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IBM C2180-373 Exam -

Free C2180-373 Sample Questions:

1. The functional requirements need a set of KPIs to support business activity monitoring. Which of the following components can be used to define KPIs?
A. Business Space
B. WebSphere Process Server
C. WebSphere Business Modeler
D. WebSphere Integration Developer
E. WebSphere Monitor Development Toolkit
F. WebSphere Service Registry and Repository
Answer: ACE

2. Non-functional requirements need a topology that supports high performance and throughput. What is the recommended method for Monitor to fulfill the requirements?
A. Queue Based
B. Queue Bypass
C. WS-Eventing
D. WS-Notification
Answer: B

3. A solution developer is testing a monitor model using the Unit Test Environment (UTE). While testing, the events are emitted synchronously from the event source. The events are accumulating in the system exception queue in the correct order and are not consumed by the monitor model.
What is the possible cause of this problem There is a problem in:
A. the Global Instance ID.
B. the Event Sequence Path.
C. evaluating the filter condition.
D. in evaluating the correlation condition.
Answer: A

4. A business analyst created a process model with associated KPIs in WebSphere Business Modeler and exported it to the Monitor Development Toolkit. The solution developer created another monitor model with measures to support alerts based on instance m easures for the same process.
Assuming both of the monitor models are valid, what is the best way for the solution developer to put the KPIs and alerts definitions together in the same monitor model?
A. Combine the models with the Combine Monitor Models menu option, and choose to create a new monitor model.
B. Compare the models in a text editor, manually apply the changes from the business analyst and create a new monitor model by copying the XML.
C. Compare the models with the Compare With >Each Other men u option, accept each of the highlighted changes, and create a new monitor model by clicking Save a Copy.
D. Compare the models with the Compare With >Each Other menu option, accept each of the highlighted changes, and overwrite the previous monitor model by clicking Save as Right Contributor.
Answer: A

5. The solution developer installed Business Space within a deployment environment with a remote database, and has successfully completed the initial Business Space configuration from the WebSphere Application Server admin console. How would the solution developer proceed with the database configuration?
A. Grant permissions on the existing tables for the Business Space application.
B. Business Space does not require separate tables from the monitor database , so not additional setup is required.
C. The tables must be created manually on the database server before using Business Space.
D. The tables have already been created by checking Create tables checkbox during the Business Space configuration process.
Answer: C

6. Which of the following is a measure in the context of Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)?
A. The minimal latency of the network.
B. The average score of a credit check.
C. The number of currently logged on users.
D. The maximal response time of the database system.
Answer: B

7. What does Business Activity Monitoring encompass?
A. Measuring business performance.
B. Observing real-time and completed business processes
C. Analyzing business plans
D. Reporting on business operations
E. Planning business organizations.
F. Funding business operations.
Answer: ABD

8. Which components are not scalable in a high availability clustered monitor topology?
A. Action services
B. CEI event service
C. Data services scheduler
D. Monitor model logic modules
E. Service integration bus message engine for WebSphere Business Monitor
Answer: CE

9. A telecommunication company is introducing a business process monitoring solution. Since the scope of the application is well-defined by the business department, the IT department decides to build up a four cluster environment. This means that BPEL processes and Monitor models share the same cluster.
Which order must be followed during profile creation?
A. Installation order is not important
B. Create Monitor custom node first and then augment it with process server
C. Create process server custom node first and then augment it with the Monitor profile
D. It is not possible to run WebSphere Business Monitor and WebSphere Process Server using the same profile
Answer: C

10. The solution developer wants to build up a monitor environment as simple as possible. What are the only mandatory monitor components?
A. Monitor server
B. Monitor server, Business Space
C. Monitor server, Monitor database
D. Monitor server, Monitor database, Dashboard, Alphablox
Answer: C

11. The solution developer has to setup a highly available and high volume Monitor network deployment environment.
What is the optimal way to fulfill this business requirement?
A. Create a cluster for each Monitor model EJB module.
B. Create a cluster for each Monitor model EAR module.
C. Deploy Monitor model EJB modules on different clusters and use core group policies to distribute the logic modules.
D. Deploy Monitor model EJB modules on different clusters and use core group policies to distribute the moderator modules.
Answer: D

12. What are the possible interfaces that can be used to publish events to WebSphere Business Monitor?
E. WS-Notification and MQ.
F. WS-Notification, MQ and EJB.
Answer: BE

13. A financial institution must measure the number of times a customer accesses their online banking account and duration of each visit. The solution developer must design a solution that captures these events for measurement.
In order for these measurements to be stored for later retrieval, the events must first be:
A. persisted in the CEI runtime environment.
B. defined in the event meta-data repository.
C. delivered to subscribed consumers throughout the network.
D. created via an event emitter from an event source request.
Answer: D

14. Which of the following event components are part of the CEI architecture ?
A. Consumer, Producer, Access
B. Consumer, Definition, Factory
C. Distribution, Catalog, Emitter
D. Distribution, Data Store, Publisher
Answer: C

15. Which component in the CEI architecture is the entry point for asynchronous event delivery?
A. CEI Bus
B. CEI Data store
C. CEI Event Catalog
D. CEI Event Service
Answer: A

16. A solution developer is designing a security configuration that consists of an ActiveDirectory for managing monitor environment and an existing LDAP for managing a portal environment.
What is the correct method for implementing access to bo th environments in the infrastructure?
A. Create a sub-group in the ActiveDirectory called wpsadmin and give administrator rights to the WebSphere Portal administrator.
B. Create a Virtual Member Manager mapping of entries from both the ActiveDirectory and the LDAP directory.
C. Create a portlet that performs a security lookup on both the ActiveDirectory and the LDAP directory.
D. Create a Business Space administrator that has rights to both ActiveDirectory and LDAP
Answer: B

17. A solution developer is establishing security configuration for monitoring data within the business dashboards.
What is the proper sequence for configuring Monitor Data Security using the administrative console?
A. Resource mapping, group, role
B. Resource group, role, user or group
C. LDAP group, role, widget security
D. LDAP directory, LDAP group, LDAP role
Answer: B

18. Which component is an optional part of the WebSphere Business Monitor runtime architecture?
C. Monitor action services
D. Data movement services
Answer: D

19. Which of the following WebSphere products can host the Monitor server component?
A. WebSphere Portal Server
B. WebSphere Process Server
C. WebSphere Message Broker
D. WebSphere Business Events
E. WebSphere Application Server
F. WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus
Answer: BEF

20. Which component of WebSphere Business Monitor is responsible for processing situation events for alerts?
B. Alerts widget
C. Action services
D. Data movement services
Answer: C

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