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IBM COG-400 Exam -

Free COG-400 Sample Questions:

1. Why would an administrator create a saved selection in the Contributor Administration Console?
A. To use with access tables to restrict access to one or more data items
B. To prevent synchronization from happening on the job server
C. To use with a job server to restrict access to one or more data items
D. To prevent cut-down models from being created
Answer: A

2. A saved selection has been created in the Contributor Administration Console which includes the camping equipment items from the 2 Products D-List. The administrator wants to ensure that, if more camping equipment products are added to the 2 Products D-List, the saved selection will be updated automatically. Which option should the administrator select in the First Selection box?

A. All
B. List of Items
C. Filter
D. Enlarge
Answer: D

3. From the Contributor Administration Console using the Deployment Wizard, what can an Administrator do?
A. Export the model structure but is unable export the data.
B. Export the model structure and is also able to export the data.
C. Export a Framework Manager Model but is unable to export Events.
D. Export a Framework Manager Model and is also able to export Events.
Answer: B

4. When creating a deployment package in the Contributor Administration Console, what part associated with the planning network may be included?
A. The Framework Manager model
B. The Contributor model and data
C. The Cognos Connection Event agents
D. The Cognos Connection Report Studio reports
Answer: B

5. For data validation rule sets, which failure action does Cognos recommend to use with caution?
A. Message Only
B. Restrict Submit
C. Restrict Edit
D. Restrict Save and Submit
Answer: D

6. In a distributed Cognos Planning environment, where is the online Contributor application stored and maintained?
A. On the datastore
B. On the report server
C. On the job server
D. On the dispatcher
Answer: A

7. Users of the Contributor Web grid want to be able to import data from ASCII files and Excel files as well as local Contributor data. These end users do not have any rights in the Contributor Administration Console or Analyst. What must these users create?
A. System Link
B. Administration Link
C. D-Link
D. Local Link
Answer: D

8. What must be used as the source when an administrator creates an administration link in Contributor?
A. Production application
B. Development application
C. Publish datastore
D. Analyst library
Answer: A

9. Which method of mapping must the modeler use to change the sign (+/-) of selected data items being transferred by D-Link?
A. Match description
B. Local allocation
C. D-Cube allocation
D. Saved A-Table
Answer: D

10. When importing from Cognos Package Data into an A-Table, what is the minimum number of query items that must be selected?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four
Answer: B

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