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IBM C2070-588 Exam -

Free C2070-588 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
A system administrator has setup an IBM Datacap Taskmaster architecture where security rights assignment is an important factor. Which best describes what rights a user will have?
A. The user will have all rights granted through user, group membership, or station level.
B. The user will have all rights granted through user or group membership, then permissions are filtered based on station.
C. The user will have only rights granted to both user and group membership, then permissions are filtered based on station.
D. When rights are specifically granted to a user, rights assigned through group membership are ignored. The user permissions are then filtered based on station.
Answer: B

Q: 2
A customer has a remittance number printed on their forms. This remittance number is an Alpha character, followed by 7 digits What is the correct picture string for this validation?
B. Cllllllllllllll
Answer: C

Q: 3
A utility company requires all customer correspondence to be archived in their Document Management System. The bulk of these documents are received via RightFax server and need to be imported into IBM Datacap Taskmaster document batches for further processing. It is also required that the solution designer configure the ingestion rule to delete images in RightFax server after they are imported. What is the correct sequence of actions that would accomplish this requirement?
A. SetServerName("hostname") > SetUserID("userid") > SetUserPassword("password") > SetProtocol("4") > Connect() > SetFaxRemoval(True) > ImportFaxes() > Disconnect()
B. SetServerName("hostname") > SetUserID("userid") > SetUserPassword("password") > SetProtocol("4") > Connect() > ImportFaxes(True) > DeleteFaxes(true) > Disconnect()
C. SetServerName("hostname") > SetUserID("userid") > SetUserPassword("password") > SetProtocol("4") > Connect() > SetFaxRemovalAfterImport(True) > ImportFaxes() > Disconnect()
D. SetServerName("hostname") > SetUserID("userid") > SetUserPassword("password") > SetProtocol("4") > Connect() > ImportFaxes() > SetFaxRemovalAfterImport(True) > Disconnect()
Answer: C

Q: 4
A solution designer has been requested by the customer to identify various content repositories supported by the IBM Datacap Taskmaster export process. Which of the following repositories is not
A. IBM FileNet Image Services 4.2
B. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007
C. IBM FileNet Content Manager 4.5.1
D. OpenText Livelink Enterprise Server 9.7
Answer: B

Q: 5
A wholesale company has invoices sent to them via fax as well as through regular mail. Both invoices are paper documents. When scanned into the IBM Datacap Taskmaster system, what are the
differences between a faxed image and printed image?
A. Faxed images are cleaner than printed images.
B. Faxed images usually have less content than printed images.
C. Fax line present on top of image, and content can seem compressed.
D. Printed images and fax images are the same in terms of clarity and compression.
Answer: C

Q: 6
A solution designer has been asked to determine and document if an action library is available to support the ingestion of image file attachments from a Microsoft Exchange server. Which of the two
following action libraries could the solution designer chose?
A. IMail
B. EX_Mail
C. EWSmail
D. SendEMail
E. ex_EMLOption
Answer: A,C

Q: 7
A solution designer is setting up connector actions to upload documents to a OpenText Livelink server. Which of the following is the correct sequence of valid actions that needs to be added to the Export ruleset?
A. SetPort_LL() SetServerName_LL() SetUserID_LL() Upload_LL() Terminate_LL()
B. SetServerName_LL() SetPort_LL() SetUserID_LL() SetUserPassword_LL() Connect_LL() Upload_LL() Exit_LL()
C. SetServerName_LL() SetUserID_LL() SetPort_LL() SetUserPassword_LL() Connect_LL() Upload_LL() Terminate_LL()
D. SetServerName_LL() SetUserID_LL() SetUserPassword_LL() SetPort_LL() Connect_LL() Upload_LL() Disconnect_LL()
Answer: D

Q: 8
A customer has paper documents that have data which needs to be extracted automatically, validated, and sent to a repository. What is a critical item that may cause issues for paper documents
processed by the IBM Datacap Taskmaster solution?
A. Font style and size.
B. Number of words on page.
C. Content of the data on page.
D. Number of barcodes on page.
Answer: A

Q: 9
A system administrator needs to setup a distributed client/server environment where the datacap.xml configuration file and application files are stored on a shared location. Which two of the following answers are correct?
A. The Taskmaster server should have a local copy of each application's dco file.
B. The datacap.xml file should point to the full UNC path where the datacap application files are located.
C. References to applications that are unused or not configured should be removed from the datacap.xml file.
D. Each user account must have read/write access to the datacap.xml file and each referenced application directory.
E. The local datacap.xml file should be removed from each station because the local configuration file takes precedence.
Answer: B,C

Q: 10
Which of the following is a feature found in APT?
A. 837 output
B. Return Filing
C. Managed Recognition
D. Dynamic Screen Resolution
Answer: C

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