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Cognos CP0-112 Exam -

Free CP0-112 Sample Questions:

1. If a D-List item name is very long, it will result in a very wide column if that dimension of the D-Cube is placed on columns in Analyst. Which character can the modeler include in the D-List item to cause a line break so the column heading displays on two or more lines?
A. , (comma)
B. - (hyphen)
C. | (pipe)
D. ; (semi-colon)
Answer: C

2. When publishing data that will be reported on, why is it important for an administrator to carefully select the dimension for publish?
A. By selecting an appropriate dimension for publish, the administrator may not have to run Go to Production.
B. The dimension for publish is the D-List whose items become columns in the fact table.
C. The dimension for publish is the D-List whose items become rows in the fact table.
D. If the selected dimension for publish contains calculations it will not successfully publish.
Answer: B

3. Which Cognos 8 role is needed to ensure that only the required users, groups, and role have access to execute or schedule Contributor macros that are published to Cognos Connection?
A. Planning Rights Administrators
B. Planning Contributor Users
C. Directory Administrators
D. Server Administrators
Answer: A

4. An administrator wants to automate the process of updating a Contributor model to reflect changes made in Analyst. To perform this automation the administrator must create a macro. Which step must the administrator add to the macro?
A. Import
B. Synchronize
C. Enable Job Processing
D. Add Monitored Job Object
Answer: B

5. With which is the Get Data extension used?
A. Contributor to Analyst D-Links
B. Local Links
C. Administration Links
D. Contributor to Contributor D-Links
Answer: B

6. Users of the Contributor Web grid want to be able to transfer their current data to an Excel file without having to leave the Web grid. How can an administrator enable this functionality in a future session?
A. Configure the Print to Excel extension.
B. Publish the data to Excel from the Contributor Administration Console.
C. Configure the Export for Excel extension.
D. Install the Contributor Add-in for Excel on the Contributor Administration server.
Answer: C

7. In the Contributor Administration Console, the Generate Framework Manager model administration extension creates a Framework Manager model from what type of data source?
A. A view only published data source
B. A table only published data source
C. A Contributor application data source
D. An Analyst application data source
Answer: B

8. Which is true when translating a Contributor application into another language?
A. Translations are created in the Translations screen of the Contributor Web site.
B. If a translation has been modified the administrator must run Go to Production for the change to take effect.
C. After an administrator has assigned a translation to a user class that translation can be safely deleted.
D. Translations are created in the production version of a Contributor application.
Answer: B

9. When a translator creates a translation there are two parts. The first part includes information from the underlying Analyst model, such as D-Cube names. What does the second part consist of?
A. Bitmap fonts (such as those for non-Latin character sets)
B. Code pages for non-standard keyboards
C. Generic strings for Contributor components (such as button names)
D. System locales that are specific to the Contributor application
Answer: C

10. In Analyst, according to best practices, which object would most likely be found in the common library?
A. A placeholder D-List that will be used as an e.List
B. A timescale D-List containing months of the year
C. A D-Link that imports data from an ODBC data source
D. A D-Link that transfers data from one model to another
Answer: B

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