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SAP C_TB1200_88 Exam -

Free C_TB1200_88 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
What happens when a default payment method for customers is changed in the General Settings?
A. Any new customer master records will default to this payment method, but existing records will not change.
B. New and existing customer master records will automatically receive this payment method.
C. When a new customer master record is created, a pop up box will appear with a choice of available payment methods listed in General Settings.
D. When a new customer master record is created, the default payment method is assigned and cannot be changed.
Answer: A

Q: 2
The sales manager wants to be informed when a sales employee issues an order that would produce a gross profit less than 25%. However, he does not want the sales process to be blocked.
What is the easiest way to implement this.?
A. Use an alert with a predefined condition for gross profit deviation.
B. Schedule the Sales Analysis report to run when the gross profit is below the threshold.
C. Add a user-defined field to the sales order document, with a query to report when the gross profit is less than 25%.
D. Use an approval procedure with a predefined condition for gross profit deviation.
Answer: A

Q: 3
During Business Blueprint, the customer indicated they want to run perpetual inventory with moving average valuation method. They went into production a week ago and they now want some existing products to use standard cost valuation instead. How can this be accomplished?
A. The moving average valuation method is only a default, and can be changed to standard cost for an item at any time.
B. Once an item has been imported into SAP Business One, the valuation method is fixed and the items must be deleted and re-imported to change the method.
C. As long as there are no open transactions and there is no inventory for the item, they can change the valuation method.
D. They can move the items to an item group with the standard cost valuation method. This automatically changes the valuation method.
Answer: C

Q: 4
Mike from Miller Inc. created a forecast showing a need for 100 staplers by June 1. Currently there are 10 staplers in inventory. Existing sales orders have a committed quantity of 50 staplers. When Mike runs MRP to produce a production order to manufacture staplers, the recommended production order is for 90 staplers. Why does MRP recommend this amount?
A. The maximum stock requirement is set to 90.
B. MRP never considers sales orders as demand.
C. The minimum stock requirement is set to 10.
D. The planning definitions are set to consume forecasts.
Answer: D

Q: 5
The customer successfully went live last week. What is the best method for the implementation consultant to maintain the continuous reliability of the customer system?
A. Install the Service Manager
B. Create a Service Level Agreement
C. Activate the services of the remote support platform for SAP Business One
D. Upgrade the customer system to the latest patch level
Answer: C

Q: 6
Your client has asked for a report on service contract history. What is the easiest way to identify the correct fields needed in the report?
A. With a service contract in the active window, open the Query Wizard. It will automatically show the table and field names for the active window.
B. Open a service contract document and right-mouse click on a field to see the table and field name.
C. Reference the DI-API online help the see the table and field names for the service contract object.
D. Open a service contract and toggle the System Information view to see the table and field names at the bottom of the screen.
Answer: D

Q: 7
SG Products will go live tomorrow. The A/R and A/P balances need to be transferred from the legacy system. How should the implementation consultant proceed to ensure that the A/R and A/P control accounts are correct and up to date in the new system?
A. Import all open sales and purchase orders from the legacy system. The control accounts will then be correct.
B. Copy the balances from both the Profit and Loss and the Balance Sheet legacy accounts so that the control accounts are correct.
C. Copy the A/P and A/R account balances from the legacy Balance Sheet. The control accounts will then be correct.
D. Import the open invoice balances for each individual business partner. The control accounts will then be correct.
Answer: D

Q: 8
The client wants to continue the numbering of invoices from the legacy system, so that there are no gaps in the numbering. Additionally, sales quotations are issued by multiple employees, and the numbering of sales quotations should continue for each employee. How can both these requirements be implemented in SAP Business One?
A. In each user account, set the first and last document numbers for each document type.
B. Set the first invoice number using the document numbering function. In the same function create multiple numbering series for sales quotations.
C. Set the first number for each type of document using the document numbering function.
D. Using the document settings function, set one document numbering range for invoices, and multiple ranges for sales quotation documents.
Answer: B

Q: 9
When Jade Logistics creates a sales order, they want to see the description for the item so they can communicate this to the customer. How can this requirement be met?
A. In the sales order, right-mouse click in the item code field to see the item description.
B. This information is standard in the sales order and you can make it visible in the sales order row using form settings.
C. Once an item is selected for the sales order, the description and other item specifications are automatically provided in the Logistics tab of the order.
D. Add a user-defined field in the item row to display the description for the item.
Answer: B

Q: 10
Top Toys defined their sub-periods as months. How often should they run the period-end closing utility?
A. They are required to run the period-end closing utility both at the end of each month and at the end of the fiscal year.
B. Depending on their financial processes, they should run the period-end closing utility at the end of the fiscal year and also can run it at the end of each month.
C. Depending on their financial processes, they can run the period-end closing utility at the end of each month and also at the end of each quarter.
D. Because they defined their sub-periods as months, the system requires them to run the period-end closing utility at the end of each month.
Answer: B

Q: 11
You are in the project preparation phase of a customer implementation at Ruby Manufacturing. So far everything has gone to plan. Which of these could signal an unexpected project overrun?
A. The company will run the manufacturing add-on from an SAP partner that was recommended.
B. There are 15 employees who will need to work with SAP Business One.
C. You hear a rumor that two new logistics warehouses will be opening in the next month.
D. The production manager will also act as a functional lead on the project.
Answer: C

Q: 12
A delivery document is created for a shipment of 10 printers to Madison and Daughters Inc. One of the employees creates an A/R invoice but forgets to reference the existing delivery document. Madison and Daughters Inc. uses perpetual inventory. What unplanned effect will occur by posting these two unrelated documents in the system?
A. The customer will be charged for 20 printers.
B. There will be a posting to an inventory variance account.
C. The invoice will reverse the previous entry to the cost of sales account.
D. The inventory account will be credited for 20 printers.
Answer: D

Q: 13
The implementation consultant has just demonstrated the service type purchase order to the client.
The client lead is very concerned that they have to select from the entire list of G/L accounts when they create a service type purchase order. There are several accounts that the client lead can select for different types of services. What can the consultant suggest to help the client lead?
A. Define a project for each type of service, and associate a G/L account. When the client lead selects the project, the G/L account is used.
B. Add a user-defined field to the purchase order row, with a list of valid values for the short list of accounts. The client lead can choose from the short list.
C. Add user-defined values to the G/L account field in the purchase order row, with a fixed list of values containing the short list of G/L accounts. The client lead can choose from the short list.
D. Set the short list of G/L accounts as default accounts on the Purchasing tab in the G/L Account Determination.
Answer: C

Q: 14
Ronald, the buyer at Treadwell Tires, created a purchase order for two items from a vendor. A week later, just before the vendor was to deliver those items, Ronald called to add a third item to the order.
However, Ronald did not add the third item to the existing purchase order. The vendor delivers all three items at once. What is the most efficient way for the warehouse clerk to receive the three items into the warehouse?
A. Copy the two items from the purchase order to a goods receipt PO and manually add a row in the good receipt PO for the third item.
B. Create a separate purchase order for the third item, before referencing both purchase orders in one goods receipt PO.
C. Create one goods receipt PO for the 2 items on the purchase order and a second goods receipt PO to receive the third item.
D. Instead of using a goods receipt PO, use the inventory goods receipt to receive the items.
Answer: A

Q: 15
Which of the following are possible business partner master types? Note. There are 3 correct answers to this question.
A. Buyers
B. Leads
C. Employees
D. Vendors
E. Customers
Answer: B,D,E

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