. Inventory management of the pallets or containers can only take place using Handling Unit Management
D. Storage unit can only be homogenous
E. All storage units are assigned a unique number which is maintained in the system as the storage unit number
Answer: B,C,E

Q: 16
What are the features of direct putaway with a special movement indicator? (Choose three)
A. Some materials are not suited to interim storage in a goods receipt area. They are taken directly to the destination storage bin when they arrive
B. If the destination storage bin is a fixed bin, the special stock indicator can be used to “switch off” Warehouse Management for these kinds of activities without relinquishing Inventory Management at storage bin level
C. The goods receipt posting in Inventory Management trigger the creation of a transfer requirement
D. The transfer order is not required for putaway because the system takes the destination storage type and bin directly from the Warehouse Management movement type or the material master
Answer: A,B,D

Q: 17
Which of the following stock removal strategies not part of the “basic functions” in SAP ECC? (Choose two)
A. First in first out (F)
B. Last in first out (L)
C. Next bin
D. Partial pallet quantity (A)
E. Shelf life expiration date (H)
F. Stringent FIFO (***)
G. Open storage
H. Large/small quantities (M)
I. Fixed bin (P)
Answer: C,G

Q: 18
You have been asked to actual status of the progress of the delivery. Which document will provide you the status?
A. Sales order
B. Outbound delivery
C. Shipping document
D. Transfer order
Answer: B

Q: 19
You have been asked to recommend the way in which the effort is reduced for manual Good Issue postings of deliveries via transaction VL02N “change outbound delivery”. What are your suggestions? (Choose two)
A. All the above
B. Post good issue via “VT12 – Shipment List: Shipment Completion"
C. Use a schedule job for collective processing of documents due for delivery
D. Use VL06O “Outbound Delivery Monitor”
Answer: B,D

Q: 20
What are the steps involved in the stock removal process? (Choose three)
A. The storage bin search is the last step in the stock removal
B. At the start the system always search for suitable removal storage type
C. Creation of transfer requirement triggers the stock removal process
D. Creation of transfer order triggers the stock removal process
Answer: A,B,D

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