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SAP C_TBIT44_73 Exam -

Free C_TBIT44_73 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
You configure the sender RFC adapter to convert RFC calls from a sender to XML messages.
Which of the following does the Program ID parameter in the RFC adapter uniquely identify?
A. The RFC sender communication channel in the configured application server gateway
B. Outbound proxies
C. Proxy classes for service interfaces
D. The RFC sender communication channel to a remote server
Answer: A

Q: 2
The data type used in your mapping program has been structurally modified (for example, the parent name or the namespace has been changed). What is the next step you have to perform?
A. Adjust mappings using the data.
B. Reload test messages.
C. Adjust the structure of the inconsistencies in the data type.
D. Map original nodes to new nodes using drag and drop.
Answer: A

Q: 3
Which functions are provided by the Receiver File adapter? (Choose two)
A. Conversion of XML payload into a flat file
B. Delivery of a file to an FTP server via the FTP protocol
C. Processing of a message based on a polling interval
D. Delivery of synchronous messages
Answer: A,B

Q: 4
In which sequence are configuration objects processed in the central Integration Engine at runtime?
A. Interface Determination Receiver Agreement Receiver Determination
B. Receiver Determination Interface Determination Receiver Agreement
C. Receiver Agreement Receiver Determination Interface Determination
D. Interface Determination Receiver Determination Receiver Agreement
Answer: B

Q: 5
How does WS Reliable Messaging (WS-RM) protocol ensure the reliable delivery of messages?
A. By signing the SOAP header and compressing the payload of the message
B. By using the tRFC protocol for communication
C. By specifying a sequence ID in the SOAP header of the message
D. By sending a WS acknowledgment
Answer: C

Q: 6
On what is the Advanced Adapter Engine Extended based?
A. A standalone J2SE engine
B. An SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java
C. An SAP NetWeaver Application Server dual stack (Java + ABAP)
D. A non-central Advanced Adapter Engine
Answer: B

Q: 7
You want to create multiple configurations for one ccBPM process without changing the corresponding process definition.
What do you use to achieve this?
A. Process signature
B. Configurable parameters
C. Container definition
D. Correlation
Answer: B

Q: 8
You want to build a proxy based on a service interface.
Where in Enterprise Services Repository can you define the required message type? (Choose two)
A. In a software component that underlies service's interface software component
B. In any software component independent of the service's interface software component
C. In a local software component
D. In the same software component as the service interface
Answer: A,D

Q: 9
Why do you use a service registry in an SOA landscape?
A. To store security tokens centrally
B. To find the available Web services
C. To find the available system landscape specification
D. To define Web service interfaces
Answer: B

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