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IBM C4070-604 Exam -

Free C4070-604 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
A System z customer is planning to move their data center with several existing System z servers to a new space without a raised floor. Which of the following requirements should the technical specialist discuss with the customer?
A. Ordering the height reduction feature if needed
B. Top Exit Cabling Option is required for all the CPCs
C. Confirm all the System z servers are z9 BC, z10 BC or z114
D. Confirm the new installation is compliant with the Installation Manual for Physical Plugging
Answer: C

Q: 2
A customer technical staff has been briefed on migration to a z114 or z196. They are discussing the new features with the System z Technical Specialist. Which of the following customer statements is incorrect and must be corrected by the Technical Specialist?
A. Addition and removal of z196 I/O cage is disruptive
B. There is Plan Ahead option available for the I/O drawers
C. The I/O drawers can be added or removed non-disruptively
D. The correct mix of I/O cage and drawers is configured based on the number and type of I/O features ordered
Answer: B

Q: 3
During which of the following activities do the customer and the technical specialist define post installation support?
A. During the TDA (Solution Assurance)
B. When establishing the system ship date
C. When configuring the System z using eConfig
D. During the installation of the equipment by the CE
Answer: A

Q: 4
Which new z196 feature provides significant error detection and correction capabilities for bit, lane, DRAM, DIMM socket and memory channel failures?
Answer: D

Q: 5
A new customer has approached a System z Technical Specialist to help them upgrade their older System z mainframe. Growth is minimal. Which of the following is needed to create an initial z114 configuration?
A. Energy consumption
B. Disk Storage Growth Rates
C. Installed Base System Report
D. The number of distributed servers installed
Answer: C

Q: 6
A customer will be upgrading their z10 EC to a z196 and would like to position the z196 to take advantage of new PCIe infrastructure for future support. Currently they have two I/O cages. The customer cannot take a future outage to add the new drawer. Which of the following will position the server for future use of a PCIe I/O drawer?
A. Just perform the upgrade, the existing cards will carry forward into the new PCIe drawer.
B. The drawer can be added later when the customer is ready to order the new PCIe cards.
C. Order the new PCIe OSA-Express4S 1000BaseT and/or FICON Express4S cards now which will drive the new PCIe drawer.
D. The new PCIe drawer cannot be installed concurrently so order the new PCIe OSA-Express4S 10GbE and/or FICON Express8S cards now which will drive the new PCIe drawer.
Answer: B

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