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IBM C2150-199 Exam -

Free C2150-199 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Where can you configure Multi-Step Operations?
A. Explore > Manual Explore
B. Tools > Options > Multi-Step Operations
C. Job Configuration > Multi-Step Operations
D. Scan Configuration > Multi Step Operations
Answer: D

Q: 2
Which situation presents a valid reason for reducing the severity of vulnerability?
A. A Medium severity Link Injection vulnerability should be reduced when it only occurs on a login page.
B. A High severity SQL Injection vulnerability should be reduced when the affected database is read only.
C. A High severity Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability is confirmed to be a Reflected XSS and would require user authentication to be exploited.
D. A High severity Unencrypted Login Request vulnerability should be reduced when the application is using a database that is encrypted with Triple DES (Data Encryption Standard) and a 168 bit key.
Answer: A

Q: 3
An application server stops responding when you run AppScan scan against it but appears to work normally when you manually browse the site after the scan stops.
What should you do to fix this issue?
A. Change the browser agent.
B. Run the scan when there is less network traffic.
C. Lower the number of threads AppScan tests with.
D. Lower the response time by which AppScan waits for your application to reply.
Answer: C

Q: 4
In the Redundancy tuning of Parameters and Cookies view, the following option is disabled,
- Explore the URL again whenever this parameter/cookie is added or removed.
A. will not be explored will be explored
B. will be explored will be explored
C. will be explored will not be explored
D. will not be explored will not be explored
Answer: A

Q: 5
You are reviewing scan results and find that for several pages your site returned 5xx Server Error response in a form of custom error page. As a result, several False Positive findings were reported.
How should you remove this kind of False Positive findings?
A. Configure AppScan to exclude this page from the scan.
B. Configure AppScan to recognize such a page as an error page.
C. Right-click the security issue and lower the Severity level to Low.
D. Right-click the security issue and choose the Report False Positive option.
Answer: D

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