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IBM C4040-109 Exam -

Free C4040-109 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
An administrator is attempting to configure a new deployment of 56 POWER7 Blades across 4 IBM BladeCenter H chassis. Each blade will be installed with an IVM and 2 LPARs.IVM is installed and the administrator checks that both LHEA ports are reporting a Link State of "Up." 2 LPARs are created and the network traffic balanced by allocating one LHEA port to the first LPAR, the second port to the other.After successfully installing the first LPAR via NIM, the administrator finds the second LPAR fails to netboot.What should the administrator verify on the BladeCenter Chassis?
A. That 4 power supplies (PSU) have been installed.
B. That both the external LHEA ports have been cabled.
C. That a secondary I/O module has been installed and cabled.
D. That the Multi-Core Scaling (MCS) attribute is correctly set on both LHEA ports.
Answer: C

Q: 2
An administrator has a requirement to back up a VIO server (VIOS) so that it can be rebuilt in the event of a disaster. Which set of actions will achieve this requirement?
A. Backup all non rootvg volume groups using savevg.Backup all Storage Pool Information.Run a mksysb of the system.
B. Save "Upgrade Data" on the HMC.Backup all non rootvg volume groups using savevg.Run a mksysb of the VIOS with the -U flag.
C. Backup non rootvg structures using savevgstruct.Capture virtual mappings to a file using viosbr.Run a backupios
D. Capture the virtual network tuning to a file using the optimizenet command. Capture all virtualdevice attributes to a file using the lsattr command.Run a backupios.
Answer: C

Q: 3
An administrator must remove any installed efixes before attempting to install a new VIO Fix Pack.
Which VIO command will advise if any VIO efixes are actually present?
A. lslpp
B. emgr
C. lssw
D. oem_platform_level
Answer: C

Q: 4
Requirements for a disaster recovery site are being collected. When considering restoring a VIO Server mksysb to disaster recovery hardware, what is required to ensure automatic virtual device recreation?
A. LPAR profiles must be accurately recreated on the foreign machine
B. Backups of both mksysb and user-defined structures are required from the VIO Server
C. The foreign machine must be of the same model and type
D. Configuration of the existing HMC needs to be preserved
Answer: A

Q: 5
Which of the following is required to support AME?
B. Virtual I/O Server
C. A maximum of 4GB of RAM per LPAR
D. On-demand memory feature enabled
Answer: A

Q: 6
What tool can an architect use to determine which is the smallest POWER7 server that will provide equal or better overall performance than a POWER5 570?
A. Facts and Features Guide
B. LPAR Validation Tool
C. Configurator for eBusiness
D. Server Magic
Answer: A

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