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IBM C2090-417 Exam -

Free C2090-417 Sample Questions:

1. Which two connectors are automatically available when defining a data source to Information Analyzer? (Choose two.)
A. ODBCConnector
B. JDBCConnector
C. DataStageConnector
D. WebSphereMQConnector
Answer: A, D

2. Which analysis builds a complete set of all the column pairs between primary key columns and remaining selected columns in selected tables?
A. column analysis
B. foreign key analysis
C. cross table analysis
D. primary key analysis
Answer: B

3. Which three methods can be used to review the results of domain analysis? (Choose three.)
A. Examine each value individually.
B. Specify a range to determine the validity of the values.
C. Compare all of the values to the values in a reference table.
D. Specify a conditional test to determine the validity of the values.
E. Create an automated script to check the validity of values based on business requirements.
Answer: A, B, C

4. Given a review of a new column analysis, which review processes must be completed in sequence?
A. domain analysis, then format analysis
B. format analysis, then properties analysis
C. domain analysis, then rebuild inferences
D. properties analysis, then classification analysis
Answer: C

5. Which statement is true with regards to publishing analysis results?
A. Reference tables can be created then published and accessed using QualityStage.
B. Categories can be created then published and accessed using Business Glossary.
C. The accepted primary and foreign keys can be published then accessed using DataStage.
D. The candidate primary and foreign keys can be published then accessed using Business Glossary.
Answer: C

6. You are installing Information Analyzer and plan to use DB2 as the analysis database, which statement is true?
A. The analysis database is automatically created at installation.
B. You must install the analysis database after you install the suite.
C. The analysis database DSN is automatically created at installation.
D. You must configure the analysis database before you install the suite.
Answer: A

7. Which two roles must be assigned to a user to complete the configuration of Information Analyzer? (Choose two.)
A. data administrator
B. project administrator
C. database administrator
D. production administrator
Answer: A, B

8. What must be installed prior to AuditStage?
A. .NET Framework
B. Information Server
C. Java Run-time Environment
D. Microsoft Data Access Components
Answer: D

9. What are two valid ways of connecting AuditStage to a database? (Choose two.)
B. federation
C. Information Analyzer
D. direct database connection
Answer: B, D

10. For a data quality assessment project, which three roles are involved throughout the assessment? (Choose three.)
A. data modeler
B. data analyst
C. ETL developer
D. business analyst
E. business subject matter expert
Answer: B, D, E

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