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IBM C4040-121 Exam -

Free C4040-121 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
A customer needs two client IBM i partitions on a 4-core Power 720, with storage hosted by VIO Server. What is the least expensive method to manage this environment?
B. Virtual Partition Manager
C. Integrated Virtualization Manager
D. Systems Director Navigator for PowerVM
Answer: C

Q: 2
A customer has multiple POWERS 570 servers. The servers are controlled by multiple HMCs. The customer is installing an additional Power 770 server in this environment but will retain their existing HMCs. No updates to FSP or HMC levels have been made since installation of the
POWERS servers.
After reviewing the cover letters for ESP and HMC firmware levels, what updates are required to support the addition of the new server into the network?
A. Update only the HMCs to the latest version.
B. Update only the FSPs to the latest release available.
C. Update the FSP5 and HMC5 of the existing systems to the minimum level required.
D. Update the POWERS ESPs to the most recent version available for the installed firmware
release. Update the HMCs to the most recent release available.
Answer: C

Q: 3
An administrator wants to share a fibre attached TS3100 tape library between multiple IBM i 7.1 partitions. The system contains a PC #5774 - 4Gb fibre adapter and uses an IBM fibre switch. All IBM i partitions are hosted by VIO Server (VIOS).
How could the administrator configure the sharing of the tape library?
A. Configure NPIV within VIOS, then configure each partition to use NPIV to share the tape library.
B. Create a script that can be called after each backup job in a partition finishes, which will move
the fibre adapter to the next partition
C. In the HMC, select the host Power System, then select Operations - Schedule Operations -
New. Create a new Scheduled Dynamic Reconfiguration operation to move the fibre adapter
between partitions.
D. In the HMC, select the VIOS partition, then select Operations - Schedule Operations - Options -
New. Create a new Scheduled Dynamic Reconfiguration operation to move the fibre adapter
between partitions.
Answer: B

Q: 4
A client IBM i 7.1 partition is being hosted by dual VIO Server partitions (VIOS-1 & VIOS-2). A Shared Ethernet Adapter (SEA) has been created in order to provide Ethernet failover capability for the IBM i partition. The IBM i partition will use the Ethernet resources of the VIO Server partitions.
How many virtual Ethernet adapters need to be defined on the HMCI in the IBM i client, and VIO Server partition profiles to support SEA and failover?
A. IBM i Client: 1 adapter:
VIOS-1: 1 adapter
VIOS-2: 1 adapter
B. IBM i Client: 2 adapters
VIOS-1: 1 adapter
VIOS-2: 1 adapter
C. IBM i Client: 1 adapter
VIOS-1: 2 adapters
VIOS-2: 2 adapters
D. IBM i Client: 2 adapters
VIOS-1: 2 adapters
VIOS-2: 2 adapters
Answer: C

Q: 5
In addition to Qshell and PASE, what other product needs to be installed on an IBM i partition in order to remotely run scripts on an HMC?
A. IBM Portable Utilities for i
B. IBM i Integrated Server Support
C. IBM Cryptographic Service Provider
D. IBM Network Authentication Enablement for i
Answer: A

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