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IBM COG-135 Exam -

Free COG-135 Sample Questions:

1. For performance reasons, what is the best parent-child ratio for categories in each level?
A. 1:10 or less
B. 1:11 or more
C. 5:1 or less
D. 3:1 or more
Answer: A

2. Transformer is unable to locate one of the source files for a data source in the model, and the model update fails. Which type of files can be used to restart the processing at the point of failure?
A. .py?
B. .qy?
C. .mdl
D. .mdx
Answer: B

3. How can the cube build flexibility and performance be maximized?
A. Enable Consolidation.
B. Enable the AutoSummarize property.
C. Combine Structural and Transactional data into one data source.
D. Preprocess the data.
Answer: D

4. Where should fact queries against OLAP sources come from?
A. A flat file
B. An .iqd file
C. A Cognos 8 report
D. A Cognos 8 package
Answer: A

5. A Cognos 8 report with prompts is used as a data source. What must be done to create a second query that is based on the same report but provides different values for mandatory prompts?
A. Add the second query to the report data source.
B. Refresh the source when adding the second query.
C. Add prompt values to the cache in the Transformer data source.
D. Add the same report as another Transformer report data source.
Answer: D

6. To add dimensional data to an existing model, how can metadata be leveraged from other published OLAP packages?
A. Insert an OLAP package in the data source list.
B. Import a PowerCube as a data source.
C. Add dimensions from an OLAP package in the dimension map.
D. Add a data source query using a Cognos 8 OLAP report.
Answer: C

7. Which of the following can be done to improve performance when dealing with large volumes of data?
A. Include multiple data sources.
B. Use a single large data source.
C. Include data sources of the same type.
D. Use Cognos 8 reports as the data sources.
Answer: A

8. Which of the following will help improve processing time when Transformer queries the data?
A. Use Cognos 8 packages and reports as structural data sources.
B. Separate structural and transactional information in multiple data sources.
C. Combine structural and transactional information into one data source.
D. Define dimensions with one transactional data source.
Answer: B

9. What does unique mean when applied to a level in a dimension map?
A. The level is designated as a convergence level.
B. The level must be the bottom level of the dimension.
C. No two categories in the level can be derived from the same source value.
D. The data history does not move with the categories as they move in the level.
Answer: C

10. What should a developer do if some levels appear red after validating the model using Show Scope?
A. Ensure the level exists in the data source.
B. Specify a valid relationship between the level and the data source.
C. Re-attach the categories in the Dimension Diagram.
D. Apply unique move to the level and regenerate the categories.
Answer: B

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