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IBM C2070-586 Exam -

Free C2070-586 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which two components are optional add-on licenses with the IBM Case Manager core product offering? (Choose two.)
A. IBM Forms
B. IBM Case Analyzer
C. IBM FileNet eForms
D. Content Search Services
E. WebSphere Process Server
Answer: A,E

Q: 2
Within the scope of ICM databases created, which statement is true?
A. The Process Engine database can only run on DB2.
B. The Business Space database can only run on DB2.
C. The Case Analyzer database can co-exist with the CE database.
D. The Process Engine database can co-exist with the CE database.
Answer: D

Q: 3
Which program is prohibited to be used with IBM Case Manager as per the licensing terms?
A. Lotus Widget Factory (of IBM Mashup Center)
B. Case Manager crawler (of IBM Content Analytics)
C. Web chat client (of IBM Lotus Sametime Proxy Server)
D. Rule Execution Server (of IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules)
Answer: A

Q: 4
What is a reason to use iLog within the context of an ICM Solution?
A. To intelligently assign case workers to tasks.
B. To obtain additional Case Data from an external system.
C. To update a case property field after a step is completed.
D. To obtain a priority from a database call via a stored procedures.
Answer: A

Q: 5
A case worker would like to send an instant announcement to other case workers in the IBM Case Manager environment. How can this be done?
A. By adding a comment to the case.
B. By using the external email system.
C. By using the IBM Sametime integrated feature.
D. By creating a case with the announcement as a property.
Answer: C

Q: 6
Which two items are always part of a case management solution? (Choose two.)
A. Analytics
B. Content objects
C. Database lookups
D. Process fragments
E. System integrations
Answer: B,D

Q: 7
What utility is used to create the run time solution in a development environment?
A. Case Manager Builder
B. FileNet Enterprise Manager
C. FileNet Deployment Manager
D. Case Manager Administrator Client
Answer: A

Q: 8
A user in the customer_interactions project area has created two solutions, Sol1 and Sol2. The
user is transferred to the credit_card_investigations project area. What happens to Sol1 and Sol2?
A. Sol1 and Sol2 are deleted.
B. Sol1 and Sol2 remain in customer_interactions project area.
C. Sol1 and Sol2 are moved to orphaned_solutions project area.
D. Sol1 and Sol2 are moved to credit_card_investigations project area.
Answer: B

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