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IBM COG-625 Exam -

Free COG-625 Sample Questions:

1.To reduce memory usage, what should be done when setting up dimension breaking for a fact build?
A. Ensure that each data source is sorted by the same set of dimensions, in the same sequence.
B. Specify at least one aggregate rule for each dimension element for which breaking is enabled.
C. Disable the hash table and page pool for the fact bui ld.
D. Disable late arriving facts processing for the fact build.
Answer: A

2.During execution, a fact build generated the following messages in the log file:What can be done to avoid seeing the last three lines when the build is executed again?
A. Increase the initial size of the hash table.
B. Decrease the size of the page pool.
C. Disable audit logging.
D. Increase the amount of working memory (in megabytes).
Answer: A

3.What can be done to minimize memory consumption?
A. Disable dimension breaking on the fact build.
B. Disable fact build logging.
C. Enable dimension breaking on the fact build.
D. Enable auditing on the fact build.
Answer: C

4.A dimension table tracks employee data. If an employee's work location changes, the previous work location needs to be kept and a new record needs to be created. What kind of change is this?
A. Type 0
B. Type 1
C. Type 2
D. Type 3
Answer: C

5.A dimension table contains the following data:The incoming fact data is as follows: If late arriving fact processing is enabled, what will be the value of the surrogate key assigned to the last row of fact data?
A. 11110
B. 11111
C. 11112
D. 11113
Answer: B

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