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SAP C_TB1200_07 Exam -

Free C_TB1200_07 Sample Questions:

1. What functions are available in the Human Resources module of SAP Business One?
A. Payroll processing
B. Shift planning
C. Employee master data
D. Recording and evaluation of absences
E. Tracking of employee costs and salaries
Answer: ABCDE

2. Which of the following can you do in the Choose Company window?
A. Switch to a different company
B. Define posting periods
C. Change to a different user
D. Set the chart of accounts
E. Change another user's password
Answer: ABCDE

3. The Software Development Kit consists of:
A. Early Watch Alert
B. Data Interface Server
C. Data Transfer Workbench
D. Data Interface Application Programming Interface
E. User Interface Application Programming Interface
Answer: ABCDE

4. Which of the following statements are true in regards to the SAP Business One welcome screen?
A. The welcome screen contains links to Online Help and User Training.
B. The welcome screen lets you install Online Help on your desktop.
C. A checkbox "Show this page at startup" can be left unmarked so that the welcome screen does not appear.
D. A user can display the welcome screen by right-clicking in certain fields.
E. A user can display the welcome screen from an option in the Help menu.
Answer: ABCDE

5. In Form Settings, what occurs when you mark a field as visible?
A. The active checkbox appears and you must mark it to make the field active.
B. Three checkboxes are shown as marked: visible, active and changeable.
C. The active checkbox is automatically marked.
D. The visible checkbox is grayed out and cannot be changed.
Answer: C

6. Which of the following is true regarding Online Help?
A. You can choose About from the Help menu to verify the SAP Business One version you are using.
B. The Help menu is available on all screens in SAP Business One.
C. You can use Shift+F1 to see help for a field you have selected.
D. You can use Shift+F1 to see context help for a selected document.
E. You can use Shift+F1 from a document to see a list of associated training and help files.
Answer: ABCDE

7. Which of the following statements are true about query tools?
A. The Query Wizard tool is accessible from the Tools menu.
B. The Query Generator is no longer provided. The XL Reporter tool has replaced it.
C. The Query Wizard tool is accessible from the Reports module.
D. The Query Generator enables you to create queries using the SQL query engine.
E. After defining a query, you can save it in the User Queries library.
Answer: ABCDE

8. One of your vendors has already been created in the system as a vendor master record. Now he calls you to place an order as a customer. The vendor requests the same customer payment terms (14-day payment period) that he grants you as your vendor. How should you create the sales order?
A. Enter the sales order as a customer sales order, but with reference to the vendor. You should also set the 'Vendor Order' indicator.
B. Create a new customer master record and select the suitable payment terms. Enter the resulting customer code in the sales order.
C. Because this sales order is an exception, use the 'A/R Invoice + Payment' transaction to enter the sales order in the account for one-time customers.
D. Change the business partner type of the vendor to 'Customer', enter the sales order, and change the business partner type back to 'Vendor'.
Answer: B

9. Which fields in the item master record can be used to categorize items for reporting purposes?
A. Item Group
B. EAN code
C. Properties
D. User-defined fields
E. Customs group
Answer: ABCDE

10. How is the available quantity calculated in SAP Business One?
A. Quantity in stock - quantity committed + quantity ordered.
B. Quantity in stock + quantity committed - quantity ordered.
C. Quantity in stock + quantity ordered.
D. Quantity in stock - quantity committed.
Answer: A

11. Which statements are correct regarding inventory valuation methods?
A. With moving average cost valuation, stock is valued by dividing the total value by the total quantity.
B. With moving average cost valuation, you must enter a cost price into the item master record.
C. With standard cost valuation, stock may need to be periodically revalued.
D. With first in - first out valuation, stock is valued using the cost of the oldest item.
E. With first in - first out valuation, stock is valued using the cost of the most recent item.
Answer: ABCDE

12. Which of the following statements are true with regards to the information stored in a business partner master record?
A. You can store multiple ship-to and bill-to addresses for a business partner.
B. You can block posting transactions for a customer or vendor by date range.
C. You can create relationships between your customer and vendor business partners.
D. You can store multiple contact persons for a business partner.
E. You can view all the sales documents for the business partner by clicking the Details section of the business partner master record.
Answer: ABCDE

13. Which of the following answers gives a complete list of possible business partner master types?
A. Vendors and customers
B. Customers and leads
C. Vendors, customers and leads
D. Vendors, customers and employees
Answer: C

14. You receive a call requesting an order of 10 pallets from Lee Imports. Lee Imports is currently set up as a lead in the master data. Which of the following statements is true?
A. You may create sales orders, deliveries and invoices for this business partner.
B. You can create a sales quotation but must convert the lead to a customer before creating a sales order.
C. You can create a sales order for this business partner but cannot bill them without converting the lead to a customer.
D. You can only create activities and sales opportunities with leads.
Answer: C

15. Which of the following can be displayed in the item master for each warehouse?
A. The quantity in stock
B. The available quantity
C. A list of purchase orders
D. The quantity backordered
E. A minimum inventory level
Answer: ABCDE

16. In the item master, which choices are available for setting default G/L accounts?
A. By costing method
B. By item properties
C. By item level
D. By warehouse
E. By item group
Answer: ABCDE

17. Your company sells a product produced by two different suppliers. The product from one supplier is slightly smaller, and sells for 80% of the price of the other. You want to sell both products, and also make sure that your sales staff always offers the smaller product as a replacement whenever the larger product is out of stock. What is the best way to set this up in SAP Business One?
A. Set the item property of the larger item to large, and the item property of the smaller item to small. Sales staff can search for the smaller item property when the larger one is out of stock.
B. Place both items in the same item group so they can be found in the same search.
C. Set the smaller item as an alternative item to the larger item.
D. Create a template bill of materials to link the two items as alternate components.
Answer: C

18. Rosi from the Accounting department wants to post the year-end adjustments. However, she does not want to post them directly to the general ledger since her manager needs to review them first. Can this be done?
A. No. Since SAP Business One is a real-time system, every transaction is posted directly to the general ledger without an option to review it.
B. Yes. Define an Approval Procedure. When Rosi adds a journal entry an approval process will launch. Rosi's manger can review and approve the journal entry.
C. Yes. Use a Journal Voucher. Rosi's manager can review the journal voucher then Rosi can make any necessary changes before posting.
D. Yes. Rosi can save the journal entry as a draft document. Her manager can review the draft and then Rosi can make any necessary changes before posting.
Answer: C

19. When you enter opening balances for business partners, what must you consider?
A. You must create the business partner master data before you enter the opening balances.
B. You must post all the business partner transactions before you enter the business partner opening balances.
C. You must create an offsetting G/L account for posting the opening balances.
D. After you enter the opening balances, you need to enter the total A/R receivables amount in the G/L opening balance for the A/R control account.
E. The system cannot correctly determine outstanding aging or debts after you post the opening balances.
Answer: ABCDE

20. Maria needs to post a transaction to a business partner account. Can she do this using a manual journal entry?
A. In the journal entry she can use Form Settings to make the Control Account column visible, then select the business partner.
B. In the journal entry she can press Tab to select from the list of business partners.
C. In the journal entry she can press Ctrl + Tab to select from the list of business partners.
D. In the journal entry she can type part of the business partner name in the G/L Acct/BP Code field and the system will locate the account.
Answer: C

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