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SAP C_TPLM30_65 Exam -

Free C_TPLM30_65 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which of the following are maintenance work center functions? (Choose three)
A. Capacity planning
B. Production resources/tools (PRT) allocation
C. Scheduling
D. Costing
E. Material planning
Answer: A,C,D

Q: 2
What do you use to set up a refurbishment order for external refurbishment?
A. An external operation that contains a subcontracting indicator and a material item with a material provision indicator activated.
B. An external operation that contains a control key for refurbishment.
C. An order type for external refurbishment and an assignment of a material with split valuation.
D. An order type for external refurbishment and a material item with item category External Refurbishment.
Answer: A

Q: 3
When is the latest possible point in time that you can create a settlement rule?
A. Before technical completion
B. Before order release
C. After order release
D. After technical completion
Answer: A

Q: 4
Your customer wants to generate costing for internal activities.
For which of the following can you define various rates in Activity Type/Price Planning transaction? (Choose three)
A. Plan/actual version
B. Cost center
C. Period
D. Value category
E. Plant
Answer: A,B,C

Q: 5
Which steps must you perform to enable the valuation of characteristics for a piece of equipment? (Choose three)
A. Assign characteristics to the equipment class type.
B. Assign characteristics to a class.
C. Create characteristics in the classification system.
D. Assign a class to a piece of equipment.
E. Assign a class to the equipment category.
Answer: B,C,D

Q: 6
A maintenance work order has external processing. The planning plant and maintenance plant have different addresses. A purchase requisition is generated from a maintenance order.
With standard delivered SAP Customizing, which address is the default delivery address in the purchase requisition?
A. Work center
B. Storage location
C. Planning plant
D. Maintenance plant
Answer: C

Q: 7
What options are available in the maintenance order when you analyze costs using value categories? (Choose two)
A. Display of costs by responsible work center
B. Display of costs by individual operations
C. Display of values in an alternate currency
D. Summary of actual costs across multiple cost elements
Answer: B,D

Q: 8
Users need to be able to select operations and work centers from the task list when they create a maintenance order with task list selection.
In Customizing, how can you accomplish this requirement? (Choose two)
A. By setting the indicators for the order type only
B. By setting the indicators for the planning plant only
C. By activating the work center selection indicator
D. By activating the operation selection indicator
Answer: C,D

Q: 9
How does SAP make new functions of the SAP ERP application available to customers?
A. Via enhancement packages
B. Via best practices
C. Via add-ons
D. Via Support Packages
Answer: A

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