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Software Certifications CSTE Exam -

Free CSTE Sample Questions:

Q: 1
A quantitative measurement used to determine test completion is _________________.
A. Requirements Coverage
B. Defect Measurement
C. Statistical Analysis
Answer: A

Q: 2
Boundary Value Testing.
A. Test boundary conditions on, above, and below the edges of input and output equivalence classes.
B. Is the same as equivalence partitioning tests
C. Tests combinations of input circumstances
D. Is used in white-box testing strategy
Answer: A

Q: 3
Software errors are least costly to correct at what stage of the development cycle?
A. Construction Stage
B. Requirements Stage
C. Acceptance Test Stage
Answer: B

Q: 4
The Pareto analysis is most effective for_______________.
A. Showing relationships between items
B. Ranking items by importance
C. Measuring the impact of identified items
Answer: B

Q: 5
Decision / Branch Coverage strategy_______________.
A. Always satisfies statement coverage
B. Means that every branch direction is traversed at least once
C. Is used in black-box testing
D. Is the same as condition coverage
Answer: B

Q: 6
Acceptance testing means:
A. Testing after changes have been made to ensure that no unwanted changes were introduced
B. Testing performed on a single stand-alone module or unit of code
C. Testing to ensure that the system meets the needs of the organization and the end user.
Answer: C

Q: 7
The National Quality Awards provide a basis for successful benchmarking against other companies.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

Q: 8
The purpose of software testing is to____________.
A. Detect the existence of defects
B. Demonstrate that the application works properly
C. Validate the logical design
Answer: A

Q: 9
Policies provide ____________ ( Select any Two Options)
A. Detailed prescription to decision makers
B. Guidance to decision makers
C. Broad direction to decision makers
Answer: B,C

Q: 10
For Black-Box Testing ____________.
A. The tester is completely unconcerned about the internal behavior of the program
B. The tester is concerned with finding circumstances in which the program does not behave according to specifications
C. Test data is derived solely from specifications
D. All of the above
Answer: D

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