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IBM C2140-646 Exam -

Free C2140-646 Sample Questions:

1. During execution, a Verification Point or Reporting Point statement has the wrong result applied to it.
How can the tester go to the statement to correct it?
A. click on the statement with the mouse
B. use the Up Arrow key to move back to the statement
C. press the Page-Up key until the statement is highlighted
D. repeatedly click the Go to Previous Step button until the statement is highlighted
Answer: A

2. By default, the Execution Viewer is set to what default transparency?
A. 0
B. 10
C. 15
D. 20
Answer: C

3. What should testers do to make it possible for their tests to verify the color and font for a title of a particular window?
A. insert a Compare Data verification
B. insert a region image into the manual test
C. refer to an attachment that has a screen shot
D. describe what the window should look like in a step in the manual test
Answer: B

4. A tester creates a manual test with a step that utilizes the feature, Capture Data for Compare.
During execution, what must the tester do when arriving at this step?
A. highlight the data to be verified from the application and select Ctrl - V
B. highlight the data to be verified from the application and select Ctrl - C
C. highlight the data to be verified from the application and select FileExecute Next Step
D. highlight the data to be verified from the application and select from the menu Capture Data for Compare
Answer: B

5. Which user actions does the tester perform in the manual test?
A. steps
B. groups
C. actions
D. activities
Answer: A

6. What is the quickest way for a tester to organize test steps into groups?
A. enter the group name in the Type Property field
B. drag a group from the Reuse tab to the Test Editor
C. open the Test Editor, select a group of steps and select EditGroup
D. in the Outline view, select a group of steps and drag them to a group statement
Answer: D

7. Which Manual Tester capability increases the efficiency and accuracy of test execution?
A. Insert Data
B. Compare Data
C. Reporting Points
D. Verification Points
Answer: A

8. Which type of statement can be used in a manual test?
A. Groups
B. Actions
C. Images
D. Expected Results
Answer: A

9. In the manual test, what indicates a reference to shared steps?
A. bold text
B. italicized text
C. a light grey box
D. There is no visual indication.
Answer: C

10. The tester wants to summarize the results of several Verification Points in a manual test.
What does the tester insert to accomplish this?
A. Group
B. Summary Step
C. Reporting Point
D. Summary Result
Answer: C

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