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IBM C2140-132 Exam -

Free C2140-132 Sample Questions:

1.Which two users can modify ClearQuest user administration settings? (Choose two.)
A. Active User
B. Super User
C. Security Administrator
D. Schema Designer
E. User Administrator
Answer: B,E

2.Which ones are three predefined stateless record types? (Choose three.)
A. Project
B. UCMUtilityActivity
C. Requirement
D. Customer
E. EnhancementRequest
Answer: A,C,D

3.In the ClearQuest Windows and Eclipse-based clients, which statement describes how the query can be edited after its SQL query code is modified?
A. The Query administrator can still use the Query Edi tor tab and the Display Editor tab to modify the query.
B. The Query administrator can use the Display Edito r tab but not the Query Editor tab to edit the query.
C. The Query administrator can use the SQL editor tab and the Display editor tab, but no longer use the Query Editor tab to edit the query.
D. The Query administrator can use the SQL Editor tab, but no longer use the Query Editor tab or the Display Editor tab to edit the query.
Answer: D

4.ClearQuestsupports PERL and VBScript as hook scripting languages. Which three statements are true about scripts and hooks? (Choose three.)
A. Hooks can be written in VBScript only for Windows and in PERL for UNIX and Windows.
B. VBScript has access to COM objects and PERL can gain access to COM objects through third-party packages.
C. It is possible to write the same hook in VBScript a nd PERL inside a particular schema version.
D. It is impossible to include SQL code statements in VBScript hooks.
Answer: A,B,C

5.The ClearQuest clients and server are installed in different time zones. What defines the date and time values stored in the ClearQuest database? (Choose two.)
A. ClearQuest customization
B. user preferences
C. clock of the computer where theClearQuest client is located
D. clock of the computer where theClearQuest databa se is located
Answer: C,D

6.After applying a package and executing the "Test Work" operation, the ClearQuest Schema Designer wants to revert to the previous schema versio n. Which sequence provides the correct procedure?
A. export the schema usingcqload exportschema command, edit the exported schema to remove the package, import the modified schema using cqload importschema command
B. delete the associated test database in order to "Undo Check Out" and revert to the previous version of the schema
C. use "Undo Check Out" to revert to the previous ver sion of the schema and use the same test database
D. manuallydelete the applied package in order to "Und o Check Out" and revert to the previous version of the schema
Answer: B

7.An administrator uses the Permission hook in the field to control the users' access to the field. To make the hook work, what must the behavior of the field be set as?
Answer: D

8.Which of the following statement is true?
A. In ClearQuest, the user can have only one role.
B. The user can createtheir own role.
C. The user can perform only designated activities based on the role in the schema and its hierarchy.
D. The user can be deleted inClearQuest and the relationship in the database can be withdrawn.
Answer: C

9.The ClearQuest user database stores all submitted c hange requests. Which two ways can a user filter the change requests? (Choose two.)
A. use distribution charts to show how many records fall into defined categories
B. select an area of any chart and automatically run a query to retrieve the records represented by that part of the chart
C. use aging and trend charts to show historical information about change requests
D. use doughnut charts to show data in rings where each ring represents a series of change requests
Answer: A,C

10.The GetAccessibleDatabases method is used for deter mining the databases available for the specified user to log in to while accessing ClearQuest database through an external program. This method is available in which object?
A. Entity
B. QueryDef
C. EntityDef
D. Session
Answer: D

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