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IBM C4040-108 Exam -

Free C4040-108 Sample Questions:

1.Which of the following features is unique to traditional Capacity on Demand servers when compared to Capacity Back Up servers?
A.Capacity Upgrade on Demand: the ability to permanently activate inactive cores.
B.Processor Sparing: the replacement of cores reporting certain errors with inactive cores.
C.On/Off Capacity on Demand: the ability to turn a certain number of cores on for a temporary perioD.
D.Utility Capacity on Demand: the ability to have the system automatically determine how many additional temporary core resources to activate.
Answer: D

2.An administrator is planning to relocate running workloads from a POWER 770 to an unused POWER5 570 in reparation for hardware maintenance. The POWER7 system has the following:
Which of the following is the supported method for accomplishing the relocation?
A.Relocate all of the WPARs using Workload Partition Mobility
B.Relocate all of the LPARs and their associated WPARs using Live Partition Mobility
C.Relocate all of the LPARs via Live Partition Mobility and the WPARs using Workload Partition Mobility
D.Relocate the application WPARs via Workload Partition Mobility and the system WPARs using Live Partition Mobility
Answer: A

3.A customer backs up a database using tools provided by the vendor. The backup files are written to a file system that was initially created for use by the database, but the backup takes an unexpectedly long time. Which of the following methods will decrease the time required for backups?
A.Use the vmo command to increase WriteBehinD.
B.Switch on Concurrent I/O for target filesystems.
C.Switch off Concurrent I/O for target filesystems.
D.Use the backup tools provided with the operating system.
Answer: C

4.Which of the following statements regarding the Power Hypervisor is true?
A.The Hypervisor will consume approximately 0.05% of a core for each LPAR.
B.The consumption of the Hypervisor is included in the published rPerl figures.
C.The Flexible Service Processor (FSP) is automatically allocated to run the Hypervisor.
D.The Hypervisor allocates between 5% and 10% of the number of c ore entitlements used by the
Answer: C

5.A system administrator notices that an AIX partition can't ping its default gateway. The LPAR's connected to the network using Shared Ethernet Adapter (SEA). A partial output from the entstat command displays:
Based on the output, what is the probable cause of the problem?
A.The Trunk Adapter parameter is set to True.
B.The Port VLAN ID and VLAN Tag ID are different.
C.IEEE 802.IQ support is disabled in the profile of the VIO Server.
D.VLAN 812 is missing from the network switch configuration.
Answer: B

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