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IBM COG-122 Exam -

Free COG-122 Sample Questions:

1.What can an administrator create to ensure that multiple users do not have to enter database credentials when they run reports?
A. Signon
B. Single signon
C. Collation sequence
D. Connection sequence
Answer: A

2. When creating the following Cognos 8 data sources, which one requires specifying a local path or a network path?
A. Cognos Planning - Contributor
B. Cognos PowerCube
Answer: B

3. From within Cognos Connection, what must an administrator deploy to move an entire Cognos 8 application into a new and empty environment?
A. Content store
B. Public Folders
C. Cognos namespace
D. Content manager
Answer: A

4. When an administrator exports entries from Cognos 8, what file gets created?
A. Content store file
B. Object extract file
C. Deployment archive file
D. Configuration export file
Answer: C

5. The Report Upgrade task in Cognos Connection provides options for upgrading report specifications.
Which of the following is one option?
A. By folder
B. By role
C. By group
D. By namespace
Answer: A

6. An administrator wants to show the folder hierarchy of Cognos Connection in a portlet. Which portlet must the administrator use?
A. Cognos Viewer
B. Cognos Search
C. Cognos Navigator
D. Cognos Extended Applications
Answer: C

7. Why would an administrator want to copy a user profile?
A. The user was deleted using a third-party authentication provider.
B. The administrator wants to copy trusted credentials for multiple users.
C. The user has changed names and the administrator is setting up an account in the new name.
D. The user requires enhanced security permissions before logging on to Cognos 8 for the first time.
Answer: C

8. An administrator creates a shortcut that points to an invoice report. What happens if the invoice report is renamed?
A. The shortcut contains the original name and can be used to view the latest output before the report was renamed.
B. The shortcut contains the original name and no longer works because the link to the report is broken.
C. Cognos Connection automatically updates the report name in the shortcut, and the shortcut remains fully functional.
D. Cognos Connection automatically deletes the shortcut.
Answer: B

9. A user must be able to only view the contents of the Americas Inventory folder. What permissions must be granted to the user for the folder?
A. Write
B. Execute
C. Traverse
D. Set policy
Answer: C

10. Before sending a report by email, where must the administrator specify the mail server account?
A. Cognos Connection
B. Cognos Administration
C. Framework Manager
D. Cognos Configuration
Answer: D

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